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Ross Industries helps its customers improve the processing, quality, and safety of their food products in the meat and food processing industries.

TC700M photo
Ross TC700M Stainless Steel Tenderizer 488 Needles
Inventory #: G9669

Used Ross TC700M Tenderizer 488 Needles with: Makes 32 unique T-shaped surgical incisions per square inch Nominal production rate: 5,000 pounds per hour Conveyor speed: 5.5 feet per minute Maximum...

950-8 photo
Ross 950 8 Stainless Steel Automatic Slicer
Inventory #: G9294

Used Ross Slicer with: Output: up to 100 slices per minute Slice thickness: Minimum: 0.25 inches Maximum: 1.5 inches Thickness adjustable during operation Dual gravity fed infeed chutes...

Junior A10 photo
Ross Inpack A10 SS Vacuum Gas Flush Tray Sealer
Inventory #: G7671

Used Ross Tray Sealer with: One-up, semi-automatic operation Output: Up to 5 cycles per minute Up to 300 trays per hour Maximum tray size: 10.7 x 15.9 inches Maximum tray depth: 4.75...

A20 Junior photo
Ross Inpack A20 Junior Stainless Steel Tray Sealer
Inventory #: G7608

Used Ross Tray Sealer with: Two-up design Output: Up to 10 cycles per minute Up to 1,200 trays per hour Includes MAP system Over-center die closing system Water: 30 gallons per...

914 photo
Ross Model 914 Stainless Steel Uniform Meat Press
Inventory #: G5253

Used Ross Meat Press with: Cycle time: Minimum: 6 seconds Maximum: 15 seconds Average cycles per minute: 6 Dwell time range: 3 - 10 seconds Ram cylinder pressure: Adjustable...

LDM-130 photo
Ross 1 Quart Jacketed Vacuum Planetary Mixer
Inventory #: G3907

Used Ross Mixer with: Vacuum, double planetary mixer Capacity: Total capacity: 1 quart Mixing capacity: 0.5 - 1 quart Mixing bowl: Jacketed Stainless steel Manual hand...

S60 photo
Ross S 60 Automatic Preformed Tray Sealer
Inventory #: D8395

Used Ross S 60 Automatic Tray Sealer with: Current tray dimensions: 10 inches wide x 12 inches long Outfeed conveyor width: 30 inches Film width: 32.5 inches Touch screen controls 2 lanes Stainless...

Ross 10 Cubic Ft Jacketed Double Ribbon Blender
Inventory #: D8359

Used Ross Ribbon Blender with: Capacity: 10 cubic feet Agitation: Single shaft Double ribbon Hinged cover Center bottom discharge Driven by 5 horsepower motor Trough...

ELS-130 photo
Ross Two Gallon Jacketed Planetary Mixer
Inventory #: D5599

Used Ross Two Gallon Jacketed Planetary Mixer with: Jacketed mix can Manual tilt back vacuum top cover Stainless steel contact parts 3/4 HP motor

VCB-5 photo
Ross 5 Cu. Ft. V Twin Shell Blender System
Inventory #: D5358

Used Ross Twin Shell Blender System with: Ross V Blender Capacity: 5 cubic feet High speed intensifier bar 14 Inch feed openings with solid covers 6 Inch outlet with butterfly valve Discharge...

2018 photo
Ross Inpack Junior Model 2018 Automatic Sealer
Inventory #: D5089Featured

Used Ross Inpack Junior Model 2018 Automatic Sealer with: 2 lanes Adjustable knife controls for each lane Adjustable seal time Adjustable gas time Castors for mobility

950-6 photo
Ross 950-6 Automatic Slicer
Inventory #: D1515

Used Ross 950-6 Automatic Slicer with: Up to 100 slices per minute Shingle and thin slice Slice thickness: .8 inches - .75 inches Chute size: up to 6 inches wide x 11 inches long Dual vertical,...

255-010 photo
Ross 255-010 Meat Slicer
Inventory #: C4732Featured Can Rent

Used Ross 255-010 Meat Slicer with: Cutting capacity of 15 pounds per minute 6 different chutes Steel chain conveyor 3 conveyors Last used to make sausage patties

TC 700 MC photo
Ross TC 700 MC Meat Tenderizer
Inventory #: C2661

Used Ross TC 700 MC Meat Tenderizer with: Bone-in or boneless tenderizer Stainless steel blades produce 32 incisions per square inch Tenderizer blades are positioned in magnetic carriers, retracting...

3320 photo
Ross Inpack 3320 Automatic Tray Sealer #10 Tray
Inventory #: C1547Can Rent

Used Ross Inpack 3320 Automatic Tray Sealer with: Current tray tooling: 10.75" x 6.75" (aka # 10 tray) Different tray sizes require OEM change parts Discharge conveyor option: converges multiple...

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