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This type of equipment uses glue to seal an erected tray. A blank tray is passed in front of glue applicators and then pushed through a former by a platen. The edges of the tray are folded up by the platen and secured into position by the glue.

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300TF photo
Wepackit 300 TF Mechanical Glue Seal Tray Former Up To 35 Trays Per Minute

The 300TF Mechanical Tray Former is a heavy duty tray former designed for sustained 3 shifts per day production. The 300TF is fully automatic, operating either on-demand or as integrated to a fully automatic loading...

TF-600VK photo
SWF TF600VK One Piece Vertical Glue Seal Tray Former

Used SWF Tray Former: Output: up to 35 trays per minute depending on product and application Minimum tray dimensions: Length: 10.5 inches Height: 12 inches Maximum tray dimensions: Length: 49...

ECT625 photo
Kliklok ECT 625 Hot Glue Top Load Carton Tray Former

Hot-melt adhesive-style topload carton and tray forming machine. The innovative indexing turret provides remarkable carton control and is capable of handling an impressive array of carton and tray designs, from...

unknown photo
W.E. Plemons Mechanical Glue Seal Tray Erector/Former 50 Trays Per Minute

Used Plemons Tray Erector: Output: up to 50 trays per minute depending on application All mechanical drive Current mandrel dimensions (will need change parts for your tray): Width: 19.5 inches Height:...

AFCXV-30-3-SS photo
ADCO AFCXV-30-3-SS Stainless Steel Glue Seal Carton Former

Used ADCO AFCXV Carton Former with: Carton sizes Length: Minimum: 3 inches Maximum: 17 inches Width: Minimum: 3 inches Maximum: 8 inches Depth: ...

TF-600VK photo
SWF TF600VK One Piece Vertical Glue Tray Former

Used SWF Tray Former: The SWF TF600V constructs one-piece trays. Trays can have various designs and be an economical way to package your product. Design variations such as top flaps, diagonal corner, and...

TF-350CF photo
Wexxar Bel Ipak TF-350CF Automatic Tray Former

Used Wexxar Bel Ipak TF-350CF Tray Former with: Fully automatic tray former specializes in retail ready trays and other trays with fold-over windows and walls Tray types: (may require OEM change parts) ...

TTF photo
Bosch Sigpack Dual Head TTF Modular Tray Former

Used Bosch Sigpack TTF Tray Former with: Run rate: up to 110 cartons per minute Modular carton former for forming trays from flat blanks Dual heads Forms trays with or without attached lid Change...

7420 photo
Doboy 7420 Dual Mandrel Glue Carton Tray Former

Used Doboy Tray Former with: Dual head tray former Output: Up to 60 trays per minute Up to 30 trays per minute, per mandrel Tray size range: Minimum (inches): 4 long x 3 wide x 1...

TF-350CF photo
Wexxar IPAK TF-350CF Automatic Hot Melt Tray Erector

The IPAK 350 Series of fully automatic tray formers provide tray forming solutions in food processing and consumer good applications. With its innovative rotary folders, this 'Built to Work' machine forms...

ATH photo
Wexxar ATH Automatic Hot Glue Tray Former

Used Wexxar Tray Former with: Output: up to 45 trays per minute Tray types formed include: 4-Corner trays One piece telescope (clamshell) Econo trays Bag-in-box styles MUB trays ...

ATH photo
Wexxar ATH Automatic Glue Seal Tray Former

Used Wexxar Tray Former with: Output: up to 45 trays per minute Includes: Quick change option Nordson ProBlue 7 with glue bulk feeder Current mandrel is approximately 19.125 x 11. 875...

1T4 photo
SWF 1T4 Glue Seal Tray Erector

Used SWF Tray Former with: Maximum output: up to 35 trays per minute, depending on tray size Vacuum blank tray feed system Tray size range: Minimum (inches): 7 long x 8.13 wide x 1 deep Maximum...

7510 photo
Doboy 7510 Glue Seal Tray Erector

Used Doboy Glue Seal Tray Former with: Speeds: up to 60 trays per minute Minimum tray size: Length: 4 inches Width: 3 inches Height: 1 inch Maximum tray size: Length: 24 inches...

Combi HTF Automatic Tray Former

Used Combi Tray Former with: Capacity: up to 35 trays per minute Tray sizes: Minimum: Length: 8.5 inches Width: 8.5 inches Height: 2 inches Maximum: Length: 24 inches Width: 24 inches...

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