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Kettles are used for cooking or heating products. Kettles come in many different sizes such as 40 gal., 120 gal., 10 gal., 750 gal. etc. Common features include agitators, jackets, and tilt abilities. Kettles can be used for many applications including soup, sauce, and candy.

CP-3 photo
Chocolate Concepts SS 225 Pound Chocolate Melter
Inventory #: G7847

Used Chocolate Concepts Melter with: Capacity: 225 pounds Includes: (2) 2 Inch chocolate ports 360° Swivel nozzles Side & bottom scrape Batch tempering controller Safety torque...

KET-6-T photo
Cleveland KET-6-T Kettle System 6 Gallons
Inventory #: G6642

Used Cleveland KET-6-T Kettle System with: 3 kettles Capacity: 6 gallons each Manual tilt function 2/3 jacket coverage Steam jacketed Analog temperature gauge Maximum allowable working pressure:...

Agi-Mixer photo
Greerco 528 Gal SS Triple Motion Pressure Kettle
Inventory #: G7795

Used Greerco Kettle with: Agi-Mixer Full Vacuum Pressure Process Kettle Capacity: Gallons: 528 Liters: 2,000 Jacket: Coverage: full Rated: 40 psi @ 287° Fahrenheit ...

800U9MS photo
Lee 800 Gallon Double Motion Cooker Cooler Kettle
Inventory #: G7700

Used Lee Kettle with: Capacity: 800 gallons Jacket: Coverage: bottom & side walls Rated: 100 psi @ 338° Fahrenheit Agitation: Scraper blades Driven by 15 horsepower motor...

0917-35-200 photo
Savage Bros 200 Lb SS Jacketed Chocolate Temperer
Inventory #: G7087

Used Savage Bros. Chocolate Temperer with: Capacity: Pounds: 200 Kilograms: 90 Jacket: Water jacketed double-wall tank Water jacketed draw-off guillotine valve for never plug performance...

Groen 500 Gallon Steam Jacketed Kettle
Inventory #: G7140

Used Groen 500 Gallon Steam Jacketed Kettle with: 500 gallon capacity Steam jacketed Maximum working pressure: 50 PSI Maximum working temperature: 200 degrees Fahrenheit Agitation: single shaft...

KEL-80 photo
Cleveland KEL-80 80 Gallon Electric Kettle
Inventory #: G7438

Used Cleveland KEL-80 Kettle wtih: Capacity: 80 gallons One piece hinged lid with handle Dimensions: 32.75 inch diameter x 28 inches deep Bottom center outlet Outlet diameter: 2 inches MAWP:...

Lee Industries 375 Gallon SS Jacketed Kettle
Inventory #: G7430

Used Lee Industries 375 Gallon SS Jacketed Tank with: Interior vessel dimensions: 48 inch diameter 316 stainless steel 100 PSI jacket rating at 338° Fahrenheit Triple motion agitation with...

Dee/4-40 photo
Groen Dee/4-40 40 Gallons Stainless Steel Kettle
Inventory #: G7342

Used Groen Dee/4-40 Kettle with: Tilt Capacity: 40 gallons Diameter: 26.5 inches Bowl depth: 23 inches Outlet: 2 inch diameter Stainless steel construction Maximum allowable working pressure:...

T/1-40 photo
Groen T/1-40 40 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle
Inventory #: G7341

Used Groen T/1-40 Kettle with: Capacity: 40 gallons Natural gas Input rate: 100,000 BTU per hour Manifold gas pressure: 3.5 inch water column Half jacketed Discharge height: 17 inches ...

400D9MS photo
Lee 400D9MS Double Motion Kettle 400 Gallon SS
Inventory #: G7364

Used Lee 400D9MS Double Motion Kettle 400 Gallon SS with: 400 gallon capacity Double motion kettle Stainless steel construction Approximate 58 inch diameter x 45 inch depth Open top with (2)...

400D9MS photo
Lee 400D9MS Double Motion SS Kettle 400 Gallon
Inventory #: G7365

Used Lee 400D9MS Double Motion SS Kettle 400 Gallon with: 400 gallon capacity 316 stainless steel Approximate 58 inch diameter x 45 inch depth Open top with (2) 1/3 hinged covers Hemispherical...

Chocolat K24 photo
Bravo Chocolat K24 Chocolate Temperer
Inventory #: G1743

Used Bravo Chocolat K24 Chocolate Temperer with: Gas refrigerant: R 404 Maximum tank capacity: 53 pounds Suggested minimum quantity: 17.6 pounds Suggested maximum quantity: 44 pounds Programs:...

60D6T photo
Lee 60 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle
Inventory #: G7162

Used Lee Kettle with: Capacity: 60 gallons Jacket: Coverage: half Rated: 40 psi @ 300° Fahrenheit Test pressure: 62 psi Agitation: Top mounted Crossbars Scraper blades...

SGL-40-TR photo
Cleveland SGL40TR 40 Gallon Manual Tilt Skillet
Inventory #: G6467

Used Cleveland Gas Skillet with: Capacity: 40 gallons Cooking surface: Width: 44 inches Depth: 23.5 inches Floor model Manual tilt Hinged cover Temperature range: 100 - 425°...

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