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SIGMA offers complete lines from a variety of industries. Complete lines consist of multiple pieces of machinery that are integrated sequentially in a single production line. These lines are intended to be sold as a unit, but individual pieces may be sold upon request. If you do not see a complete line suitable to your needs, one of our experienced professionals will help you build a line using our in-stock inventory.

400 Dozen per Hour Corn Tortilla Line
Inventory #: D2658

Used Corn Tortilla Line with: Output: approximately 300 - 500 dozen per hour Superior Food Machinery HDMF6-2 Masa Feeder Extruder Extrudes masa into tortilla former/cooker Stainless steel construction...

270015 photo
Inline 270015 Automatic 6 Head Filling Line
Inventory #: D2720

Used Inline 270015 Automatic Filling Line with: Inline Filling Machine: Expandable filling heads Operator needed only for loading Semi Automatic Single Servo Pump Filling Machine ...

Rondo Imaforni Biscuit and Minicakes Complete Line
Inventory #: D2750

Used Rondo Imaforni Biscuit and Minicakes Complete Line with: Includes: Oakes slurry and biscuit turbo cream mixer for 1000 kg/hour production Surepack carton forming box Clement FLOWPACK...

Terco Aerosol Filling Line
Inventory #: D2655

Used Terco Aerosol Filling Line with: SLDI (Single line double index) Includes: Two marble droppers Four product fillers(300 cc metering cylinders) 2 two stage vacuum crimpers Two 360cc...

Fritsch Croissant Line
Inventory #: D2606

Used Fritsch Croissant Line with: Croissant line for the production of unfilled croissants (Z-Shape) Capacity: 12.000 till 16.000 croissants / hour, 5 tools Out of production, can be seen in working...

Superior Food Machinery Quad Corn Tortilla Line
Inventory #: D2563

Used Superior Food Machinery Quad Corn Tortilla Line with: Output: 18,000 tortillas per hour Pinch masa lift Corn pre-sheeter Rollers and cutters Quad oven Oven outfeed conveyor Inclined...

32/8 photo
Filmatic 32/8 Bottle Filling Line
Inventory #: D2397

Used Filmatic 32/8 Bottle Filling Line with: Filling heads: 32 Capping heads: 8 Cap size: 38mm Speed: up to 180 bottles per minute Currently set up for 1-2 liter bottles Cap blower for elevation...

Mecatherm Baguette Ciabatta and Bun Bakery Line
Inventory #: D2435

Used Mecatherm Baguette Ciabatta and Bun Bakery Line with: Bread baking line for baguettes, ciabatta, square buns and rolling buns 4 San Cassiano FRC 240 mixers with bowls San Cassiano bowl lifter ...

2 Row Corn Tortilla Production Line
Inventory #: D2433

Used 2 Row Corn Tortilla Production Line with: Output: 800 dozen corn tortillas per hour Masa feeder Tunnel oven Chamber length: 10 feet Premix burners Rollers: 6.5 inch diameter x 15.5...

FEMC 2 Lane Piston Filler w/ Denester, Retail Line
Inventory #: D1106

Used FEMC Retail line with: 2 lane piston filler with lidder Stainless steel feed hopper Tray denester Previously used for meat

Complete PET Water Bottling Line
Inventory #: D1450

Used Complete PET Water Bottling Line with: Hartness Low Level Depalletizer & Single Filer Simplematic stainless grip water rinser FOGG 56 Valve Filler 20 Head Capper for 28 millimeter screw...

Alimec/Comas Cupcake & Muffin Production Line
Inventory #: D2273

Used Alimec/Comas Cupcake & Muffing Production Line with: Capacity: up to 1,540 pounds dough per hour Batedeira mixer: Stainless steel 130 gallons with piping Tonelli aerator...

Complete Bread Making Line
Inventory #: D1770

Used Complete Bread Making Line with: Benier B8021 dough divider Conveyor width: 11 inches Hopper diameter: 20.5 inches Variable speed Benier conical dough rounder Single speed...

Complete Spooner Bread Line
Inventory #: D2233

Used Complete Spooner Bread Line with: Manufacturers: Turkington, Spooner, GBS, APV, Baker Perkins, Fen, Dowson, Ferguson, Kaak Capacity: 4,500 pieces of 800 gram bread per hour In operation until...

Complete Cookie Bakery Facility
Inventory #: D1995

Complete Cookie Bakery Facility with: Complete bakery facility Sale of facility includes numerous product formulas and potential sales opportunities to complete. Sale of facility does not include any...

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