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Used Bottle Rinser, Air Equipment

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This type of bottle rinsing equipment uses air to clean and remove dust and other debris from glass, plastic, metal and other containers. By spraying the interior of the container, a vacuum is created to remove contaminates. Removing contaminates helps ensure product quality and security. Air bottle cleaners can be designed to use either normal compressed air or deionized air.

HS-300 photo
McBrady HS-300 Bottle Air Gripper Rinser
Inventory #: C7003

Used McBrady HS-300 Bottle Air Gripper Rinser with: Application: cleans empty containers using air Currently set up to run 180 bottles per minute Capable of running 300 bottles per minute Capabile...

HSAC-9.5 photo
BFT HSAC-9.5 Ionized Air Bottle Rinser
Inventory #: C5217

Used BFT HSAC-9.5 Ionized Air Bottle Rinser with: Output: 150 bottles per minute with 1.5 liter bottles Ionized air clean unit 3.25 tabletop chain infeed and discharge Low in/out 36 inch infeed...

DS-24 photo
US Bottlers Air Bottle Rinser DS-24
Inventory #: C2196

Used US Bottlers Air Bottle Rinser DS-24 with: 2 units, each priced separately Rated up to 450 bpm 1 inch minimum bottle diameter 4.5 inch maximum bottle diameter 14 inch max bottle height ...

CTG Biehle Systems Lubri Static Bottle Cleaner
Inventory #: B8179

Used Container Technology Group Biehle Systems Lubri/Stat Spray Booth with: Provides a thin coating of static eliminating substance on plastic containers. Designed to be environmentally friendly through the...

Astro VS/2 photo
CE Astro VS2 Air Orbital Bottle Rinser
Inventory #: B2697

Used CE Astro VS/2 Air Orbital Bottle Rinser with: Stainless steel construction Compact design Last ran 375 ML glass bottles

200 photo
McBrady 200 Orbit Bottle Rinser
Inventory #: A9051

Used McBrady 200 Orbit Bottle Rinser with: 4.5 foot diameter wheel 32 bottle slots Rated up to 200 bottles per minute Stainless steel construction and FDA approved plastics Air consumption: 20...

200 photo
McBrady 200 Bottle Rinser 360 Degree Orbital Clean
Inventory #: A9052

Used McBrady 200 Bottle Rinser with: Reconditioned, supplied turnkey 48 inch diameter rinse wheel Rinsing unit overall dimensions: 71" L x 47.5" W x 87" H Conveyor mount with single...

T BB 6 photo
Elf Machinery 6 Head Bottle Cleaner Model T BB 6
Inventory #: A7567

Used Elf Machinery 6 Head Bottle Cleaner.

DS-24 photo
US Bottlers Rotary Air Bottle Rinser w/ 24 Station
Inventory #: A4543

Used US Bottlers Rotary Air Bottle Rinser with: Filtered air, not ionized air Change parts required are an infeed screw for each dia bottle Infeed and discharge star wheel for each diameter bottle...

9800H photo
Ambec Gripper Rinser Using Ionized Air
Inventory #: E3083

Ambec Gripper Rinser 25' High-In Low-Out Specifications Rinses containers using air jets to free containers of foreign matter and contaminants in preparation for filling 4 Ionized Air nozzles Constructed...

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