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This type of equipment uses glue to seal an erected tray. A blank tray is passed in front of glue applicators and then pushed through a former by a platen. The edges of the tray are folded up by the platen and secured into position by the glue.

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BGF-12 photo
Switchback BGF-12 Tray and Carton Former

Used Switchback BGF-12 Tray and Carton Former with: Output: up to 12 cartons per minute Tray size: 10 ¾ inches x 16 inches x 2 to 3 inches (can vary) Tray material: corregated Trays capable of...

SWF1T4 photo
SWF Tray-Matic 1T4 Tray Former

Used SWF Tray Former With: Output: Up to 40 trays per minute Minimum tray dimensions: Length: 7 inches Width: 8.5 inches Height: 1 inch Maximum tray dimensions: Length: 34 inches ...

1T6 photo
SWF 1T6 Vertical Glue Seal Tray Former

Used SWF IT6 Tray Former With: Model: 1T6 Tray size range (Min to Max): Width: 7 to 44 inches Length: 8 to 26 inches Depth: 1 to 12 inches Speeds: 12 to 40 trays per...

TF-350CF photo
Wexxar Bel Ipak TF-350CF Automatic Tray Former

Used Wexxar Bel Ipak TF-350CF Tray Former with: Fully automatic tray former specializes in retail ready trays and other trays with fold-over windows and walls Tray types: (may require OEM change parts)...

TTF photo
Bosch Sigpack Dual Head TTF Modular Tray Former

Used Bosch Sigpack TTF Tray Former with: Run rate: up to 110 cartons per minute Modular carton former for forming trays from flat blanks Dual heads Forms trays with or without attached lid Change...

7420 photo
Doboy 7420 Dual Mandrel Glue Carton Tray Former

Used Doboy Tray Former with: Dual head tray former Output: Up to 60 trays per minute Up to 30 trays per minute, per mandrel Tray size range: Minimum (inches): 4 long x 3 wide x 1...

Combi HTF Automatic Tray Former

Used Combi Tray Former with: Capacity: up to 35 trays per minute Tray sizes: Minimum: Length: 8.5 inches Width: 8.5 inches Height: 2 inches Maximum: Length: 24 inches Width: 24 inches...

SMI Smiflexi SK 450T Automatic Tray Former Packer with Shrink Bundler

Used SMI Tray Former Packer with: Speed: 45 packs per minute Shrink film capability: Clear Print registered Adjustable infeed lanes Various bottle/container sizes Nordson ProBlue 4 Hot...

Boix MP-SS Tray Former for Display Style Trays

Used Boix Tray Former with: Runs PLAFORM / display-style trays Includes: Tray discharge conveyor Post discharge tray stacker Omron SYSMAC CPM 24 PLC Nordson Bravura hot melt glue system

TF-350CF photo
IPAK TF-350CF Automatic Tray Former

Used IPAK Tray Former with: Model: TF350-CF Up to 40 trays per minute depending on tray type and size Tray capabilities (may require OEM change parts): MUB product display tray BTB produce tray Display...

TE-700-VF Tray Former photo
SPMC TE-700-VF Tray Former

Used SPMC Tray Former with: Up to 22 trays per minute depending on product No PLC, relay only Auto idler 2 carton size setups 18.75 inches long x 13.75 inches wide x 3.5 inches deep 19.375 inches...

TF400V photo
SWF TF400V TrayMatic Single Mandrel Tray Former

Used SWF TF400VK Tray Former with: Output: up to 60 trays per minute Current mandrel size: Length: 9.5 inches Width: 9 inches Controls: relay logi Nordson TG09 hot melt glue system Overall...

TF-200S photo
Wexxar IPAK TF200S SS Tray Former

Used Wexxar Tray Former with: Output: up to 35 trays per minute Current mandrel: 15.81 x 7.85 inches Includes: Rexroth Indra servo drives Hopper fed die cut blanks Piab type vacuum pick system ...

1T4 photo
SWF 1T4 Automatic Tray Former with Glue System

Used SWF Automatic Tray Former with: Speeds: up to 30 trays per minute depending materials and application Designed for one piece solid bottom corrugated trays Vacuum blank tray feed system Includes...

Delta 3 photo
Wexxar Delta 3 Automatic Glue Tray Former Machine

Used Wexxar Delta 3 Automatic Glue Tray Former Machine with: Production output rate: Up to 20 trays per minute, depending on product Previously running: 25 x 38 (inch) P84 trays for...

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