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This type of equipment pressurizes and stores air to be converted to power. The power of an air compressor is measured in horsepower (HP) and cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). Positive displacement air compressors include piston type, rotary screw, and vane compressors. A centrifugal compressor is a negative displacement air compressor. Most industrial air compressors produce pressurization of approximately 100 pounds per square inch (psi).

FE-370-120 photo
Quincy FE-370-120 Reciprocating Air Compressor
Inventory #: G9658

Used Quincy FE-370-120 Air Compressor with: Reciprocating air compressor Belt driven 15 horsepower motor Dual cylinder in side by side configuration Air intake filter Thread-on oil filter ...

DXR75 photo
Ingersoll-Rand DXR75 Air Dryer
Inventory #: G8873

Used Ingersoll-Rand DXR75 Air Dryer with: Maximum inlet air pressure: 250 PSIG Maximum inlet air temperature: 130 degrees Fahrenheit Minimum ambient temperature: 40 degrees Fahrenheit Maximum ambient...

NVC200A40N photo
Ingersoll Rand NVC200A40N Thermal Mass Dryer
Inventory #: G6666

Used Ingersoll Rand NVC200A40N Air Dryer with: Removes harmful moisture from an air system MAWP: 230 PSIG Refrigerant: R404a - 2 pounds, 4 ounces Digital controls Temperature display in Fahrenheit...

QT25DT2000014 photo
Quincy QT-25 Dual Compressor Air Compressor
Inventory #: G6608

Used Quincy QT-25 Air Compressor with: Compressor motors: 20 horsepower each Individual compressor controls Holding tank capacity: 240 gallons Maximum allowable working tank pressure: 200 PSI at...

221565 photo
Kobalt 60 Gallon Vertical Air Compressor
Inventory #: G7076

Used Kobalt Air Compressor with: Capacity: 60 gallon Vertical standing 3.7 horsepower motor 11.5 square cubic feet per minute @ 90 PSI 13.4 square cubic feet per minute @ 40 PSI Maximum PSI:...

2340 photo
Ingersoll-Rand 2340 Two Stage Air Compressor
Inventory #: G6555

Used Ingersoll Rand 2340 Air Compressor with: Up to 250 PSIG Two-stage pump Type 30 reciprocating 60 gallon 5 HP electric motor Durable Cast Iron Automatic start/stop control/pressure switch...

EG90-150WV photo
ELGi EG90-150WV 125 HP Screw Air Compressor
Inventory #: G7145

Used ELGi EG90-150WV Air Compressor with: Hour Meter: 10,186 hours Water cooled Range CFM: 239 to 604 Range PSI: 60-150 Electric Motor Data: 125 horsepower, TEFC, Class F, IP55 Control system:...

UP6S-20-125 photo
Ingersoll-Rand UP6S-20-125 Air Compressor 20 HP
Inventory #: G6012

Used Ingersoll-Rand UP6S-20-125 with: 20 horsepower base mounted rotary screw air compressor 125 PSI air cooled TEFC motor 1750 RPM rotary screw Tank-less XE-70M programmable controller Power...

2209/A photo
Sullair 30 Horsepower Compressor & Devair Air Tank
Inventory #: G4738

Used Sullair 2209/A Air Compressor with: Sullair Compressor 30 horsepower 104 - 140 cubic food per minute Air Pressure: 125 PSIG Maximum rated pressure: 135 PSIG Rated reps per minute:...

AS44 photo
Kaeser AS44 40 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor
Inventory #: G1944

Used Kaeser AS44 Air Compressor with: 40 horsepower motor Capacity: 170 CFM Maximum working pressure: 110 PSI Analog gauges Manual switches

Sullair 40 Horsepower Rotary Screw Air Compressor
Inventory #: G1945

Used Sullair Air Compressor with: 40 horsepower Lubricated 166 to 200 acfm 100 to 150 psig

CB12LA717-3.0100H.P. photo
Sullair Corp. CB12LA 100 HP Air Compressor
Inventory #: G5959

Used Sullair Corp. CB12LA 100 HP Air Compressor with: 100 horsepower motor Maximum pressure: 250 NH3 Oil charge: 20 gallons Direct drive

SSR UP 6-30-150 photo
Ingersoll-Rand SSR UP 6-30-150 Air Compressor
Inventory #: G4403

Used Ingersoll-Rand SSR UP 6-30-150 Air Compressor with: Maximum operating pressure: 150 PSIG Factory set reload pressure: 140 PSI Flow rate: 112 cubic feet per minute Coolant capacity: 3.4 gallons...

FX 13 photo
Atlas Copco FX13 Non-Cycling Refrigerant Air Dryer
Inventory #: G4294

Used Atlas Copco FX13 Non-Cycling Refrigerant Air Dryer with: Application: aids in removal of condensation and to eliminate corrosion and damage to tools and processes in this environment Maximum operating...

Devair Air Compressor with DeVilbiss 445 pump
Inventory #: G5571

Used Devair Air Compressor with DeVilbiss 445 pump with: DeVilbiss 445 pump 900 maximum revolutions per minute at 175 PSI 600 maximum revolutions per minute at 300 PSI Manchester 55...

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