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Equipment in this category includes equipment used to wash and sterilize product or production equipment. Cleaning equipment includes sinks, bottle rinsers, utensil washers, and more. Cleaners remove contaminants from the interior of containers before they are filled. Cleaning a container before labeling is important because cleaners remove any debris or substances that could interfere with label adhesives and inks.

1536-N-16 photo
Douglas 1536-N-16 Baking Rack and Pan Washer
Inventory #: G6810

Used Douglas 1536-N-16 Washer with: Walk in design Usable wash rack area: 36 inches deep x 27.75 inches wide x 62 inches high BTU input rate: 160,000 Natural gas fuel 15 Horsepower pump motor...

QH-1 photo
Kartridg Pak Company QH1 Air Bottle Rinser
Inventory #: G5234

Used Kartidg Pak Company QH-1 with: Output: 240 to 300 bottles per minute Last running 202 size bottles Bottle sizes: minimum: 2 inches tall maximum: 10 inches tall Aperture:...

Katridg Pak Metal Can Bottle Rinser with Conveyor
Inventory #: G5233

Used Katridg Pak Metal Can Bottle Rinser with; Can run metal cans only Size range: 202-211 202 previously ran 300 per minute 211 previously ran 240 per minute Conveyor included...

WSP-3046 photo
Magnuson Stainless Steel Rotary Peeling 6'L Tunnel
Inventory #: G6647

Used Magnuson Stainless Steel Rotary Peeling Tunnel with: Sanitary design 6 foot long chamber 12 inch pass through height Four, 6 inch diameter abrasive rollers for peeling and cleaning Electric...

0328420 photo
Hughes 0328420 Stainless Steel Sweet Corn Husker
Inventory #: G6653

Used Hughes 0328420 Sweet Corn Husker with: Efficiently removes the husk from an ear of corn as well as any field trash A vibratory pan evenly distributes corn to the roller bed where pairs of counter-rotating...

Orbit 200 photo
McBrady Orbital 200 Stainless Steel Bottle Rinser
Inventory #: G6790

Used McBrady Bottle Rinser with: Output: up to 200 bottles per minute Wheel diameter: 72 inches Includes: Infeed conveyor Outfeed conveyor Extra spray wheel Controls included...

Gewa 3800B PLUS photo
Kronen Gewa 3800B PLUS Stainless Vegetable Washer
Inventory #: G6366

Used Kronen Gewa 3800B PLUS Vegetable Washer with: Total water volume: 814 liters Infeed height: 1232 millimeters Discharge height: 759 millimeter Water outlet: 2 x 2 inches Fresh water connection:...

Power Engineers Clean-In-Place Skid and 15 HP Pump
Inventory #: G5356

Used Power Engineers Clean-In-Place Skid with: 15 horsepower pump Surge tank dimensions: 23 inches x 48 inches x 27 inches deep Stainless steel construction Allen-Bradley ControlNet PLC Allen-Bradley...

Zacmi Single Tank Clean in Place System 400 Gallon
Inventory #: G5377

Used 400 Gallon Zacmi Single Tank CIP System with: (1) 3 inch bottom middle discharge height from ground: 10 inches butterfly valve (2) 3.75 inch bottom side discharge ...

GR2000 photo
SJI GR2000 Stainless Steel Bottle Rinser
Inventory #: G6133

Used SJI GR2000 Bottle Rinser with: Rinsing speed: up to 680 bottles per minute Rinse method: water Container size range: Width: 1 - 8 inches Height: 5 - 13 inches Stainless steel...

Stainless Steel (3) Tank CIP System 1500 Gallons
Inventory #: G6231

Used CIP System with: 3 tank system Total tank volume: approximately 1500 gallons One tank for each: hot water, caustic soda, sanitizer Steam valves Heat exchanger Centrifugal pumps Pipe...

Sani-Matic Clean-Out-of-Place Parts Washer
Inventory #: G4047

Used Sani-Matic Parts Washer with: Internal dimensions: 36 inches wide x 98 inches long x 33 inches deep 1.875 inch diameter water pipe fittings 3 inch and 2.5 inch diameter discharge ports Stainless...

SCT-120S photo
Stero SCT-120S Tray Washer Heated By Natural Gas
Inventory #: G5475

Used Stero SCT-120S Tray Washer with: Type of gas: natural gas BTU input per hour: 92,000 Wash water minimum temperature: 150 degrees Fahrenheit Pumped rinse water minimum temperature: 160 degrees...

KM1990 photo
Newsmith KM1990 Stainless Steel Bun Pan Cleaner
Inventory #: G5490

Used Newsmith Cleaner with: Pan width: 27.5 inches Includes: Dual powered brushing units Dual air blast sections High velocity blower unit Leg height allows for collection totes underneath...

Orbit 200 photo
McBrady Orbit 200 Air Can and Bottle Rinser
Inventory #: G4993

Used McBrady Bottle Rinser with: Maximum output: up to 200 bottles per minute Rotor: Diameter: 66 inches Number of pockets: 26 Combination unit: water or air rinse Pull through...

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