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Used All-Fill Equipment

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SHAA-400 photo
All-Fill SHAA-400 Automatic Auger Filler
Inventory #: D4966

Used All-Fill SHAA-400 Automatic Auger Filler with: Stainless steel product contact parts Variable speed Steel frame base PLC control system Controller diagnostics 3 speed drive system ...

PW-12 photo
All-Fill PW-12 Checkweigher
Inventory #: D2244

Used All-Fill PW-12 Checkweigher with: Maximum weight: 8 pounds Weighing belt dimensions: 19 inches long x 10 inches wide Discharge height: 28.5 inches Adjustable height Touch panel controls ...

Phantom PW-12 photo
Fortress Phantom and All-Fill PW-12 Checkweigher
Inventory #: D2103

Used Fortress Phantom Metal Detector and All-Fill PW-12 Checkweigher with: Fortress Phantom Apeture dimensions: 3.25 inches high x 14 inches wide Conveyor dimensions: 10 inches wide x 49 inches...

DHA photo
All-Fill DHA Dual Head Auger Filler with Conveyor
Inventory #: D1794R

Used All-Fill DHA Dual Head Auger Filler with Conveyor with: GE Fanuc controls Conveyor dimensions: 120 inches long x 3.25 inches wide Chain conveyor Dual auger filling heads Hopper capacity:...

B400SV photo
All-Fill Cerebus B400SV Servo Auger Filler
Inventory #: C6940R

Used Cerebus All Fill B400SV Auger Filler with: Can be mounted over VFFS or other equipment Rexroth Indramat permanent magnet motor Push button HMI Stainless steel contact parts Hopper infeed...

B-400-SV photo
All-Fill B-400-SV Auger Filler
Inventory #: C6939R

Used All-Fill B-400-SV Auger Filler with: Auger fill previously used for filling bags of sugar Cerebus controls and HMI Stainless steel contact parts Stand not included Requires replacement auger...

PW-12 photo
All-Fill PW-12 Alpha Checkweigher
Inventory #: C6145

Used All-Fill PW-12 Alpha Checkweigher with: 20 kilogram load cell Push reject station Fortress Technology metal detector 6 inch wide x 10 inch high opening Maximum bottle size: 9.5 inches high...

B-400 photo
All-Fill B-400 Auger Filler
Inventory #: C4626

Used All Fill B-400 Auger Filler with: Post mounted Food grade stainless steel product contact parts 22 gallon dust tight agitated hopper Level sensing control Cerebus III touch sensitive factory...

B photo
All-Fill B Semi-Automatic Auger Filler
Inventory #: C4403

Used All-Fill B Semi-Automatic Auger Filler with: Filler for dry materials Post mounting for bench or table location Single auger Agitated 16 gallon hopper New controls and electrical system ...

HW-15 photo
All-Fill HW-15 Checkweigher for Full Cases
Inventory #: C1149

Used All-Fill HW-15 Checkweigher with: All weighing operations are centrally controlled from our powerful and flexible Cerebus III checkweighing system The Cerebus III provides a simplified menu and selection...

B-400 photo
All-Fill B-400 Auger Powder Filler
Inventory #: B9119

Used All-Fill B-400 Auger Filler with: All-Fill Cerebus Weigher Controller Voltage:220V 3PH 60HZ Stainless steel contact parts No-tools removable change parts Leeson 1.5HP motor Large capacity...

CKSTER photo
All-Fill CKSTER Chain Checkweigher
Inventory #: B8439

Used All-Fill CKSTER Chain Checkweigher with: Product max. width is approx. 6 inches 2 sets of 3 chains Stainless steel construction Rated from 10 - 120 packages per minute, depending on product...

SHA photo
All-Fill SHA Auger Filler
Inventory #: B4718

Used All-Fill SHA Auger Filler with: Effective conveyor width: 4 inches 2 inch diameter filler discharge Cone dimensions: 18 inch straight side x 20 inch diameter Hopper capacity: approximately...

All Fill 48 Inch Rotary Accumulating Table
Inventory #: B3986

Used All Fill 48 Inch Rotary Accumulating Table: Stainless steel table Polished finish 3/8 inch aluminum backing plate Centrally driven Supported by four 360 degree swivel casters ...

TA150 photo
All Fill TA150 Twin Auger Filler
Inventory #: B1707

Used All Fill TA150 Twin Auger Filler with: Side by side #14 augers with self feeding attachments with 6.5 inch centers Single bulk hopper configured around augers Each auger is dual blade agitated...

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