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This type of equipment uses different mechanisms to wrap pallets in film. Automatic stretch wrappers attach the tail of film to the pallet, wrap the film around the pallet, cut the film, and press the tail onto the pallet so that it stays attached. There are different ways to accomplish this, such as turntables that turn the pallet, or an arm that rotates around the product.

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WCA-150 photo
Wulftec WCA-150 4000 Lb Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

Used Wulftec Turntable Stretch Wrapper with: Throughput: up to 50 loads per hour depending on product and application Maximum load capacity: 4000 pounds Minimum load dimensions: Length: 36 inches Width:...

Synergy 5 photo
Highlight Synergy 5 Automatic Side Unload Stretch Wrap System

The Highlight Synergy 5 Automatic Stretch Wrap System is a game-changer for efficiency and productivity in pallet wrapping operations. With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, the Synergy 5 automates...

WCA-200 photo
Wulftec WCA-200 Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper 4000 Pounds Up to 60 Loads Per Hour

The WCA-200 is a competitively-priced extra heavy duty ring-gear driven conveyorized turntable stretch wrapping system. Automatic stretch wrappers maximize throughput and efficiency. They take care of everything;...

Q photo
Lantech Q Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Used Lantech Q Automatic Stretch Wrapper with: Maximum wrap height: 110 inches Film carriage: 22 inches Turntable diameter: 65 inches Turntable gaurding Variable turntable speed Independent carriage...

Q-1000 photo
Lantech Q-1000 Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Used Lantech Q-1000 Stretch Wrapper with: Automatic Output: Up to 45 loads per hour Minumum load size: Length: 36 inches Width: 36 inches Height: 24 inches Maximum...

6100-45-CTA photo
Cousins 6100-45-CTA Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

Used Cousins Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper with: Model: 6100-45-CTA Infeed Conveyor: Length: 63 inches Width: 54 inches Height: 19 inches Turntable: Length: 74 inches Width: 54 inches...

Freedom 6500 photo
Highlight Industries Freedom 6500 Auto Arm Wrapper

New Highlight Industries Freedom 6500 Auto Arm Wrapper with: Automatic rotary arm for wrapping unstable loads at high speeds Dual power Hydro-stretch adjustable up to 500% stretch Rotating arm speed:...

Revolver photo
Highlight Ind. Revolver 80" Automatic Ring Wrapper

New Highlight Industries Revolver 80" Automatic Ring Wrapper with: Automatic orbital stretch bundling system Designed to wrap products of nearly any length, shape, and configuration Ring diameter:...

WCA-200 photo
Wulftec WCA-200 Turn Table Stretch Wrapper

Used Wulftec Automatic Stretch Wrapper with: Production speed: up to 60 loads per hour, depending on application Load capacity: 4,000 pounds Load size: Maximum: Length: 48 inches ...

Chronos photo
Premier Tech Chronos Stretch-All Pallet Stretch Hooder

Used Premier Tech Chronos Pallet Stretch Hooder with: Production output rate: up to 100 pallets per hour depending on application Applications: Containers, bags, boxes, jugs, big bags, trays, barrels...

PRRA 4000 photo
Phoenix PRRA 4000 Automatic Vertical Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper

Used Phoenix Automatic Vertical Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper with: Production output: up to 120 pallets per hour, depending on application Wrapping speed: 40 rotations per minute Maximum load size: ...

SL Automatic photo
Lantech SLA Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper System With Corner Board Applicator

Lantech SLA Automatic Stretch Wrapper: Output: Up to 50 loads per hour depending on application Load size: Length: 36-58 inches Width: 36-58 inches Height: 24-75 inches Variable...

Synergy 3 photo
Highlight Synergy 3 High Profile Spiral Stretch Wrapper

Used Highlight Spiral Stretch Wrapper with: Machine speed (per hour): 20-30 loads depending on application Turntable: Diameter: 48 inches Variable 0-10 RPM Height from floor: 13 inches ...

RTR1000 photo
Rotorap RTR1000 Automatic Horizontal Ring Stretch Wrapper

Used Rotorap Stretch Wrapper with: Average cycle time: 22 seconds depending on application Ring diameter: 72 inches Product maximum dimensions: Width: 52 inches Height: 52 inches ...

HSA photo
Mollers Pallet Hooder with Corner Board Applicator

Used Mollers Pallet Stretch Hooder with: Model: HSA Capacities: up to 120 units per hour, depending on load height and length Maximum pallet size: Length: 48 Width: 48 Height: 120 Operation: ...

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