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Anderson Bros. Mfg. Co. was started in 1915 in Rockford, Illinois. The main products at that time were balancing ways, rubbing machines, motor drives for old Sundstrand adding machines, and tools, punches, dies and grinders made on a jobbing basis for the Ingersoll Milling Machine company.

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Anderson Bros Volumetric Filler
Inventory #: C1592

Used Anderson Bros Volumetric Filler with: 2 inch infeed for fill 5 inch wide x 3 inch high carton lane 5.5 inch wide chute Stainless steel On casters

55 photo
Anderson Bros 55 Volumetric Filler
Inventory #: C1595

Used Anderson Bros 55 Volumetric Filler with: 8 inch wide chute 7 inch wide x 5.25 high carton lane Approximately 2 inch diameter infeed for fill On casters Stainless steel

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