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This type of scale uses multiple or single weigh buckets to measure a product. When a weigh bucket reaches the desired weight, it will discharge. A multiple linear bucket scale allows the buckets to be discharged quickly, one after the other, as they reach their weight. Buckets can be dropped mechanically or pneumatically.

2L2 photo
Ohlson 2L2 Vibratory Linear Scale Feeder
Inventory #: B3202Rental Option

Used Ohlson 2L2 Vibratory Feeder with: Stainless steel dimpled Hoppers from 1/2 pound to 10 pounds PLC input Weighing Range: Typically 1 oz to 5 lbs Max Speed 30 wpm Scale Accuracy ±...

PMB 1 photo
Weigh Right PMB 1 Automatic Linear Bucket Scale
Inventory #: A8356

Used Weigh Right Automatic Scale with: Can easily be converted to intergrate with a bagger or conveyor. Provides optimum speed and accuracy PMB weighers use the bulk and dribble method vibrating the...

AVN 170 12EV TK photo
Affeldt AVN 170 12EV T Linear Bucket Scale System
Inventory #: A7845

Used Affeldt Linear Bucket Scale System with: Listing includes scale unit Stainless steel frame Adjustable height Used for food service bag in box casing Includes twelve head buckets Buckets...

ADW-814 photo
Yamato ADW-814 Rotary Scale
Inventory #: A7805

Used Yamato ADW-814 Rotary Scale with: Large dimpled bucket scale (14) buckets All washdown

Weighpack Vertek II 4 Lane Scale
Inventory #: A1386

Used Weighpack Vertek II 4 Lane Scale with: Tiger 4 lane scale

102 photo
Ohlson Model 102 Weigh Scale and Counter
Inventory #: E7519

Used Ohlson Model 102 Weigh Counter with: Single scale 50# Loadcell Feed trough (hopper) Hopper Dimensions: 50" long x 24" wide x 85 1/2" tall Head Dimension: 50" long x...

TU 0101-B or TUxx01 photo
Multipond Model TU 0101-B Linear Bucket Scale
Inventory #: E3406

Used Multipond Topping Unit with: Multipond Model TU xx 01 Presently used for dosing small quantity ingredients into Rovema Vertical Bagger Single lane linear scale for highly accurate dosing. Rovema...

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