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A pallet hooder applies a hood or sleeve of film around a pallet and load. The film is slightly stretchy, and some films shrink when exposed to heat. A pallet hooder applies the film from a roll, either as a tube of film or as perforated bags. A tube of film leaves an open top, while a bag encloses both the sides and top of the pallet. This creates a weather resistant seal, making a pallet hood an ideal wrapping for pallets that will be placed outside or in dirty environments. The pallet hooder either cuts the appropriate length of film or tears off a perforated bag, then stretches the material over the pallet. A pallet sleeve is similar to a hood, but it is open at the top. A shrink hooder applies a bag of shrink film to a pallet load, and includes a heat source to shrink the film to the pallet.

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Beumer Automatic Pallet Stretch Hooder w Platform

Used Beumer Stretch Hooder with: Capacity: up to 90 packages per hour Minimum package: Length: 1066 millimeters Width: 914 millimeters Maximum package: Length: 1219 millimeters...

MSK 280 / 284 E3 photo
MSK Covertech MSK 280 Model 284 E3 Pallet Hooder

Used MSK Covertech MSK 280 Model 284 E3 Pallet Hooder with: Pallet weight: Minimum: 1,102 pounds Maximum: 3,306 pounds Load height (including pallet): Minimum: 55 inches...

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