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Used Accutek Equipment

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22.001.000 photo
Accutek Semi Auto Capper 22-002-000
Inventory #: B7372

Used Accutek Semi Auto Capper 22-001-000 with Stainless Steel, 3 station 6 spindle capper rated from 40 to 200 caps per minute, depending on materials and application Cap size: 10 millimeter to 12 millimeter...

42-SL120 photo
Accutek 42-SL120 Sleeve Applicator
Shrink Sleeve Applicator
Inventory #: B8228

Used Accutek 42-SL120 Sleeve Applicator with: Maximum speeds 120 containers per minute for full body applications Labels various types of products: Bottled water Sports drinks Energy...

42-SL2-200 photo
Accutek Labelette 42-SL2-200 Neck Bander
Shrink Sleeve Applicator
Inventory #: B7895

Used Accutek Labelette 42-SL2-200 Neck Bander with: Maximum speeds: 300 containers per minute for full body applications 450 containers per minute for tamper evident banding Labels...

A-17 photo
Accutek Spindle Capping Machine A-17
Inventory #: B6699

Used Accutek Spindle Capping Machine A-17 with: Automatically places and accurately torques most caps types Handles most bottle types Recommended cap types include: flat, oval, flip top, pull spouts,...

28-036-U80 photo
Accutek 28-036-U80 Accumulation Table
Accumulation Tables
Inventory #: B5807

Used Accutek 28-036-U80 Accumulation Table with: 36 inch diameter 36 inch elevation, adjustable Variable speed drive Product guide rails with Teflon insert

Accutek Single Head Piston Filler
Inventory #: B2620

Used Accutek Single Head Piston Filler with: Stainless steel contact parts Cart mounted with casters

AVF 12.32 photo
Accutek Inline 12 Head Filler
Inventory #: B1900

Used Accutek Inline 12 Head Filler with: Stainless steel construction PVC Reinforced tubing Gravity fed hopper Piston volumetric filler Touchscreen HMI

RG 2000A photo
Accutek Induction Cap Sealer RG 2000A
Induction Cap Sealer
Inventory #: A7866

Used Accutek Induction Cap Sealer with: Stand alone induction sealer designed to be mounted on top of a customer provided conveyor Model RG2000-A

22 505 000 photo
Accutek Retorquer 22-505 w/ 6 Adjustable Spindles
Inventory #: A7867

Used Accutek Retorquer with: Unit is designed to re-tighten caps after capper or induction sealer Model 22-505 Equipped with 6 Adjustable Spindles with three adjustment knobs Unit is missing one...

50B0A000 photo
Accutek 50B0A000 S/S Bottle Orientator & Feeder
Inventory #: A7058

Used Accutek 50B0A000 S/S Bottle Orientator with: Cap feeder Stainless steel

50-00E-CHE photo
Accutek Capper
Inventory #: A6808

Used Accutek Capper Hopper Included Stainless Steel Construction

42-SL2-200 photo
Accutek Labelette Neck Bander 42-SL2-200
Shrink Sleever
Inventory #: A4796R

Used Accutek Neck Bander with: 120 volts, 1 phase, 60 HZ, @ 30 amps Container size: 1 inch - 11 inches in diameter Label size ( lay flat size): 16 millimeter - 200 millimeter...

Auto-Pinch 25 photo
Accutek Auto Pinch 25 4 Head Filler
Volumetric Filler
Inventory #: A5591

Used Accutek Auto Pinch 25 4 Head Filler with: Automatic timed flow volumetric filling Fills water, thin liquids, light oils and creams at speeds up to 100cpm Sanitary stainless steel no drip fill heads...

Accutek Case Erector with Nordson Glue Unit
Glue Case Erector
Inventory #: A5171

Used Accutek Case Erector with: Nordson glue unit Bottom sealer Can erect a box 10 to 22 inches in height

30-SOS-000 photo
Accutek Semi-Automatic Bench Top Cup Sealer
Inventory #: E5934

Used Accutek Semi-Automatic Bench Top Sealer with: Compact design, minimum space occupied Simple design and easy to operate Stainless steel construction meets food sanitation requirements Sliding...

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