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This type of tank is used for storing chemicals, liquids, or powders. Single wall tanks can be horizontally or vertically oriented. Some have an agitator to mix the product. Tanks with a capacity of less than 499 gallons are small enough to be stored inside.

300 Gallon photo
Pure Flo 300 Gal 316 Stainless Steel Pressure Tank
Inventory #: H3059

Used Pure-Flo Tank with: Capacity: 300 gallons Internal rating: 1 psi vacuum 2 psi @ 200° Fahrenheit Top mounted inlets: (1) 1.5 inches diameter (1) 0.5 inches diameter ...

6507J photo
Dynamix 175 Gallon SS Single Wall Mix Tank
Inventory #: H3053

Used Dynamix Tank with: Capacity: 659 Liters 175 Gallons Agitation: (4) Baffles Top entering single shaft with (2) propeller agitators Drive motor: Rated for hazardous...

Holding Tank photo
Feldmeier Holding Tank 100 Gallon Portable
Inventory #: H2736

Used Feldmeier Holding Tank Portable with: Capacity: 100 gallon Top style: dish Bottom tank style: dish MAWP 5/FV PSI @ 100 degree Fahrenheit MDM Temp -20 degree Fahrenheit @ 5/FV PSI Ports:...

250 Gallon photo
Cotter 250 Gallon CIP System w Heat Exchanger
Inventory #: H2051

Used Cotter 250 Gallon Single Tank CIP System with: 250 gallon stainless insulated tank 40 inch diameter x 48 inch sidewall 2.5 inch center discharge Insulated Dome top/ Dish bottom Multiple...

200 Gallon photo
Highland 200 Gal Tank CIP System w Heat Exchanger
Inventory #: H2041

Used Highland 200 Gallon Single Tank CIP System with: Stainless skid mounted, tubular frame design 200 gallon CIP tank 40 inch diam x 40 inch sidewall 2 inch discharge Sloped bottom ...

264 Gal photo
Royal Welding 264 Gal SS Pressurized Mix Tank
Inventory #: H1910

Used Royal Welding Tank with: Capacity: Liters: 1,000 Gallons: 264 Internal pressure rating: 100 psi @ 300° Fahrenheit Agitation: Off-center Lightnin' SPX propeller agitator...

190 Gal photo
Letsch 190 Gallon Stainless Steel Pressure Tank
Inventory #: H1909

Used Letsch Tank with: Capacity: Liters: 720 Gallons: 190 Internal pressure rating: 25 psi @ 300° Fahrenheit Dish top and bottom Top mounted manway Bottom center discharge outlet...

264 Gallons photo
Custom Metalcraft 254 Gallon SS Pressure Tank
Inventory #: G9885

Used Custom Metalcraft Tank with: Capacity: Liters: 1000 Gallons: 264 Dish top Cone bottom Internal rated: full vacuum 15 psi @ 250° Fahrenheit Top mounted: Hinged manway...

250 Gallons photo
DCI 250 Gallon Stainless Steel Process Mix Tank
Inventory #: G9881

Used DCI Tank with: Capacity: 946 Liters 250 Gallons Agitation: GAST 4AM-NRV-50C propeller agitator Pneumatically driven Top mounted: Manway (2) inlets ...

264 Gallons photo
Advance Heli 264 Gallon SS Jacketed Reactor Tank
Inventory #: G9851

Used Advance Heli Tank with: Capacity: Liters: 1000 Gallons: 264 Jacket: Coverage: side walls Rating: 30 psi @ 160° Fahrenheit Tank internal pressure rating: 15 - 30...

F photo
Mueller 470 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank
Inventory #: G9821

Used Mueller Tank with: Capacity: Liters: 1779 Gallons: 470 Vessel rated: 15 psi/full vacuum @ 200° Fahrenheit Insulation: bottom head and straight side Top mounted manway ...

190 Gallon photo
Dairy Craft 190 Gallon SS Tank and Pressure Vessel
Inventory #: G9808

Used Dairy Craft Tank with: Capacity: Liters: 720 Gallons: 190 Vessel rated: 25 psi @ 300° Fahrenheit Top mounted: Spring loaded manway (3) Sanitary fittings/nozzles ...

MS-1000 photo
Nowicki 264 Gal Stainless Steel Brine Mixing Tank
Inventory #: G9803

Used Nowicki Brine Mix Tank with: Formerly used to mix brine for meat injector Capacity: 1000 Liters 564 Gallons Includes: Dry ingredient hopper Centrifugal pump ...

132 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank
Inventory #: G9800

Used Stainless Steel Tank with: Capacity: 500 Liters 132 Gallons Lift off cover Side handle for portability Bottom center discharge: 2 inches diameter Mounted on stainless steel...

GreaseStopper 25 RL photo
GreaseStopper 25 RL Grease Receiving Tank
Inventory #: G8316

Used GreaseStopper 25 RL Grease Receiving Tank with: GreaseStopper automatic grease interceptors are designed to intercept and remove large quantities of fats, oils and grease discharged from FSE and large...

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