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R.A Jones & Co. R.A. Jones specializes in designing and manufacturing packaging equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, dairy and consumer goods industries. The company manufactures horizontal high-performance pouch/sachet machines, multi-packers for bottles and cans, and a variety of cartoners and robotic systems. R.A. Jones is part of the Coesia Group.

Jones Tuck Tray Former
Inventory #: D4537Can Rent

Used Jones Carton Erector with: Single lane Blank carton dimensions: Finished tray dimensions: 3 inches wide x 3 inches long Discharge height: 41 inches Reliance AC motor drive Stainless...

Criterion 2000 photo
RA Jones Criterion 2000 Cartoner Overhead Confiner
Inventory #: D2925Featured Can Rent

Used RA Jones Criterion Cartoner Overhead Confinement with: High speed large center end load cartoning Criterion cartoner can run a broad range of carton sizes ensuring that you don't have to make...

CMV photo
Jones CMV Vertical Hand Load Glue Cartoner
Inventory #: D1662Can Rent

Used Jones CMV Vertical Hand Load Glue Cartoner with: 30 inch long blank carton magazine Vacuum blank carton pick-off Currently set to run: 3.25 inch long x 2 inch wide x 6.75 inch tall cartons ...

Jones Continuous Motion Vertical Glue Cartoner
Inventory #: D1824Featured Can Rent

Used Jones Glue Cartoner with: Vertical, continuous motion glue cartoner Output: 48 pieces per minute maximum Blank carton infeed dimensions: 30 inches long x 5 inches wide Reciprocating vacuum...

CMV photo
Jones CMV Continuous Vertical Tuck Cartoner
Inventory #: D1818Can Rent

Used Jones CMV Vertical Tuck Cartoner with: Continuous motion, vertical tuck cartoner Currently set to run: 1.875 inch wide x 2.5 inch tall x 2.5 inch long cartons Total loading area length: 216 inches...

Jones Glue Automatic Horizontal Cartoner
Inventory #: C9244Can Rent

Used Jones Glue Automatic Horizontal Cartoner with: Continuous motion cartoner Allen-Bradley CompactLogix L32E controls Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 1000 color display HMI 2 head rotary vacuum blank...

CMV-5 photo
Jones CMV-5 Hand Load Vertical Glue Cartoner
Inventory #: C8528Can Rent

Used Jones CMV Hand Load Vertical Glue Cartoner with: Allen-Bradley SLC 100 programmable controls Nordson 3400 hot melt glue unit 30 inch long blank carton infeed Reciprocating vacuum blank carton...

CMV photo
Jones CMV Vertical Glue Hand Load Cartoner
Inventory #: C8497Can Rent

Used Jones CMV Cartoner with: Vertical glue cartoner Hand load Continuous motion Nordson 3500V hot melt glue unit Nordson Eclipse series EPC-15 glue pattern control unit 30 inch long blank...

Pouch King photo
Jones 3-Sided Pouch King Horizontal Forming System
Inventory #: C6952Can Rent

Used Jones Pouch Horizontal Forming Machine with: 3-sided sealed pouch Rotary drum vertical sealer 36 head rotary filler Continuous sealing for top seal Rotary knife system separates pouches ...

Wraptor photo
RA Jones Wraptor Paperboard Wraparound Cartoner
Inventory #: B9292Featured Can Rent

Used R.A. Jones Wraptor Paperboard Wraparound Cartoner with: Can run cans, bottles, cups, bowls and tubs Capable of running the following package styles (change parts may be required): Drop Through...

Jones Tray Former 14"x 15" Blank Size
Inventory #: B6010Can Rent

Used Jones Tray Former with: Tray size of 14 inches x 15 inches Finished product outfeed is 6 inches wide x 8 inches long Product sensors 1 horsepower Reliance electric motor Easy-Pac glue unit...

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