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There are two ways the food industry generally blanches foods: water and steam. Water blanchers immerse the product in food-grade water typically ranging in temperature from 158ºF to 212ºF (70ºC to 100ºC). With steam blanching, product is exposed directly to food-grade steam that is typically 212ºF (100ºC) as it is conveyed within a chamber. Industrial blanchers have a heating segment, and then a cooling segment. The purpose of blanching is to partially or fully cook food. It can also be used to remove skins from fruits and vegetables. The water or steam heats the food up extremely fast, and then the food is cooled immediately to prevent further cooking. Blanching helps preserve the color, texture, and nutrients in vegetables before storage.

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002-23440 photo
Hughes 002 2000 Pounds Per Hour Stainless Steel Blancher

Used Hughes Blancher with: Model 002-23440 Capacity: 50 pounds per cubic foot Product Bulk Density (wet): 2:1 Screen Perforations: 1/16 inch diameter Water takeup rate: 0.9 BTU per pound Cooking...

Rotary-Drum-Blancher photo
Lyco Stainless Steel Dual Zone Rotary Drum Cooker/Cooler Blancher System Up To 1500 Pounds Per Hour

Combination blancher/cooker-coolers are designed for blanching and cooling pasta, rice and vegetables. The basic process differences between a blancher, cooker or pasteurizer are retention times and operating temperatures....

Bigtem Stainless Steel Steam Heated Blancher and Boiler

Used Bigtem Stainless Steel Steam Heated Blancher and Boiler with: Stainless steel feed hopper with quick clean package Blanching bed with steam nozzles: Length: 168 inches Width: 24 inches...

Vapor Flow photo
Lyco Stainless Steel Vapor Flow 8600 Rotary Hot Water/Steam Blancher 15,000 pounds per hour

Used Lyco Blancher: Lyco Vapor-Flow® Continuous Steam Blanchers guarantee less damage, less energy, less water and less waste. Easily change from steam to water blanching by simply turning a valve and draining...

04-10016 photo
Hughes 04-10016 Stainless Steel Blancher

Used Stainless Steel Blancher With: Dimensions: 5 wide x 20 Long (feet) Screen perforation:0.063 Stainless steel construction Electrical: 480V/3 phase/60hz Last used for dry beans

8900 photo
Lyco 8900 Rotary Dum Cooker Cooler 60" Diameter x 20' Long

Used Lyco Rotary Drum Cooker Cooler with: Recommended for: pasta, rice, dry beans, green beans, carrots, corn, mushrooms, beets, potatoes, and many other vegetables and fruit products. Drum dimensions: 60...

Vapor-Flow photo
Lyco Stainless Steel Vapor Flow Steam Blancher

Used Lyco Vapor Flow Blancher With: Reel size: Length: 8 feet Diameter: 72 inches Rotary drum Steam or hot water blanching Stainless steel construction

8600 photo
Lyco Model 8600 Vapor Flow Rotary Blancher

Used Lyco Model 8600 Vapor Flow Rotary Blancher with: Application: green beans, corn, peas, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, other vegetables Cooks with steam or water Product is fed...

16PB18 photo
Christian Engineering Continuous Auger Cooker

Used Christian Engineering Cooker with: Dimensions: Width: 192 inches Length: 216 inches Heated trough & shaft Rotor rated: 100 psi Jacket rated: 60 psi Shaft diameter: 6.5 inches (22)...

Damrow Stainless Steel Auger Screw Cheese Cooker

Used Damrow Cheese Cooker: Application: rotary auger screw cooker for cheese Agitation: (1) Auger screw: Length: 120 inches Diameter: 12 inches Driven by 5 horsepower motor Discharge...

GEM Equipment Thermascrew Blancher 24" Dia x 20' L

Used GEM Equipment Thermascrew Blancher with: Direct steam injection heated Auger Dimensions: 24 inch diameter x 20 feet long Large wheel with paddles catches the product discharging from bottom of the...

Hughes Stainless Steel Rotary Hot Water Blancher

Used Hughes Blancher with: Hot water rotary blancher Dimensions: Diameter: 48 inches Length: 192 inches / 16 feet Screen perforations: 1/8 inch Infeed: 16 inches diameter Discharge:...

BLAID photo
Hughes Blaid Stainless Steel Screw Blancher

Used Hughes Blancher with: Dimensions: Diameter: 36 inches Length: 156 inches / 13 feet Agitation: screw Perforated screen guard Includes piping on bottom of trough Discharge outlet:...

Groen Capkold CTTC100 Cook Tank and Tumble Chiller

Used Groen Cooker Chiller with: Capacity: Cook capacity: 500 pounds Chill capacity: 100 gallons Fully automatic Self contained motorized centrifugal feed pump Perforated rotating...

AK Robins SS Hot Water Rotary Drum Blancher

Used AK Robins Blancher with: Rotary drum: Diameter: 48 inches Length: 192 inches / 16 feet Drum perforations: 1/8 inch Driven by 1 horsepower, 230/460 volt, 1750 rpm motor Hopper...

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