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Rapistan acquired by Dematic. Rapistan specializes in conveyor systems.

Rapistan 39 Ft Long Smooth Top Belt Conveyor
Inventory #: G5681

Used Rapistan Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: Belt width: 24 inches Overall width: 30 inches Length: 468 inches / 39 feet Driven by 2 horsepower, variable speed drive

Rapistan 41' Belt Conveyor
Inventory #: D2616

Used Rapistan 41' Roller Conveyor with: Rubber belt over roller conveyor Conveyor dimensions: 492 inches long x 36 inches wide E-stop cord Photo eyes 210 Volts, 3 Phase, 1.5 HP motor ...

S6541-22455 photo
Rapista S6541-22455 Belt Conveyor
Inventory #: A9116

Used Rapista S6541-22455 Belt Conveyor with: .8 horsepower motor Belt dimensions: 18 inches wide x 240 inches long Conveyor tabletop is set 30 inches off the ground. Heavy duty, painted steel construction...

Rapistan Conveyor Belt System 25 ft lg x 18 in W
Inventory #: A7922

Used Rapistan Conveyor with: Conveyor belt 25 ft long 18 inch wide belt Electric motor drive 3 sets of legs/stands Good condition.

Rapistan 50 Inch Long x 11 Inch Wide Conveyor
Inventory #: A8421

Used Rapistan 50 Inch Long x 11 Inches Wide Conveyor with: Adjustable height and guide rails Motor driven Currently set to 27 inches from the ground to the top of the conveyor belt

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