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Columbia Machine, Inc. Packaging Machinery Manufactured Columbia manufactures a complete range of conventional floor-level and high-level palletizers to fit any application involving cases, bags, pails, bales or totes. Columbia palletizers are capable of handling palletized, unitized or pull-pack style loads at speeds up to 130 per minute. Columbia Machine has concentrated on serving the food, beverage, tissue towel, paper, dairy, pharmaceutical, personal hygiene, and chemical industries.

CT photo
Columbia CT Natural Gas Boiler 35 Horsepower
Inventory #: H3110

Used Columbia CT Natural Gas Steam Boiler with: Vertical three-pass tubeless design 150 PSI steam design pressure Valve capacity: 1208 pounds per hour Low water cutoff Water level observation...

LTS-PD-OC photo
Columbia LTS PDOC Pallet Load Transfer Station
Inventory #: H1999

Used Columbia Pallet Load Transfer with: Capacity: up to 4,000 pounds Operation: Hydraulically actuated 5 horsepower integral hydraulic power unit Automatic pallet upstack holds up...

HRT photo
Columbia HRT 30 Horsepower High Pressure Boiler
Inventory #: G9643

Used Columbia HRT Boiler with: High pressure steam boiler 30 horsepower Maximum working pressure: 150 PSI Heating surface: 200 square feet Shell thickness: 5/16 inch National board number:...

MPH-30 photo
Columbia MPH-30 30 HP, 15 PSI Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G5152

Used Columbia MPH-30 low pressure steam boiler with: Power Flame gas burner Modified scotch, three-pass fire tube design Low pressure steam operation (15 PSI) 30 HP boiler capacity Honeywell flame...

Columbia Palletizing Slip Sheet Dispenser Inserter
Inventory #: G5802

Used Columbia Slip Sheet Inserter with:

FL100-LF-FD-AB-9703 photo
Columbia FL100 Low Level Infeed Palletizer
Inventory #: G4714

Used Columbia FL100 Palletizer Low Level Heavy Duty with: Output: 5-12 cases per minute, depending on materials and application Max case size range (inches): 22 length x 16 width x 18 height...

MPH-100 photo
Columbia MPH-100 Oil-Fired 15 PSI Steam Boiler
Inventory #: D9120

Used Columbia Oil Fired Steam Boiler with: Power Flame Oil Burner Model CR3-0 #2 oil 7.4 - 30 gallons per hour 3 horsepower motor 4,200,000 Btu per hour input 3,444,000 Btu...

Columbia 3940 Cubic Foot Silo
Inventory #: D3476

Used Columbia 3940 Cubic Foot Silo with: Diameter 12 Foot Height 55 Foot For Granular or Powdered Products Compacted Density 55 PCF Designed for Mass flow Loads

Columbia 4,000+ Cubic Foot Silo
Inventory #: D2828

Used Columbia 4,000+ Cubic Foot Silo with: Diameter - 12 feet Height - 65 feet Capacity - 4,000+ cubic foot Granular or powdered products Carmen Shakers: model 6G8D Trane M-Series Climate Changer...

FL 100-RR-5204-2030 photo
Columbia FL100 Palletizer Low Level Heavy Duty
Inventory #: C5185

Used Columbia FL 100 Palletizer with: Low level, full case palletizer Production capacity range: 5-12 cases per minute, depending on materials and application Control panel, Allen-Bradley PanelView...

FL-100 photo
Columbia FL-100 Case Palletizer
Inventory #: C2933

Used Columbia FL-100 Case Palletizer with: Pallet dispenser Infeed conveyor Control panel, Allen-Bradley 504 PLC has been removed Output: 25 - 30 cpm

HL6000 photo
Columbia HL6000 High Level Palletizer
Inventory #: B3824

Used Columbia High Speed High Level Palletizer: Allen-Bradley electricals Panelview HMI Tier sheet inserter Infeed elevation 138 inches Pallet infeed and discharge...

HL6000-LF-FD-AB9886 photo
Columbia Palletizer Model HL6000 LF-FD AB9886
Inventory #: A6645

Columbia Palletizer Model HL6000 LF-FD AB9886 Upper & Lower Slip Sheet Inserter

LTS photo
Columbia LTS Load Transfer Pallet Exchange Station
Inventory #: A3253Featured Can Rent

Used Columbia Load Transfer and Pallet Exchange Station with: The Load Transfer Station (LTS) is made up of a frame, receiving deck and a transfer plate. Sine the LTS hydraulic and electrical components...

80 photo
Columbia Model 80 Pallet Dispenser
Inventory #: A1878

Used Columbia Model 80 Pallet Dispenser

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