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This type of cartoner is designed to seal cartons by tucking small tuck flaps into the other flaps of the carton. Many close the minor flaps of the carton, close one of the major flaps of the carton, close the other major flap of the carton, and tuck a tuck flap of the carton into the proper slot to seal the carton. Several different types of tuck cartons have been designed for various applications. Some tuck the tuck flap on the major flap into the other major flap. Other tuck cartons only have one major flap and the tuck flaps are designed to tuck just inside the opposite side of the carton. Products like playing cards use tuck cartoners.

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TUCK-O-MAT photo
Bivans Vertical Cartoner

Used Bivans 54-L Vertical Cartoner with: Semi automatic, hand load cartoner Loading area length: 12-24 inches Features 45 degree drop shoot for cartons Pneumatic discharge Electrical:...

Vertuck 70 photo
Bivans Vertuck 70 Reverse Tuck Hand Load Cartoner

Used Bivans Vertuck 70 Hand Load Tuck Cartoner with: Erects reverse tuck cartons Centers: 6 inches Length of loading area: 144 inches Vacuum blank carton pick-off Previously set to run: 2.375...

AV photo
Cam AV Auto Vertical Hand Load Tuck Cartoner

Used Cam AV Automatic Vertical Cartoner with: Minimum carton dimensions Length: 1.37 inches Width: .59 inch Depth: .78 inch Maximum carton dimensions Length: 7.87 inches Width: 2.95 inches...

AV photo
Cam Machinery AV Automatic Tuck Vertical Cartoner

Used Cam Machinery Cartoner with: Output: 15 - 70 cartons per minute Carton size range: Minimum (inches): 0.78 long x 0.6 wide x 2 deep Maximum (inches): 4.5 long x 2.75 wide x 7.5 deep ...

VERTUCK 74 photo
Bivans Vertuck 74 Hand Load Vertical Cartoner

Used Bivans Cartoner with: Output: up to 120 cartons per minute Carton size range: Minimum (inches): 0.875 long x 0.75 wide x 2.25 deep Maximum (inches): 5 long x 3.5 wide x 10 deep ...

AV photo
Cam Machinery AV Automatic Tuck Vertical Cartoner

Used Cam Machinery AV Automatic Tuck Vertical Cartoner with: Carton size: Width: Maximum: 115 millimeters Minimum: 20 millimeter Length: Maximum: 200 millimeters ...

Vertuck photo
Bivans Vertuck Vertical Cartoner 6" Centers

Used Bivans Vertuck Vertical Cartoner with: Vertical cartoner 20' loading area on each side 6" lug centers Missing Nordson glue unit Equipped with Nordson PC40 glue pattern controller...

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