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This type of bottle rinsing equipment uses air to clean and remove dust and other debris from glass, plastic, metal and other containers. By spraying the interior of the container, a vacuum is created to remove contaminates. Removing contaminates helps ensure product quality and security. Air bottle cleaners can be designed to use either normal compressed air or deionized air.

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M150 photo
Bevco M150 Bottle/Can Gripper And Air Rinser W/ Ionized Air

Bevco’s gripper-style Rinsers are able to rinse a wide variety of container types, including round, square, oval, tapered, and other bottle shapes, in many different materials (glass, PET, HDPE, aluminum) ....

23 photo
McBrady Engineering Model 23 Air Bottle Duster

Used McBrady Engineering Model 23 Air Bottle Duster with: Cleans powder and dust from the bottom as well as the tops and sides of bottles, cans and containers Ionized compressed air aids brushing to eliminate...

XT-300/8006100 photo
Paxton Power Dry Ionized Air Bottle Dryer/Rinser With Variable Frequency Drive

Paxton’s PowerDry drying system sets the standard for complete blow-off cleaning and drying systems. This affordable system uses significantly less energy than a compressed air system (or thermal processes) while...

Apex Filling Systems 8 Station Air Rinser

Used Apex Filling Systems 8 Station Air Rinser with: Photo sensor and counter system Vacuum dust suction nozzles Coned, self-centering neck guides Automatic pin-style indexing system 80 - 100...

Variojet photo
Krones Variojet 45 Valve Air Rinser

Used Krones Variojet Air Rinser with: Speed: up to 130 bottles per minute, depending on application Rinsing valves: 45 Ionized air rinsing Infeed timing screw Touchscreen controls Stainless...

Nercon Upswing Stainless Steel Lowerator Air Bottle Rinser

Used Nercon Lowerator with: Cleans with deionized air Infeed: Infeeds through the side Infeed height: 78 inches Discharge: End discharge Discharge height: approximately 40...

Orbit 220 photo
McBrady 220 Orbital Bottle Cleaner

Used McBrady Bottle Rinser with: Output: up to 300 bottles per minute Wheel/drum diameter: 54 inches Includes drive motor Container types: Glass Metal Plastic Composite containers Duplex...

McBrady Engineering Model 60 Air Bottle Cleaner

Used McBrady Engineering Air Rinser with: Diameter: 48 inches Throughput conveyor: Length: 150 inches Width: 4.5 inches Height: 39 inches Includes change parts Stainless steel construction...

Variojet 45 Head photo
Krones 45 Valve Variojet Rotary Ionized Air Rinser

Used Krones Air Rinser with: 45 head rinsing system Ionized air rinsing Last ran 750 mililiter glass bottles Infeed timing screw Operator PanelView 1000 Last running 130 bottles per minute Electrical:...

Variojet photo
Krones Variojet 45 Valve Bottle Rinser

Used Krones Bottle Rinser with: Application: cleaning the inside of glass or plastic containers Output: up to 130 bottles per minute Number of rinser valve: 45 Rinse medium: ionized air rinse Infeed...

Orbit 200 photo
McBrady Orbit 200 Air Can and Bottle Rinser

Used McBrady Botte Rinser with: Air bottle & jar rinser Maximum output: up to 160 bottles per minute Rotor diameter: 54 inches Includes: Infeed timing screw One set of tooling ...

Nercon Engineering Upswing Gripper Air Rinser Lowerator

Used Nercon Bottle Rinser with: Type: Air Last ran: 1 liter plastic bottles 1.75 liter plastic bottles Uses deionized air Side infeed height: 78 inches...

Sentry Upswing Gripper Air Rinser Lowerator

Used Sentry Air Rinser Lowerator with: Last running: 1 liter and 1.75 liters plastic bottles Uses deionized air Side infeed: 60 inches Discharge: 40 inches Adjustable gripper width 4.5 inch table...

E-PAK 18 Station Inline Air Bottle Rinser Cleaner

Used E-PAK Machinery Air Bottle Rinser with: Inline air bottle rinser 18 stations with diving heads Maximum container diameter: 2 11/16 inches Adjustable bottle sensors Lexan guarding (5)...

13712 photo
Sentry Inline Bottle and Jar Ionized Air Cleaner

Used Sentry Bottle & Jar Cleaner with: Water or ionized air cleaner currently set up for air Grippers: 3 inches Nozzles: Simco Static Control Number of nozzles: 7 Electrostatic air...

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