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This type of conveyor uses a rotating spiral blade within a tube or trough to move liquids, powders, or similar loose materials. A large screw within the conveyor rotates around a central axis, causing the product to move forward with each progressive revolution of the screw. They can be used to move product horizontally or at an incline.

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Flexicon Flexible Screw Auger Conveyor with Hopper
Can Rent

Used Flexicon Flexible Screw Auger Conveyor with: Stainless steel bulk dump hopper Hopper dimensions: Length: 36 inches Width: 36 inches Depth: 30 inches with cone bottom Diameter:...

Series 800 photo
Hapman Series 800 Auger Screw Conveyor
Rental Only

Used Hapman Series 800 Auger Screw Conveyor with: Discharge: 6 inch discharge diameter 8 inch pipe diameter Infeed: 58 inch from floor to hopper 38 inches...

Stainless Incline Auger Conveyor with Hopper 92"L
Can Rent

Used Auger Conveyor with: Incline conveyor with hopper Infeed height: 37 inches Discharge height: 59 inches Auger length: 92 inches Auger flight centers: 5.25 inches Auger diameter: 8.25...

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