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Nercon Engineering & Mfg. Inc. Nercon Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc., continues to be a leader in custom-engineered material handling equipment. Nercon serves a diverse group of industries, including beverage, pharmaceutical, food processing, paper, appliance, candy, health care and factory automation. Nercon provides project management, design, engineering, controls, manufacturing and installation to our customers. From a single piece of equipment to a fully integrated system, customers look to Nercon to anticipate production issues and provide proactive solutions for their material handling needs. Some of our products include: Accumulation Tables, Gripper Elevators/Lowerators, Carton Elevators, Vertical Accumulators, Case Elevators, Vertical Conveyors, Smart Belts, Coolers/Warmers and Spiral Conveyors.

Nercon Spiral Elevating Conveyor 4.625 Inches Wide
Inventory #: G1178

Used Nercon 4 5/8" Wide Spiral Elevating Conveyor with: 19 tiers 6 5/16 inches of clearance between tiers 4 5/8 inch wide effective conveyor belt Adjustable guide rails Infeed height is currently...

Nercon Dual Lane "S" Curve Bottle Conveyor
Inventory #: G2772

Used Nercon Conveyor with: Dimensions: Width: 12 inches Length: 168 inches Plastic tabletop conveyor chain Dual lane: 4.5 inches wide per lane Guide rails Driven by 1 horsepower,...

Nercon 100" Long x 17" Wide Mat-Top Conveyor
Inventory #: G1218Can Rent

Used Nercon Plastic Mat-Top Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 100 inches long x 17.75 inches wide Conveyor height: 37 inches 1 horsepower motor Hubbell power disconnect switch Adjustable conveyor...

Nercon 12 Inch Wide Cleated Incline Conveyor
Inventory #: G1224Can Rent

Used Nercon Cleated Incline Conveyor with: New, never put into production Conveyor width: 12.5 inches Infeed length: 24 inches Infeed height: 17 inches Discharge height: 154 inches Reach:...

Nercon Bi Directional Accumulation Table Conveyor
Inventory #: D9524

Used Nercon Accumulation Table with: Belt specs: Plastic mesh Bi-directional Dimensions (inches): 144 long x 60 wide Stainless steel frame

6" Wide x 10' Long Nercon Plastic Mat-Top Conveyor
Inventory #: D7067

Used Nercon Plastic Mat-Top Conveyor with: 1 horsepower motor Non-slip conveyor belt Conveyor dimensions: 118 inches long x 6 inches wide

Nercon Plastic Table Top 180 Degree Curve Conveyor
Inventory #: D6172

Used Nercon Conveyor with: Plastic table top conveyor belt 180 degree curve Conveyor width: 7.5 inches Conveyor height: 34 inches 1 horsepower Baldor motor Adjustable guide rail height Adjustable...

Nercon 7" Wide x 24' Long Table-Top Conveyor
Inventory #: D4487

Used Nercon Table-Top Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 7.5 inches wide x 24 feet long Conveyor height: 30 inches 1 horsepower motor Painted, mild steel frame Screw down leveling feet ...

Nercon 50" W x 95' Stainless Steel Conveyor Frame
Inventory #: D4548

Used Nercon Conveyor Frame with: Conveyor dimensions: 50" wide x 95 feet long Conveyor height: approximately 48 inches Belt tensioner KB Genesis variable frequency drive 1 horsepower motor...

Nercon 4" Wide x 153" Long Smooth Belt Conveyor
Inventory #: D4547

Used Nercon Smooth Belt Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 4 inches wide x 153 inches long Conveyor height: 36 inches 1 horsepower motor Adjustable legs Powder-coated steel frame Variable...

Nercon 12" Wide Plastic Mat-Top S-Conveyor
Inventory #: D4545

Used Nercon Plastic Mat-Top Conveyor with: 2 conveyor sections in an 'S' configuration with two 90 degree turns Conveyor width: 12 inches Conveyor height: 34 inches Infeed length: 10...

S.O. 8140 Seagram photo
Nercon 8140 Seagram Accumulation Table
Inventory #: D4945

Used Nercon Accumulation Conveyor with: Bi-directional accumulator Conveyor dimensions: 20 feet long x 6 feet wide Infeed height: 41 inches Plastic interlink belt Driven by 1 horsepower 450v,...

Nercon Serpentine Accumulation Table
Inventory #: D2448

Used Nercon Serpentine Accumulation Table with: As product flow increases, this accumulation system expands its capacity to up to 100 feet of accumulation capacity Infeed and outfeed height: 33.5 inches...

Nercon Reflow Accumulation Table
Inventory #: C1354

Used Nercon Reflow Accumulation Table with: (2) 2 foot width x 7 foot length lanes (4) opening doors Extra entry conveyor included: 4.5 inch width (90 degree curve) x approximately 74 inch length x...

Nercon Plastic Mat-Top Conveyor
Inventory #: B8464

Used Nercon Plastic Mat-Top Conveyor with: Stainless steel frame Stainless steel side guards / rails Adjustable dividers measure 18 inch long 12 inch wide plastic chain belt Conveyor measures...

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