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This type of pressure sensitive labeler applies a label to the top of a product, which is usually in a case. A common application for spot pressure sensitive labelers is air-jet. The label is held over the product by vacuum, then a burst of air presses it against the package or product.

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ELF-20 photo
Pack Leader ELF-20 Table Top-Top Labeler

Experience Effortless Labeling with Pack Leader's ELF Labelers! Revolutionize your packaging process with precision, speed, and reliability. Our ELF Labelers offer cutting-edge technology in a compact design,...

2111M photo
Label-Aire 2111M Pressure Sensitive Blow Spot Labeler Up To 1000 Labels Per Minute

The Label-Aire 2111 M label applicator can apply labels accurately at a blistering 1000 labels/minute. The 2111 M utilizes LabelAire’s innovative Air Blow technology which retains the label by vacuum on a honeycomb...

3115NV photo
Labelaire 3115NV-1500 Wipe-On Labeler

Used Labelaire 3115NV-1500 Labeler with: Minimum label length: 0.5 inches Maximum web length: 16 inches Infeed height: 33.5 inches Current aperture: Width: 6 inches Height: 3.5 inches ...

PA8485Se photo
Accraply PA8485Se Spot Pressure Sensitive Labeler

Used Accraply Labeler With: Photo eye label sensor Mounted on stand with casters and feet Maximum label dimensions: Length: 8 inches Width: 4 inches Tamp arm Sato Printer Allen...

GLM-I photo
Bizerba GLM-I Price and Goods Labeling System

Used Bizerba GLM-I Labeling System with: Designed for automatic weighing and labeling of pre-packaged goods Maximum weighing capacity: 6 kilograms Minimum weighing capacity: 40 grams d=e: 2 grams...

LA/4700 photo
Diagraph LA/4700 High Speed Label Applicator

Used Diagraph LA/4700 High Speed Label Applicator with: Previous application: pharmaceutical containers Minimum label width: .5 of an inch Minimum label length: .5 of an inch Maximum label width:...

ALS 204 photo
Avery Dennison ALS 204 Spot CD Labeling System

Used Avery Dennison ALS 204 Spot CD Labeling System with: Material: self-adhesive label with liner Label roll diameter unwinder: up to 300 millimeters Backing paper roll diameter rewinder: up to...

2144CD photo
Label-Aire 2144CD Spot Pressure Sensitive Labeler

Used Label-Aire CD Labeler with: Right hand Previously used for labeling CD cases Label dimensions: 4 inches long x 2 inches wide Tamp-arm with label blow Stand mounted with casters...

318VPR-308 photo
NJM 318VPR Outserter Applicator Promo-Sert Servo

Used NJN 318VPR-308 Outserter Applicator with: In the same family with the Model 305VP Promo-Sert Outsert Applicator. This versatile literature applicator is easily rolled up to the packaging line to apply...

LV1RLITXX2 photo
Hoppmann LV1RLITXX2 Right Hand Label Applicator

Used Hoppmann Label Applicator with: Mounted on a manually adjusted stand with casters Stepper driven Up to 12 inch diameter rolls of labels Rapid configuration and changeover of applicator modules...

ST1100 photo
Socal Packaging ST1100 Automatic Label Applicator

Used Socal Packaging Labeler with: Speed: up to 1,100 linear inches per minute Web width: 6.5 inches Label roll diameter: 12 inches Conveyor dimensions: Width: 6 inches Length: 96 inches...

2111M photo
Label Aire 211M Spot Pressure Sensitive Labeler

Used Label Aire 211M Spot Pressure Sensitive Labeler with: Label blow on grid (inches): 4 wide x 5 long Maximum label width: 4 inches Graduated manually adjustable label head height Label head...

2111 photo
Label-Aire 2111 Pressure Sensitive Blow Spot Labeler

Used Label-Aire 2111 Labeler with: Label dimensions: Minimum: 19 x 19 millimeters Maximum: 76 x 76 millimeters Dispense speed: up to 1000 labels per minute (depending on label size and...

YM210 photo
Shanghai YM210 Stainless Steel 5mm x5mm Minimum Bottom and Top labeler

Used Shanghai Bottom and Top labeler with: Speed: up to 200 pieces per minute (depending on product specifications) Minimum Label capacities: Length: 5 millimeters Width: 5 millimeters Maximum...

Foxjet LA4750 Label Applicator

Used Foxjet LA4750 Label Applicator with: Speed: up to 800 products per minute Last used label width: 4.5 inches Color touchscreen display Applicator module configurations accomodate side, top, bottom,...

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