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Equipment in this category includes equipment used to wash and sterilize product or production equipment. Cleaning equipment includes sinks, bottle rinsers, utensil washers, and more. Cleaners remove contaminants from the interior of containers before they are filled. Cleaning a container before labeling is important because cleaners remove any debris or substances that could interfere with label adhesives and inks.

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2XSS photo
Key Technologies 2X Stainless Steel Air Cleaner

Used Key Technologies Cleaner with: Application: removing light debris from produce Infeed conveyor: Width: 22.5 inches Length: 54 inches Plastic belt with perforated slotting Infeed...

Orbit 200 photo
McBrady Orbit 200 Air Can and Bottle Rinser

Used McBrady Botte Rinser with: Air bottle & jar rinser Maximum output: up to 160 bottles per minute Rotor diameter: 54 inches Includes: Infeed timing screw One set of tooling ...

23 photo
McBrady Engineering Model 23 Air Bottle Duster

Used McBrady Engineering Model 23 Air Bottle Duster with: Cleans powder and dust from the bottom as well as the tops and sides of bottles, cans and containers Ionized compressed air aids brushing to eliminate...

Sanke III photo
DME Process Systems Sanke III Manual Keg Washer

Used DME Process Systems Sanke III Manual Keg Washer with: Supports, cleans and fills kegs Production output rate: Fills up to 40 kegs per hour Cleans up to 28 kegs per hour Four (4)...

Vanmark 8 Roll Brush Peeler

Used Vanmark 8 Roll Brush Peeler with: Stainless steel construction (8) 6 inch diameter brush rolls (missing one roll) Hopper infeed Paddle assembly for tumbling vegetables Auger discharge ...

2554-SPW-ELEL photo
Douglas Machines 2554-SPW-ELEL Scale Parts Washer

Used Douglas Machines 2554-SPW-ELEL Scale Parts Washer with: Designed to wash multihead scale buckets, weigh hoppers, chutes and feeder pans Water pump: 25 horsepower 430 gallons per...

Single Tank Clean-In-Place System with 60 Gal Tank

Used Clean-in-Place System with: Single tank system Tank capacity: approximately 60 gallons Enerquip Inc shell and tube heat exchanger MAWP: Shell side: 150 PSIG at 375 degrees Fahrenheit...

Varioclean photo
Krones Varioclean Clean-In-Place System

Used Krones Varioclean Clean-In-Place System with: Automatic clean-in-place system for processing or bottling systems Possible applications: cleaning of fillers, flash pasteurizers, mixers, etc. Previously...

Clean-In-Place Skid and 15 HP Pump

Used Clean-In-Place Skid with: 15 horsepower pump Surge tank dimensions: 23 inches x 48 inches x 27 inches deep Stainless steel construction Allen-Bradley ControlNet PLC Allen-Bradley PowerFlex...

Zacmi Single Tank Clean in Place System 400 Gallon

Used 400 Gallon Zacmi Single Tank CIP System with: (1) 3 inch bottom middle discharge height from ground: 10 inches butterfly valve (2) 3.75 inch bottom side discharge ...

Empty Can Cleaner Elevator

Used Can Cleaner with: Air cleaner for empty cans

HDC 40/16 photo
Kärcher HDC 40/16 High Pressure Cleaning System

Used Kärcher HDC 40/16 High Pressure Cleaning System with: Pressure: 80 bar Flow rate: 700/8000 liters per hour Maximum inlet temperature: 85 degrees Celsius Stainless steel construction...

Steam Master 19.5 kW IND-0205 photo
Menikini Steam Master 19.5 kW Steam Generator
Can Rent

Used General Vapeur Steam Generator Cleaner with: Detergents in industrial cleaning can be substituted with the use of saturated dry steam, with vantages in terms of water and chemicals consumption. Steam...

RW1548G photo
LVO RW1548G Roll In Pan and Rack Washer

Used LVO RW1548G Roll In Pan and Rack Washer with: Production output rate: up to 480 sheet pans per hour Wash chamber dimensions: Width: 31.5 inches Depth: 42 inches Height: 76.5 inches...

URWJ-200 photo
SaniMatic URWJ200 185 Gallon SS COP Tank

Used SaniMatic COP Tank with: Capacity: approximately 185 gallons Includes recirculation pump Stainless steel construction Dimensions (inches): 120 long x 20 wide x 18 deep

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