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Using an insulated tank slows down temperature change of a product. This maintains a specific temperature for a longer period of time.

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2000 Gal photo
Feldmeier 2000 Gallon SS Insulated Mix Tank

Used Feldmeier Mix Tank with: Capacity: 2,000 gallons Slight dish top, slight cone bottom Insulated Agitation: (2) Tiered 2-blade turbines Drive motor included Top mounted: ...

1000 Gal photo
Mueller 1000 Gallon Stainless Steel Insulated Mix

Used Muller Mix Tank with: Capacity: 1,000 gallons Insulated Agitation: Bottom sweep Driven by 5 horsepower motor Top mounted: Various sized inlets/connections Hinged manway:...

2 x 540 photo
1080 Gallon SS Hydraulically Driven Mix System

Used Mix Tank System with: 2 Tank mix system Capacity: Per tank: 540 gallons Total capacity: 1080 gallons Insulated with aluminum cladding Agitation: (4) Fixed baffles per tank...

300 Gallon SS Single Wall Tank w High Shear Mixer

Used 300 Gallon SS Single Wall Tank w High Shear Mixer with: 300 gallon capacity Stainless steel construction Agitation: High shear Paddle Inside tank dimensions: 67 inches...

SB 2 Gal photo
Tecnicoll 2 Gallon SS Mixing and Melting Tank

Used Tecnicoll Tank with: Capacity: 2 gallons Agitation: Mounted on table agitator with standard mixer Manual height adjustment Insulation heater adjust: 1 - 392° Fahrenheit 316...

SC photo
Sunset SC 600 Gal. Stainless Steel Horizontal Tank

Used Sunset SC Stainless Steel Horizontal Tank with: Standard milk chiller Capacity: 600 gallons Insulated: fiberglass Agitator motor is missing Top mounted manway: 20 inch diameter Overall...

6000 Gal photo
SFI 6000 Gallon Stainless Steel Insulated Tank

Used SFI Storage Tank with: Capacity: 6000 gallons Dish top & bottom Includes: CIP Sprayball Top mounted manway Bottom center outlet pod: Diameter: 8 inches Height: 36 inches...

10000 Gal photo
Apache 10000 Gal 316 SS Vertical Single Wall Tank

Used Apache Storage Tank with: Capacity: 10,000 gallons Top mounted: (1) 6" vent (1) 3" inlet (1) 4" level element Roof hatch with cover: 24 x 21 inches Side mounted: ...

200 Gal photo
Sprinkman 200 Gal Stainless Steel Insulated Tank

Used Sprinkman Tank with: Capacity: 200 gallons Straight top, inverted dish bottom Includes: (2) Inlets: 2 inches each Inverted bottom to 4 inch flanged discharge (2) Side flanged ports:...

150 Gal photo
Highland 150 Gallon Stainless Steel Mix Tank

Used Highland Mix Tank with: Capacity: 150 gallons Insulated Agitation: Single shaft (2) Tiered propellers Driven by 1 horsepower, 1720 rpm stainless steel motor Includes: (2)...

1000 Gal photo
DCI 1000 Gallon Stainless Steel Insulated Tank

Used Storage Tank with: Capacity: 1,000 Gallons Dish top, cone bottom Insulated Top mounted: Various inlets: (1) 4 inches diameter (2) 3 inches diameter (1) 1.5 inches diameter...

APV Crepaco 1300 Gallon Stainless Insulated Tank

Used APV Crepaco insulated liquid storage tank with: Size: 1300 gallons Material of construction: Stainless Vessel maximum working pressure: 60 psi at 300 degrees fahrenheit...

500 Gal photo
500 Gal 316 Stainless Steel Insulated Storage Tank

Used Storage Tank with: Capacity: Total capacity: 548 gallons Working capacity: 500 gallons Insulated Top mounted: Hinged manway Various sized inlets Discharge outlet:...

DCI 400 Gallon Pharmaceutical Storage Tank

Used Storage Tank with: Capacity: 400 gallons Pharmaceutical grade tank Shell: Rated: 30 psi @ -20 - 300° Fahrenheit Bottom center discharge: Diameter: 2 inches Tri-clamp connection...

525 Gal photo
525 Gallon Stainless Steel Insulated Mix Tank

Used Mix Tank with: Capacity: 525 gallons Insulated Agitation: Single shaft (3) Tiered 2-blade turbines Driven by 2 horsepower motor Final output: 45 rotations per minute Top...

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