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Equipment in this category includes equipment used to wash and sterilize product or production equipment. Cleaning equipment includes sinks, bottle rinsers, utensil washers, and more. Cleaners remove contaminants from the interior of containers before they are filled. Cleaning a container before labeling is important because cleaners remove any debris or substances that could interfere with label adhesives and inks.

Steam Master 19.5 kW IND-0205 photo
Menikini Steam Master 19.5 kW Steam Generator
Inventory #: C8513Featured Can Rent

Used General Vapeur Steam Generator Cleaner with: Detergents in industrial cleaning can be substituted with the use of saturated dry steam, with vantages in terms of water and chemicals consumption. Steam...

WSP-2046 photo
Stainless Steel Vegetable Washer
Inventory #: B5503Can Rent

Used Stainless Steel Vegetable Washer with: Infeed opening 17.5 inches width x 18.5 inches length Infeed inlet 12 inches length x 10.5 inches width 81 inches elevation infeed from ground 6 spray...

Stainless Steel Vegetable Washer and Peeler
Inventory #: B5504Can Rent

Used Stainless Steel Vegetable Washer and Peeler with: Manual opening discharge Trough dimensions: 72 inches long x 13 inches wide x 13 inches deep Stiff brushed cylinders and water wash and peel skin...

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