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This type of equipment pressurizes and stores air to be converted to power. The power of an air compressor is measured in horsepower (HP) and cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). Positive displacement air compressors include piston type, rotary screw, and vane compressors. A centrifugal compressor is a negative displacement air compressor. Most industrial air compressors produce pressurization of approximately 100 pounds per square inch (psi).

SSR-EP50SE photo
Ingersoll-Rand SSR-EP50SE Rotary Air Compressor

Used Ingersoll Rand SSR-EP50SE Compressor with: 50 horsepower Capacity: 194 CFM Rated operating pressure: 125 PSIG Maximum discharge pressure: 128 PSIG Maximum modulate pressure: 128 PSIG...

DXR75 photo
Ingersoll-Rand DXR75 Compressed Air Dryer

Used Ingersoll Rand DXR75 Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer with: 250 max inlet air pressure (psig) 130 degrees Fahrenheit Max inlet air temp 1 inch diameter inlet pipe fitting .75 diameter outlet...

75HSBA100 photo
Zeks Air Dryer for Pressurized Air 75HS-BA-100

Used Zeks 75HSBA100 Air Dryer with: 1 compressor 1/3 hp motor Refrigerant: R22 Maximum pressure: 175 PSI Will dry full output of a 20 horsepower compressor Cycling air dryers save energy,...

G15FF photo
Atlas Copco G15FF 20HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Used Atlas Copco G15FF 20HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor with: 20 horsepower motor Quiet Rotary Screw Elements Continuous Duty Cycle Lower Energy Costs Small Footprint Integrated Dryer Top...

16 75 photo
Sullair 16-75 75 horsepower Air Compressor

Used Sullair 16 75 75 horsepower Air Compressor with: 75 horsepower motor Rotary screw air end 115 or 125 PSIG full load pressure Screw type air pump Operating hours: 4,309

GA22P photo
Atlas Copco GA22P 30HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Used Atlas Copco Air Compressor with: 30 horsepower motor 125 PSI rating Topside cooling discharge Rotary screw Sound reducing enclosure

SSR-EP50 photo
Ingersoll Rand SSREP50 Oil Rotary Screw Compressor

Used Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor with: Two stage oil flooded rotary screw Digital control system 8,000 hour coolant SSR/M 2 stage compressor Output: 208 CFM Operating pressure: 125 psig ...

RO220 photo
Van Air RO220 Refrigerator Air Dryer

Used Van Air Dryer with: Maximum PSI: 200 PSIG Inlet maximum temperature: 100° Fahrenheit Capacity: 220 SCFM Bolt to floor

ANS 29 photo
Kaeser Compressors ANS 29 25 Horsepower Compressor

Used Kaeser Air Compressor with: Motor: 25 horsepower Operating hours: 63,682 Maximum working pressure: 110 PSI Emergency E stop Gauge counters On/off controls

20-100H ACAC photo
Sullair 20-100H ACAC 100 HP Air Compressor

Used Sullair Air Compressor with: 100 horsepower motor Gauges: Sump pressure Line pressure Discharge temperature Air filter Fluid filter Seperator Emergency E stop Skid...

TS-32 300 photo
Sullair TS32 300 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Used Sullair Air Compressor with: 300 Horsepower Air cooled after cooler & oil cooler Fan motor: 15 horsepower Includes: Filters Air oil separator Oil changed Air: 125 - 135...

QT-15 photo
Quincy QT-15 Reciprocating 2 Stage Air Compressor

Used Quincy QT-15 Reciprocating 2 Stage Air Compressor with: Tank capacity: 120 gallons Motor: 15 horsepower Air pressure: Up to 175 pounds per square inch Power supply: 480 voltage / 3 phase / 60...

TW40 photo
Airtek Compressed TW40 Heatless Desiccant Dryer

Used Airtek Compressed TW40 Heatless Desiccant Dryer with: Production output rate: 42 square cubic feet per minute Maximum working pressure: 150 pounds per square inch Minimum operating pressure: 50...

RD180F-A21-CYS photo
Plasticool RD180F-A21CYS Air Exchange Dehumidifier

Used Plasticool RD180F-A21-CYS Air Exchange Dehumidifier with: Full load amperage: 12 Rated load amperage: 11.5 Circuit protection: 15 amps Circuit ampacity: 20 amps Regen CFM: 63 Process CFM:...

QT25DT2000014 photo
Quincy QT-25 Dual Compressor Air Compressor

Used Quincy QT-25 Air Compressor with: Compressor motors: 20 horsepower each Individual compressor controls Holding tank capacity: 240 gallons Maximum allowable working tank pressure: 200 PSI at...

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