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Equipment in this category includes equipment used to wash and sterilize product or production equipment. Cleaning equipment includes sinks, bottle rinsers, utensil washers, and more. Cleaners remove contaminants from the interior of containers before they are filled. Cleaning a container before labeling is important because cleaners remove any debris or substances that could interfere with label adhesives and inks.

Hurricane 5024 photo
Midbrook Hurricane 5024 4-Stage Parts Washer
Inventory #: G9665

Used Midbrook Hurricane 5024 Parts Washer with: Through-feed parts washer Aperture opening: 24 inches x 24 inches Heated wash, gas fired 4-stage: wash, rinse, rinse, and dry Demagnetize Includes...

Lowerator photo
Sentry Stainless Steel Lowerator Bottle Air Rinser
Inventory #: G9646

Used Sentry Stainless Steel Lowerator Bottle Air Rinser with: Hi level in-feed/ low level out-feed Bottle sizes up to 5.75 inch diameter D style gripper Stainless steel gripper chain Stainless...

10012 photo
GAI 12 Station SS Rotary Bottle Rinser
Inventory #: G9649

Used GAI Bottle Rinser with: Capacity/output: 1,200 - 3,000 bottles per hour Set for water & air rinsing Number of stations: 12 Bottle size range: Minimum (inches): 2.3 diameter x 7 high...

S944D photo
Girton S944D Stainless Steel Cabinet Washer
Inventory #: G8703Featured

Used Girton S944D Stainless Steel Cabinet Washer with: Application: trays, machine parts, drums, pails, glassware, slats Stainless steel constructions 48 inch deep chamber Hydrospray design Programmable...

WR-150 photo
Douglas WR-1500 Conveyor Tunnel Washer Sanitizer
Inventory #: G8695Featured

Used Douglas WR-1500 Conveyor Tunnel Washer Sanitizer with: Application: wash, rinse and sanitize totes, lids, buckets and trays Infeed opening: 28 inches W x 18 inches H Three motors: (1) 20 horsepower,...

Walker Two Tank Clean In Place System CIP
Inventory #: G8736Featured

Used Two Tank Clean In Place System CIP with: 450 liter stainless vessel 275 liter stainless vessel Interconnecting pipework Circulation pumps Allen Bradley controls

BW150 photo
Norland BW150 3 and 5 Gallon Bottle Washer
Inventory #: G8979

Used Norland BW150 5 Gallon Bottle Washer with: Three-cycle function: detergent wash, sanitize and final rinse Cleans 3 and 5 gallon returnable bottles Washes up to 150 bottles per hour Stainless...

3072-G-480/3-IRR photo
Douglas 3072-G-480/3-IRR Rack Washer
Inventory #: G8765

Used Douglas 3072-G-480/3-IRR Rack Washer with: Natural gas heated rack, pan, and utensil washer Stainless steel wash hub and spray arm assemblies Stainless steel pumped rinse tank and infrared (natural)...

Typhoon HD 40-60-E-2000-R photo
Proceco Typhoon HD Parts Washer
Inventory #: G8602

Used Proceco Typhoon HD Parts Washer with: Designed to clean large parts placed directly on a swing-out turntable or batches of small parts loaded in baskets Large-volume solution tank reduces the likelihood...

Willsie SS Brush Produce Washer and Waxer
Inventory #: G8667

Used Produce Washer with: Non-abrasive brush style washer Brush rolls: Soft tufted rolls Number of rolls: 23 Dimensions (inches): 24 long x 5 diameter Stainless steel chain driven with...

13712 photo
Sentry Inline Bottle and Jar Ionized Air Cleaner
Inventory #: G8275

Used Sentry Bottle & Jar Cleaner with: Water or ionized air cleaner currently set up for air Grippers: 3 inches Nozzles: Simco Static Control Number of nozzles: 7 Electrostatic air...

12 Rolls photo
Magnuson SS 12 Brush Roller Vegetable Washer
Inventory #: G8198

Used Magnuson Washer with: Applications: nuts, fruits, vegetable, etc. Rollers: Type: Brush Number of rollers: 12 Roller diameter: 3 inches Variable speed auger Includes...

MBCW photo
Proceco MBCW Stainless Steel Dunnage Pallet Washer
Inventory #: G8062

Used Proceco Pallet Washer with: Two stage wash & rinse Tunnel openings: Width: 10 inches Height: 52 inches Stage 1 tunnel: Wash cycle Tank capacity: 300 gallons Tunnel...

CLPS86E photo
Hobart CLPS86E+BUILDUP Conveyor Dishwasher
Inventory #: G7820

Used Hobart CLPS86E+BUILDUP with: Conveyor dishwasher 342 racks (19.75 x 19.75 inches) per hour Dishes per hour (average 25 per rack): 8,550 Glasses per hour (average 45 per rack): 15,390 Opti-RinSe...

AC-12 photo
Kaps All Model AC-12 Bottle Air Cleaner
Inventory #: G8046

Used Kaps All Model AC-12 Bottle Air Cleaner with: Runs up to 80 bottles per minute 6 fill nozzles Conveyor: 4.5 inches wide x 60 inches long 1 horsepower motor Stainless steel construction ...

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