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Equipment in this category is used to force material through an opening in a perforated plate or die to create a product with a specific cross-section. The resulting "extrudate" is then cut to a specified size. Extruders typically consist of a large, rotating screw that fits tightly within a stationary barrel, at the end of which is a die that ensures the product's uniform shape. Examples of extruded food products include pasta, breakfast cereals and some snack foods. Extruding equipment can also be used to process metal, ceramic, and other materials.

Bonnot 4" 15 HP Extruder with Twin Packers
Inventory #: G4780

Used Bonnot Extruder with Twin Packers with: 15 horsepower motor Discharge: 4 inches Discharge height: 38 inches Stainless steel construction

500 photo
Vemag Robot 500 Extruder
Inventory #: G4447Can Rent

Used Reiser Vemag Robby Extruder with: Ideal for small plants with small batches and frequent product changes Readily accepts a number of specialized attachments to easily provide customized solutions,...

F190 photo
Frey F190 Stainless Steel Vacuum Stuffer Portioner
Inventory #: G5906

Used Frey Stuffer with: Filling rate per hour: Pounds: 7,900 Kilograms: 3,600 Portion weight: Minimum: 0.17 grams Maximum: 220 pounds Portioning speed: up to 600 per minute...

P17 photo
Italgi P17 Commercial Spaghetti Pasta Extruder
Inventory #: G4812

Used Italgi P17 Commercial Pasta Extruder with: Currently set to run Spaghetti pasta Die diameter: 94 millimeters Production capacity: up to 66 pounds per hour Features: Cutter Dryer ...

DDP140-100/SZ100TB photo
Bepex DDP140-100/SZ100TB Double Rotary Bar Roller
Inventory #: G1589

Used Bepex DDP140-100/SZ100TB Double Rotary Bar Roller with: Application: This unit is a co-extruder, useful for filled products like filled cereal or fig bars, or for layered bars Variable speed Small...

HP 15S photo
Vemag Robot HP 15S Extruder with Cutter Attachment
Inventory #: G4436Can Rent

Used Vemag Robot HP15S Extruder with: Output: 1,000 to 13,000 pounds per hour Hopper diameter: 43 Inch diameter x 34 Inches deep Side scrape attachment Cutter attachment 2" outlet...

Robot HP 15C photo
Vemag Robot HP 15C Vacuum Extruder
Inventory #: G4467Can Rent

Used Vemag Robot HP15C Extruder with: Double screw vacuum filling Filling rate: up to 14,000 kilograms per hour Portion weight: 5 - 60,000 grams, can be set in increments of .1 to 1.0 grams Portioning...

Robby photo
Vemag Robby Continuous Vacuum Filling Extruder
Inventory #: G5664

Used Vemage Extruder with: Filling rate per hour: Pounds: 6,000 Kilograms: 2,700 Portion weight: Minimum: 0.18 ounces Maximum: 132 pounds Portioning speed: up to 650...

GR60 photo
Italgi GR60 Stainless Steel Filled Gnocchi Machine
Inventory #: G4813

Used ITALGI S.r.l. GR60 Gnocchi Machine with: Application: this machine produces potato dumplings filled with any ingredient Dumpling diameter : .75 inches Dumpling length: .75 inches to 3 inches ...

VF20-300 photo
Handtmann VF300 Vacuum Extruder with Bin Lift
Inventory #: G4769

Used Handtmann VF300 Vacuum Extruder with Bin Lift with: Filling capacity: 10,000 kilograms per hour Filling pressure: up to 35 bar Up to 500 portions per minute depending on portion size Portioning...

VF20 photo
Handtmann VF20 Extruder w 18 Vane Rotor Feed
Inventory #: G3852

Used Handtmann VF20 Extruder w 18 Vane Rotor Feed with: Vacuum filling machine for the meat industry Previously used as a straight stuffer for bologna, liver sausage, kiszka and other large diameter items...

KN550 photo
Rheon KN 550 Cornucopia Encrusting Machine
Inventory #: G4923

Used Rheon Encruster with: Output: Up to 90 pieces per minute Extruding: up to 880 pounds per hour Product: Weigh range: 3.5 - 10.5 ounces Length: up to 19.6 inches ...

Robot 500 photo
Vemag Robot 500 Vacuum Stuffer Extruder
Inventory #: G4678

Used Vemag Extruder with: Output: Filling rate: up to 5,500 pounds per hour Portioning speed: up to 450 portions per minute, depending on product Portion weight range: 0.17 ounces - 66 pounds...

VF620 photo
Handtmann VF620 Vacuum Extruding Machine
Inventory #: G4588

Used Handtmann VF620 Vacuum Filling Machine with: Filling Capacity: 6000 kg per hour (13,225 pounds) Filing pressure: >40 bar Portioning speed per minute: 25 grams -700 pieces 50 grams-500...

420V photo
Mepaco 420V 1000 Pound SS Mixer Vacuum Stuffer
Inventory #: G3756Featured Can Rent

Used Mepaco 420V 1200 Pound Stuffer with: Output: Nominal: up to 20,000 pounds per hour Maximum: up to 36,000 pounds per hour Deaeration chamber capacity: 24 cubic foot ...

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