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This equipment removed excess moisture from air lines and hoses.

DXR10000W-TEX photo
Ingersoll Rand DXR10000W-TEX Compressed Air Dryer

Used Ingersoll Rand Compressed Air Dryer with: M-5009 Air Chiller T-BLD (NEW) Dryer Maximum inlet air pressure: 150 PSIG Factory Refrigerant Charge: 62 lbs 0 oz of R22. Maximum inlet air temperature:...

NVC200A40N photo
Ingersoll Rand NVC200A40N Thermal Mass Dryer

Used Ingersoll Rand NVC200A40N Air Dryer with: Removes harmful moisture from an air system MAWP: 230 PSIG Refrigerant: R404a - 2 pounds, 4 ounces Digital controls Temperature display in Fahrenheit...

1600HSEW400 photo
Zeks 1600HSEW400 Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
Can Rent

Used Zeks 1600HSEW400 Air Dryer with: Refrigerated compressed air dryer Incorporates a cycling operation to automatically cycle the dryer refrigerant compressor on and off to maintain stored cooling energy...

250HSGA500 photo
Zeks 250HSGA500 Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
Can Rent

Used Zeks 250HSGA500 Air Dryer with: Removes moisture and contaminants from compressed air by chilling the air to a temperature that causes the moisture in the air to condense and form droplets which are...

F-35-1 photo
Arrow Dryers F-35-1 Air Dryer

Used Arrow Air F-25-1 Dryer with: Compr air capacity 35 scfm Design pressure 250 psig Compr hp 1/4 Refrigerant type R134A Charge 0 pounds 12 ounces Design pressure high side 400 psig Design...

300NCGA400 photo
ZEKS Refrigerated 300NCGA400 Air Dryer

ZEKS Refrigerated 300NCGA400 Air Dryer with: Dominick Hunter ES2400 oil/water separator Non-cycling Refrigerant type R404-A Tested flow Full flow 300 scfm 10 percent flow 30 scfm...

McKenzie Tray Commercial Tunnel Dehydrator Dryer

Used McKenzie Tray Commercial Tunnel Dehydrator Dryer with: Allows for conduct batch, batch-to-dry, counter-flow, and parallel flow dehydration protocols, all with the same system. Dryer dimensions: 12...

PE-400 photo
Pneumatec PE 400 Twin Tower Regenerative Air Dyer

Used Pneumatech PE 400 Air Dyer with: Capacity: 400 standard cubic feet per minute Maximum pressure: 150 PSI Desiccant weight: 285 pounds per tower Maximum allowable working pressure: 150 PSI at...

MVB-5-A photo
Bry Air MVB 5 A Dehumidifier Air Dryer

Used Bry Air MVB 5 A Dehumidifier Air Dryer with: 15 pounds per hour moisture removal Nominal CFM process: 500 Nominal CFM reaction: 167 Approximate weight: 1,120 pounds Overall dimensions: 7...

DXR75 photo
Ingersoll-Rand DXR75 Air Dryer

Used Ingersoll-Rand DXR75 Air Dryer with: Maximum inlet air pressure: 250 PSIG Maximum inlet air temperature: 130 degrees Fahrenheit Minimum ambient temperature: 40 degrees Fahrenheit Maximum ambient...

PSF100-75C photo
Deltech PSF100 Desiccant Compressed Air Dryer

Used Deltech Air Dryer with: Capacity: 144 scfm @ 150 psig Maximum pressure: 150 psig MAWP: 165 psi @ 450° Fahrenheit MDMT: -20° @ 165 psi Maximum inlet air temperature: 120°...

100HSBA20S photo
Zeks Non Cycling Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer

Used Zeks Compressed Air Dryer with: Capacity: Rated: 100 scfm Maximum pressure: 145 psig Horsepower: Compressor: 0.5 Fans: 1/20 Air cooled Refrigerant: R-22 Maximum...

SSD-1750-220V-PSP photo
Sullair SSD-1750 Desiccant Dryer

Used Sullair SSD-1750 Desiccant Dryer with: Rotary screw compressor Desiccant dryer Filters Flow controller Monitoring & control via ethernet-based eConnect Flow: 1750 cubic feet per minute...

UA 125 photo
Ultra Air Compressed Air Dryer

Used Ultra Air Compressed Air Dryer with: Max Inlet air temp: 120 degrees Fahrenheit Max inlet air pressure: 200 SIG Max/Min Ambient Temperature: 110/45 degrees fehrenheit 100 PSIG Inlet pressure:...

2DAZ3 photo
Speedaire 2DAZ3 Compressed Air Dryer

Used Speedaire 2DAZ3 Compressed Air Dryer with: 115/160v Max. Inlet Temp.: 120 Degrees F Max. Air Compressor HP: 25 Full Load Amps: 9.30 Max. Ambient Temp.: 110 Degrees F Refrigeration Compressor...

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