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Kellogg-American developed an industry leading series of air compressors, specifically for rugged commercial and industrial duty use. This led to the design of high quality time proven Kellogg American two stage compressor pumps. The Kellogg-American compressor pump design is the most robust on the market today, with features such as oil ring lubrication, which provides much more reliable lubrication than a simple splash lube system. The pump includes head and centrifugal unloaders, large diameter fully finned intercoolers, Swedish steel cushioned disc valves, and the all iron construction as opposed to aluminum used in cheaper competitive units.

B335UB photo
CompAir Kellogg B335UB 80 Gal 5 HP Air Compressor
Inventory #: C1314

Used CompAir Kellogg-American B335UB Air Compressor with: Tank capacity: 80 gallons Max W.P.: 200 PSI at 450 degrees Fahrenheit Steel construction Ashcroft pressure gauge O.D.: 24 O.L.:...

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