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Marel is the leading global provider of advanced equipment, systems and services to the fish, meat and poultry industries. The brands – Marel, Stork Poultry Processing and Townsend Further Processing – are among the most respected in the industry.

I-Cut 11 photo
Marel ICut 11 Stainless Steel Portion Cutter
Inventory #: G6252

Used Marel Portion Cutter with: Application: portioning of salmon or whitefish into fixed-weight and fixed length portions Output: up to 4,700 pounds per hour, depending on product & portion size ...

IPM3-X300 photo
Marel IPM3 X300 SS Single Lane Portion Cutter
Inventory #: G6244

Used Marel Portioner with: Application: cutting of meat, fish filet or whole fish into portions of preset weight or length Output: Up to 5 portions per second Up to 300 portions per minute...

DWU photo
Marel Stainless Steel Dual Line Batcher and Grader
Inventory #: G6125

Used Marel DWU Batcher & Grader with: Applications/products: Fish Meats Poultry Batch bins: Dual lane Number of bins: 12 Width of each bin: 17.75 inches ...

Platino 800 photo
Marel Platino 800 Stainless Steel Flattener Press
Inventory #: G4172

Used Marel Flattener with: Application: flattening by kneading boneless, non-frozen poultry Four (4) conveyors: Infeed & outfeed Upper & lower flattening conveyors Belt width:...

2612/20 photo
Marel Carnitech 2612.20 SS Pin Bone Remover
Inventory #: G3873

Used Carnitech Deboner with: Four lane deboner Output: Up to 72 filets per minute Up to 4,320 filets per hour Filet size range: 1 - 9 pounds Water consumption: 6 gallons per minute...

M3000 photo
Marel M 3000 SS Dual Line Batcher and Grader
Inventory #: G3687

Used Marel Grader with: Output: up to 180 pieces per minute, depending on product size Products: Fish Meats Poultry Number of batch bins: 16 Hopper scale in each batch bin ...

Geba HS-240 photo
Marel Geba HS240 Stainless Steel Long Slicer
Inventory #: G3631

Used Marel Slicer with: Application: horizontal slicer for salmon Output: Up to 4.5 pounds per minute Slice thickness: Minimum: 0.059 inches Maximum: 1.9 inches Maximum product width:...

STC S-3 StripCutter photo
Marel STC S3 24 Inch Wide Poultry Strip Cutter
Inventory #: D6634Can Rent

Used Marel STC S3 StripCutter with: High speed cutting solution for fixed-size portions Conveyor dimensions: 24 inches wide x 115 inches long Previously used to split poultry breast lobes Currently...

Smartline photo
Marel Smartline Stainless Steel Batch Grader
Inventory #: D9634

Used Marel Batch Grader with: Batch sorting by weight or quantity Multiple weigh stations Plastic mat top conveyor Table for batch recepticles Stainless steel construction

DWU photo
Marel DWU Stainless Steel Batch Grader
Inventory #: D9136

Used Marel Grader with: Batch sorting by weight or quantity Batch sorting fresh or frozen: Fish Meats Poultry Number of weigh stations: 12 Hopper scale in each station bin ...

TSM2-C165 photo
Marel TSM2-C165 Profiler Portion Cutter Slicer
Inventory #: D7991

Used Marel TSM2-C165 Profiler Portion Cutter Slicer: Application: uses molds to cut identical weights and shapes of poultry Production speeds: up to 70 portions per minute, based on size, style and weight...

TSM2-C165 photo
Marel TSM2 Profiler Slicer and Portioner
Inventory #: D7905

Used Marel Profiler Slicer with: Application: template cutter for non-frozen poultry to a specified weight Maximum output: 35 templates per minute Up to 70 portions per minute (split filets)...

WSM 100D photo
Marel GEBA WSM 100D Dual Lane Soft Slicing Machine
Inventory #: D7484

Used GEBA Slicer with: Application: slicer for soft unfrozen products, ideal for salmon and other fish fillets Dual lane can be configured to single lane for larger product Maximum product size:...

CG62XL photo
Marel CG62XL Compact Grader
Inventory #: D6193

Used Marel CG62XL Compact Grader with: Six Stations All stainless steel construction Process up to 80 pieces per minute Weight range up to 3,000 grams Application Weighs and measures size...

Nijal Turbo photo
Marel Nijal Turbo Twist Sausage Linker
Inventory #: D5428

Used Marel Nijal Turbo Twist Sausage Linker with: Automatic twister slicer (with or without cutting) Accurate length and weight Quick and easy change of caliber Completely closed end product...

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