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SIGMA offers complete lines from a variety of industries. Complete lines consist of multiple pieces of machinery that are integrated sequentially in a single production line. These lines are intended to be sold as a unit, but individual pieces may be sold upon request. If you do not see a complete line suitable to your needs, one of our experienced professionals will help you build a line using our in-stock inventory.

Baynflax 3 Across Pie Line
Inventory #: C9505

Used Baynflax 3 Across Pie Line with: Ability to be used for pot pies Line is 9 meters long (29.53 feet) Platen width: 420 millimeters (16.54 inches) Pitch: 150 millimeters (5.91 inches) Maximum...

Complete Extruded Bar Line
Inventory #: C9690

Used Complete Extruded Bar Line with: Nedco 90 inch x 4 foot conveyor (2) 90 inch wide x 12 foot long conveyor Square D and Cutler Hammer disconnect boxes Kreuter topper (2) Optima Control...

Combiline photo
Konig Combiline 5 or 4 Row Bun Line
Inventory #: C9429

Used Konig Combiline 5 or 4 Row Bun Line with: 5 row Konig Rex Classic head machine Production as a 5 row: 7,500 pieces per hour (can also be used as a 4 or 3 row) Dough weight: 50 - 125 grams (1.76...

Combi 2000 photo
Konig Combi 2000 6 Row Roll Line
Inventory #: C9427

Used Konig Combi 2000 6 Row Roll Line with: Konig Rex classic head machine 800 millimeter (31.5 inch) working width Produces 10,000 to 12,000 pieces per hour depending on dough weight Dough weight:...

Rheon Complete Croissant Production Line
Inventory #: C9417

Used Complete Croissant Production Line with: Production of croissants and brioche croissants Capacity: 23 trays per minute 27,600 pieces per hour Product weight: ...

SV 200 photo
Bertuetti SV 200 Dough-Making Line
Inventory #: C8667

Used Bertuetti SV 200 Dough-Making Line with: Suitable for the following products: pizza, croissant, ciabatta bread Production rate: approximately 4,500 pieces per hour, depending on application Line...

Multicut photo
Fritsch Multicut Multi-Purpose Pastry Line
Inventory #: C7775

Used Fritsch Multicut Multi-Purpose Pastry Line with: The FRITSCH MULTICUT combines in a single production line the punch and turn process that preserves the integrity of the dough with the wealth of forms...

Cookie Line photo
Benchmark Automation Cookie Packaging Line
Inventory #: C9310

Used Benchmark Automation Fuji-Formost Cookie Packaging Line with: This packaging line lanes, meters, and shingles product before it enters the flow wrapper Receiving conveyor dimensions: 96 inches long...

Sabatecno Complete Hoagie / Baguette Line
Inventory #: C8347

Used Sabatecno Complete Hoagie / Baguette Line with: Production of 7,500 8 inch hoagies per hour or 2,700 baguettes per hour Sabatecno Dough Divider Model Brinet Stainless steel hopper...

Bloc HP2 photo
Mecatherm Bloc HPII Bread Production Line
Inventory #: C8836

Used Mecatherm Bloc HP II with: Ideal solution for Dividing Pre proofing Moulding Automatically depositing highly hydrated dough Maximum output of 4,000 baguettes per hour...

Sandwich Cookie Line
Inventory #: C7779

Used Sandwich Cookie Line with: Lanning conveyor Dimensions: 42 inches wide x 85 inches long x 46 inches high Set to run 4 lanes Syntron Vibra-Flow 5-T01 Vibratory conveyor ...

Maestro Wedger photo
Apple Maestro Wedger And Corer Production Line
Inventory #: C7927

Used Apple Wedger and Corer Production Line with: North Star Maestro Wedger (three separate units) Carousel style cutting system for coring, wedging and slicing apples, peppers, tomatoes...

C2000 photo
Konig G2000 Bun and Roll Line
Inventory #: C7776

Used Konig G2000 Bun and Roll Line with: Produces square and rounded dough Dough weight: 30 - 110 grams (1.06 - 3.88 ounces) Capacity: 4,000 pieces per hour

T 6/5/4 S-I/1-70/9 photo
Konig Kaiser and Cut Roll Production Line
Inventory #: C8921

Used Konig Kaiser and Cut Roll Production Line with: Toll type kaiser roll: about 60 gram (2.12 ounce) dough pieces: action mode of the separator Rex Automat: 6 row Cut roll: up to 60 gram (2.12 ounce)...

Stein 30 Inch Wide Breading Line
Inventory #: C8997

Used Stein 30 Inch Wide Breading Line with: (2) Stein breading machines 30 inch wide x 6 inch diameter x 60 inch long vertical screw conveyor 43 inch long x 35 inch wide infeed belt to 30 inch...

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