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Multivac, Inc. Multivac, Inc. develops the vacuum chamber machine for packaging foodstuffs in film pouches.

R 140 photo
Multivac R 140 Dual Lane Rollstock Thermoformer
Inventory #: H2441

Used Multivac R 140 Rollstock Thermoformer with: Compact thermoforming packaging machine designed to run flexible and rigid films Bottom web: Materials: thermoformable flexible film, semi-rigid...

T400 photo
Multivac T400 SS Automatic Tray Sealer
Inventory #: H1750

Used Multivac Tray Sealer with: Capacity/output: up to 60 trays per minute Top seal Tray materials supported: Plastic Paperboard Barrier foam Works all heat-sealable lidding materials...

M855 photo
Multivac M855 Rollstock Thermoforming Machine
Inventory #: H1189

Used Multivac Thermoformer with: Compact thermoformer: 11 feet long Film specs: Width: 13 inches Advance: 9.5 inches Die: 320 x 240 mm / 13 x 9.5 inches Multiple divider sets available...

5200 photo
Multivac R5200 Stainless Steel Thermoformer
Inventory #: G9333

Used Multivac R5200 Rollstock Thermoformer with: Semi automatic Intermittent motion Capacity: up to 15 cycles per minute Adjustable height Seat temperature: up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit

R245 photo
Multivac R245 Thermoformer with Fillers for Sauces
Inventory #: G8742

Used Multivac R245 with: Originally manufactured with the intent of being used for packaging cheese, paste, salsas, dressings, and liquid or semi-liquid products Packaging material: Top web (flexible):...

T300 photo
Multivac T300 Automatic Inline Tray Sealer
Inventory #: G9422Featured

Used Multivac T300 Automatic Inline Tray Sealer with: Minimum tray size: 3 inches Maximum tray size: 12 inches Last tray size ran: 8 inches x 8 inches Cycle time: 12 to 30 packs per minute (6-10...

R230 photo
Multivac R230 Horizontal Rollstock Thermoformer
Inventory #: G8085Featured

Used Multivac R230 Horizontal Rollstock Thermoformer with: Last used for: Boiled eggs Package configuration: 4 inches x 4 inches 2 inches x 2 inches 2 inches x 1 inch Film width:...

T700 photo
Multivac T700 Automatic Tray Sealer
Inventory #: G8277Featured

Used Multivac T700 Tray Sealer with: Automatic inline tray sealer Currently set to run a single lane of Cryovac 96 foam trays Compatible tray materials: rigid film, aluminum, carton, foam Compatible...

145 photo
Multivac R145 Rollstock Thermoformer HFFS
Inventory #: G4575

Used Multivac R145 Thermoformer with: Maximum film width: 459 mm Pack types: rectangular and round, basic formats and freely definable formats Film types: flexible film, rigid film Maximum forming...

A300/42 photo
Multivac A300/42 Vacuum Bag Sealer with Gas Flush
Inventory #: G5674

Used Multivac A300/42 with: Vacuum bag sealer with gas flush / MAP capabilities 16 inches between seal bars 17.5 inch long seal bars Chamber sealing style

R245 photo
Multivac R245 Thermoform Packaging Machine
Inventory #: G4574Featured

Used Multivac R245 Thermoform Packaging Machine with: Application: compact thermorformer, used for packaging 2, 3 and 5 packed pretzel rods Max reel diameter: 450mm Waste trim disposal Index length:...

AG800 photo
Multivac AG800 2 Chamber Vacuum Bag Sealer
Inventory #: G5671

Used Multivac AG800 Vacuum Bag Sealer with: 2 sealing chambers Sealing bar length: 21.6 inches Chamber dimensions: 29.5 inches x 21.6 inches Busch vacuum pump

M855DPC photo
Mutivac M855DPC HFFS Rollstock Thermoformer
Inventory #: G4280

Used Mutivac M855DPC Rollstock Thermoformer Packager with: Application: sealed meat with thermoforming plastic packages Web width: 320 millimeter Film advance: 260 millimeter

C500 photo
Multivac C500 Dual Chamber Vacuum Bag Sealer
Inventory #: G4157Featured

Used Multivac Vacuum Sealer with: Semi-automatic operation Dual sealing chambers Output: 2 - 3 cycles per minute (2) Seal bars: Distance between bars: 30 inches Length: 26 inches ...

R535 photo
Multivac R535 SS Rollstock Thermoforming Machine
Inventory #: G2006

Used Multivac Thermoformer with: Highest output Multivac thermoformer Package types: Round Basic formats Rectangular Freely definable formats Films: Rigid or flexible Aluminum...

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