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DCI, Inc. DCI supplies steel and stainless steel alloy equipment to many industries that require the metal’s long-lasting, corrosion-resistant advantages in processing and storage equipment. DCI serves the dairy, spirts, cosmetic, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

JS1131 photo
DCI 660 Gallon Jacketed Stainless Steel Tank
Inventory #: G6417

Used DCI 660 Gallon Jacketed Stainless Steel Tank with: Capacity: 660 gallons Jacketed Pressure rating (temperature): 350 degrees Fahrenheit Pressure rating (pressure): 50 PSI Dish top and...

6000 Gal photo
DCI 6000 Gallon SS Vertical Jacketed Tank
Inventory #: G6011

Used DCI Tank with: Capacity: 6,000 gallons Heat exchange surface: 150 psi Area: 46 square feet Top mounted manway Bottom center outlet: 3 inches diameter with tri-clamp CIP:...

DCI 180 Gal Single Wall Stainless Steel Mix Tank
Inventory #: G4442

Used 180 Gallon Single Wall Stainless Steel Mixing Tank with: Single wall stainless steel Propeller style mixer Bottom side discharge Tank dimensions (inches): 37.5 diameter x 40.5 deep Pneumatic...

300 Double Motion Scraper agitation photo
DCI 300 Gallon Double Motion Agitated Tank
Inventory #: G4518

Used DCI 300 Gallon Double Motion Agitated Tank with: 300 gallon capacity double motion scraper agitation jacketed mixing tank Stainless steel Pharmaceutical grade mixing tank Double sweep agitation...

30000 Gal photo
DCI 30000 Gallon Stainless Steel Vertical Tank
Inventory #: G2980

Used DCI Tank with: Capacity: 30,000 Gallon Jacketed for cooling Bottom side mounted: Manway: oval, 20 x 16 inches Various inlets and outlets (2) CIP ports with sprayballs ...

DCI 100 Liter Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel
Inventory #: G1754Featured

Used DCI Pressure Kettle with: Capacity: 100 liters CIP Hinged lid Full jacket Steam heated Bottom mounted outlet Stainless steel construction Casters

6,000 Gal photo
DCI 6000 Gallon Refrigerated Stainless Steel Tank
Inventory #: G1846

Used DCI Tank with: Capacity: 6,000 gallons Horiztonal agitator Bottom side mounted: Manway Outlet: Diameter: 2.5 inches Tri-clamp valve CIP: (2) sprayballs Refrigerated:...

DCI 396 Gallon SS and Sanitary Pressure Tank
Inventory #: G1736

Used DCI Tank with: Capacity: 396 gallons Pressure: Jacket: 125 psi @300° Fahrenheit Internal vessel: 50 psi full vacuum @ 300° Fahrenheit Dish top and bottom Top mounted manway...

DCI 400 Gallon Pharmaceutical Storage Tank
Inventory #: D8931

Used Storage Tank with: Capacity: 400 gallons Pharmaceutical grade tank Shell Rated: 30 psi @ -20 - 300° Fahrenheit Bottom center discharge: Diameter: 2 inches Tri-clamp...

DCI 40 Gallon Jacketed Stainless Steel Tank
Inventory #: D8636

Used DCI Tank with: Capacity: 40 gallons Dish top: Hinged cover can also be fully removed Dish bottom Rated: Jacket: 65 psi Internal: 25 psi/full vacuum Top mounted...

DCI 390 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle
Inventory #: D8050

Used DCI Kettle with: Capacity: 390 gallons Full jacket coverage Jacket volume: 10.5 gallons Maximum allowable working pressure: 125 PSI Hinged man way 4 top mounted inlets Food grade, stainless...

Dairy Craft 2000 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank
Inventory #: D7438

Used Dairy Craft Atmospheric Tank with: Capacity: 2000 gallons Dish top and bottom Dimple Jacket rated for 75 PSIG @ 100°F. Top mounted inlets: Hinged manway (4) various size inlets...

DCI 2 x 200 Gallons Stainless Steel Tank
Inventory #: D6655

Used DCI 400 Gallon Tank with: Dual compartment stainless steel surge tank Capacity: 2 x 200 gallon compartments Total capacity: 400 gallons Closed top with hinged lids Slope bottom CIP: sprayball...

DCI 500 Gallon Jacketed Double Motion Mixing Tank
Inventory #: D5483Featured

Used DCI 500 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Mixing Tank with: Jacketed tank Double motion mixing tank MAWP: 125/-15 psi @ 375 fahrenheit MDMT: -20 degrees F @ 135/-15 psi Volume: 5.8 Gallons...

DCI 528 Gallon Stainless Steel Reactor
Inventory #: D6265

Used DCI Reactor with: Capacity: 528 gallons/2000 liters Dish top and bottom 316L Stainless steel construction Top mounted manway: 18 inches diameter Top mounted inlets: (3) 1.5 inch tri-clamp...

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