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Vulcan is associated with the Vulcan Food Equipment Group and is a division of the ITW Food Equipment Group. Vulcan is a manufacturer of commercial cooking equipment.

GL60E photo
Vulcan 60 Gallon Stainless Steel Gas Fired Kettle
Inventory #: G6477

Used Vulcan Kettle with: Stationary, self-contained kettle Capacity: Gallons: 60 Quarts: 240 Jacket coverage: full Discharge outlet: Side bottom mount 2 Inch draw off valve...

SG2 photo
Vulcan SG2 Single Deck Gas Convection Oven
Inventory #: G6158

Used Vulcan Oven with: Gas fired Single deck Interior specs: Porcelain coated enameled steel interior Shelf dimensions (inches): 28 wide x 20 deep Internal dimensions (inches): 29 wide...

VEL-60 photo
Vulcan 60 Gallon SS Jacketed Electric Kettle
Inventory #: G6016

Used Vulcan Kettle with: Capacity: Liters: 227 Gallons: 60 Jacket: Coverage: half Rated: 50 psi @ 298° Fahrenheit Hinged cover Pressure gauge Inlet & outlet:...

DC-6 photo
Vulcan DC6 2 x 5 Gallon Jacketed Kettle System
Inventory #: G4720

Used Vulcan Kettle System with: Capacity: Per kettle: 5 gallons Total capacity: Quarts: 40 Gallons: 10 Applies to both kettles: Jacket: Coverage: half Rated:...

MHB24E photo
Vulcan MHB24E 24 KW Electric Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G2650

Vulcan MHB24E 24 KW Modular Electric Steam Boiler with 6 inch adjustable legs 15 PSI kettle connection 1/2 inch cold water connection 1/8 inch cold water condenser 1 - 1/4 inch drain connection...

VC4GD-10 photo
Vulcan VC4GD-10 Natural Gas Convection Oven
Inventory #: G2930

Used Vulcan VC4GD-10 Natural Gas Convection Oven with: Single deck Natural Gas Temperature range: 150 - 500° Fahrenheit BTU per hour: 44,000

GT150E photo
Vulcan GT140E 150 Gallon Gas Self Contained Kettle
Inventory #: G3113

Used Vulcan Kettle with: Capacity: 150 Gallons Top cover: Hinged with lever Cut-out and mixer mount to add agitation (not included) Heat: Integral gas burner boiler Jetted for...

VC photo
Vulcan VC Series 21" x 28" Deck Ovens
Inventory #: D9948

Used Vulcan Deck Ovens with: Up to 11 racks 150 - 500° Fahrenheit 0 - 60 minute timer .5 horsepower, 2 speed blower motor Rack spacing: 1.5 inches (adjustable) Rack dimensions (inches):...

Vec-6TW photo
Vulcan Hart Company S/S Tilting Kettle
Inventory #: D8612

Used Vulcan Hart S/S Tilting Kettle with: Stainless steel construction 6 gallon capacity 12 inch diameter x 14.5 inch deep vessel Base plate: 12 inches x 18 inches Table top design Electrically...

GS60 photo
30 Gallon Vulcan Stainless Steel Gas Kettle
Inventory #: D4186

Used Vulcan Kettle with: 30 gallon Gas powered 34 inch diameter 3 inch outlet valve

VR4 photo
Vulcan VR4 Heavy Duty Electric Range and Oven
Inventory #: D4177

Used Vulcan VR4 Heavy Duty Electric Range and Oven with: Six 9 inch round french hot plates for stov(2)e top cooking Two rack oven Width: 23 inches Height: 16 inches Depth: 30 inches ...

VC Series photo
Vulcan VC Series Convection Oven
Inventory #: D2208

Used Vulcan VC Series Convection Oven with: Power source: electric 1/2 HP, 2 speed commercial oven blower motor Construction: Stainless steel front, sides and top Stainless steel doors with...

ET88T photo
Vulcan ET88T Electric Convection Oven
Inventory #: D1218

Used Vulcan ET88T Electric Convection Oven with: 60 minute timer for each oven Maximum temperature: 500 degrees Fahrenheit Interior dimensions: 29 inches wide x 27 inches long x 20 inches high Stainless...

VGL T60 photo
Vulcan VGL T60 Gallon Jacketed Kettle
Inventory #: D1773

Used Vulcan VGL T60 Gallon Jacketed Kettle with: Bowl measures 30 inch diameter X 22 inch deep 2 inch diameter flange outlet Manual tilt mechanism Motor with an output of 120,000 BTU/hr. Complete...

GH 45 photo
Vulcan Hart GH45 Gas Range Oven
Inventory #: C5894

Used Vulcan GH45 Gas Restaurant Range with: Fully MIG welded frame Stainless steel front, sides, backriser, lift-off high shelf Six inch stainless steel adjustable legs Four open top burners,...

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