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Equipment in this category includes any equipment commonly used in a warehousing operation. Some examples include pallet racking, ladders and mezzanines, lift tables, sweepers and scrubbers, personnel carriers, manual hand pallet jacks, batteries, hoists and cranes, barriers/guard rails and more.

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RRX35 photo
BT Prime-Mover RRX35 Stand Up Forklift
Inventory #: D5921

Used BT Prime-Mover RRX35 Stand Up Forklift with: Capacity: 3500 pounds Max fork height: 240 inches Loaded travel speed: 5.5 miles per hour 3 stage mast Height to top over head guard: 95 inch...

Phoenix photo
Material Transfer and Storage Phoenix Tote Dumper
Inventory #: D4570Can Rent

Used Material Transfer and Storage Phoenix Tote Dumper with: Tote dimensions: 48 inches deep x 55 inches tall x 44 inches wide Hydraulic tote lifting Vibration to help discharge product Powder coated...

Mini HD photo
Factory Cat Mini Mag 24-C Floor Scrubber
Inventory #: D5811Featured

Used Factory Cat Mini Mag 24-C Floor Scrubber with: 3.5 hour battery time 17 gallon recovery and solution tanks Dimensions (L x W x H): 45 inches x 18 inches x 40 inches Weight: 387 lbs. Disk...

2717 DB photo
NSS 2717 DB Walk Behind Battery Burnisher
Inventory #: D4803

Used NSS 2717 DB Walk Behind Battery Burnisher with: Pad width: 27 inches Pad speed: 1700 reps per minute Transport speed: Forward: 240 feet per minute Reverse: 170 feet per minute ...

ET 800 MBG photo
AZO ET 800 MBG Bag Dump Station and Dust Collector
Inventory #: D5668Can Rent

Used AZO ET 800 MBG Bag Dump Station with: Factory number: 1011258 Bag dump station with dust collection Infeed dimensions: 29 inches wide x 18 inches long Infeed height: 33 inches Discharge...

3000 Lb Hydraulic Bin Dumper
Inventory #: D5290

Used Bin Dumper with: 2 hydraulic lifting pistons Lifting capacity: 3000 pounds Bin dimensions: 48 inches wide x 56 inches long Conveyor height: 36.5 inches Steel construction

S50FT photo
Hyster S50FT 4600 LB Natural Gas Forklift
Inventory #: D5300

Used Hyster S50FT Forklift with: Lifting capacity: 4,600 pounds Fork length: 48 inches Current operating hours: 4,566 Natural gas powered Side shift

GPX25E photo
Clark GPX25E 3600 LB Natural Gas Forklift
Inventory #: D5291

Used Clark GPX25E Forklift with: Lifting capacity: 3600 pounds Current operating hours: 6327 Natural gas fuel Fork length: 48 inches Side shift

PSTA2127 photo
Presto Lifts P PSTA2127 Pallet Straddle Stacker
Inventory #: D5280

Used Presto Lifts PSTA2127 Pallet Straddle Stacker with: Pallet stacker with adjustable inner diameter straddle base ranges from 35 - 50 inches Load capacity: 2000 pounds Load Center: 24 inches ...

Bin Blender photo
Tote Handling Systems Bin Blender Pallet Inverter
Inventory #: D5284

Used Tote Bulk Handling Systems Pallet Inverter with: Double pedestal design Pallet size: up to 48 inches x 48 inches Forklift loadable Complete on base 7.5 Horsepower, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 460 volt...

DC3036 photo
Piqua DC 3036 55 Gallon Drum Crusher
Inventory #: D5147

Used Piqua Drum Crusher with: Capacity: 55 gallon drums 54,600 Pound ram force Reduction: to approximately 4 inches height 15 Horsepower Tefce 3 phase, 220/440 volt motor Steel drum retaining...

Encore 20 photo
Clarke Encore 20 Walk behind Floor Scrubber
Inventory #: D4578

Used Clarke Encore 20 Floor Scrubber with: Scrub disk width: 20 inches Two 6 volt batteries on a 12 volt system 14 gallon solution tank Non marking pneumatic tires Curved gum rubber industrial...

901 photo
Sealed Air Instapak 901 Foam In Place Packaging
Inventory #: D4894

Used Instapak Foam-In-Place Packaging System with: Applications: ideal for mid-sized packaging Adjustable foam dispensing: up to 8 pounds per minute Tabletop system Self-diagnostic controls Built-in...

SDJSA 1000 photo
Northern Industrial SDJSA 1000 Pallet Stacker
Inventory #: D2018

Used Northern Industrial SDJSA 1000 Pallet Stacker with: Walk-behind Manual operation Fixed straddle legs Lift height range: 2.75 inches - 63 inches Lift capacity: 2,200 pounds

National Bulk Equipment Sealed Container Dumper
Inventory #: D2939Featured Can Rent

Used National Bulk Equipment Tote Dumper with: Sealed container discharge Allen-Bradley PanelView 600 HMI Tote dimensions: 54 inches wide x 39 inches tall x 38 inches long Mild steel construction...

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