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This type of mixing accessory is used to safely raise and pour bowls filled with product. Bowl lifts are made for different heights and weights.

E.R.T.-F photo
Sancassiano ERT F Frontal 1100 Pound Bowl Tipper
Inventory #: D7272

Used Sancassiano ERT F Bowl Tipper with: Application: designed to lift and tilt 500 Kilogram bowls or 1100 pounds Lifting capacity: 1100 pounds Maximum tilting height: 50 inches Push button type...

HK 200 photo
WP Kemper HK200 2200 Pound Bowl Lift and Tilt
Inventory #: D4477

Used WP Kemper Bowl Lift and Tilt: Lift capacity: up to 2,200 pounds Tipping height: 71 inches Selectable mounting position and tipping direction Stainless steel construction

0712 HT photo
Savage Bros. 0712 HT Bowl Lift
Inventory #: D3160

Used Savage Bros. 0712 HT Bowl Lift with: Maximum lift height: 106 inches (Model C) Maximum bowl diameter: 25.5 inches Maximum load weight: 450 pounds Bowl tilt function Powered lift, manual...

E.R.2 photo
Sancassiano ER2 Bowl Lift for 240 Bowl
Inventory #: C9946

Used Sancassiano ER2 Bowl Lift for 240 Bowl with: Bowl lift for 240 bowl Heavy-duty inclined, double arm bowl elevators for industrial applications Lifting movement by independently driven motorized...

HLC-2 photo
MTC HLC2 750 Pound Capacity Column Dumper Elevator
Inventory #: B5590

Used MTC HLC-2 750 Pound Capacity Column Dumper Elevator with: Discharge height: approximately 18 feet Maximum lifting capacity: 750 pounds Stainless steel construction Personnel guarding with...

DMS-02 photo
Meto Corp DMS-02 Bin Lift
Inventory #: B8987

Used Meto Corp DMS-02 Bin Lift with: 150 kg (330lbs) maximum working load Stainless steel construction Multi axis motion All weld ground and polished Handles containers of all types and sizes...

HK200R photo
Kemper HK200R Bowl Lifter
Inventory #: B3279

Used Kemper HK200R Bowl Lifter with: Tip height: 2400 millimeter Depth: 1400 millimeter Width: 1000 millimeter Overall height: 3300...

Elevateur CUVE photo
VMI Elevateur CUVE Vertical Bowl Lift
Inventory #: A9945

VMI Elevateur CUVE Vertical Bowl Lift with: Vertical bowl lift that can run a series of sizes Change parts available from the factory Presently set to dump at 9'-2" clear Dumps to the...

E.T.M.H. photo
VMI Bowl Lift
Inventory #: A7174

Used VMI Bowl Lift with: Raises bowls from 40 to 150 litres Discharges bowls frontally in an intermediary hopper or onto weighing scale Four wheels allow moving easily as production requires

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