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This type of filling equipment weighs product as it is dispensed into a container. Typically, the container is weighed first, and then the a scale continues to monitor the weight as the product fills the container. A net weight filler helps ensure consistency and accuracy.

Compact U photo
Fricke Compact U Semi Automatic SS Liquid Filler
Inventory #: G7652

Used Fricke Filler with: Semi-automatic. air operated platform filler Fill weight range: Minimum: 8.8 ounces Maximum: 44 pounds Containers including: Cans Buckets Canisters...

A1/25 PEX photo
Crandall A1 25PEX Top fill Net Weight Filler
Inventory #: G7629

Used Crandall Filler with: Fill capacity: 1 quart up to 5 gallon pails Filling free standing containers: Glass Metal Plastic Bag-In-Box 304 Stainless steel rollers Epoxy painted...

1XL2-SS photo
Ohlson 1XL2-SS Stainless Steel Bulk Bag Filler
Inventory #: G3684

Used Ohlson 1 x LX-SS Bag Filler with: Stainless steel sanitary bulk bag filler Weighing range: 2 to 50 pounds Output: up to 15 weighs per minute, depending on product and weigh amount Weigh hopper...

C-300 photo
Arcopak C300 Dual Spout Valve Bag Packer Filler
Inventory #: G2487

Used Arcopak Valve Bag Filler with: Dual spout bagger (2) Stainless steel hoppers Stainless steel spouts: 2 inches Independent 5 horsepower, 575 volt motors Weightronix scales mounted on common...

AEF7 photo
WeighPack AEF7 Single Head Net Weight Filler
Inventory #: G1827

Used WeighPack AEF7 Single Head Net Weight Filler with: Stainless steel construction Dimpled vibratory feeder and weigh bucket AllFill interface Previously used to weigh and fill packs of gnocchi...

4219 photo
Chantland 4219 VibraWeigh Open Mouth Bag Filler
Inventory #: G1745Featured

Used Chantland 4219 VibraWeigh Open Mouth Bag Filler with: Scale Beam gross weigh Vibratory bag fill Vibratory feeder with variable frequency Manual start with bag-in-place switch 2 speed drive...

TE-10 photo
Taylor Products TE-10 Vibratory Net Weigher
Inventory #: G1746Featured

Used Taylor Products TE-10 Vibratory Net Weigher with: Accuracy within +/-0.1 lb Up to 20 bags per minute Fills 2-to-25 lb bags or containers 2 cubic foot hopper Large electromagnetic vibrating...

FCS-1 photo
Weigh Right FCS-1 Semi Automatic Net Weight Filler
Inventory #: G1517Featured

Used Weigh Right FCS-1 Semi Automatic Net Weight Filler with: Weigh and fill 1 to 20 lbs. of fresh-cut vegetables Loading bin (12 cu. ft) Infeed conveyor Washdown system Touch pad indicators for...

Mini 109 photo
Actionpac Mini 109 Scale Net Weigh Filler
Inventory #: D8927

Used Actiopac Net Weigh Filler with: Automatic operation Designed for smaller weightments (10g-250g) Includes: Hopper Hopper vibrator Feeder pan Vibrator feeder Weigh bucket with...

PMB-2 photo
Weigh Right PMB2 Semi Automatic Net Weigh Filler
Inventory #: D8827

Used Weigh Right Net Weigh Filler with: Output: Up to 30 fills per minute Fills per minute: 2 Ounces: 30 fills 1 Pound: 24 fills 5 Pounds: 12 fills 10 pounds: 8 fills ...

MPB/8000 photo
Yakima Waireworks Modular Produce Bag Filler
Inventory #: D7755

Used Yakima Waireworks Bag Filler with: Maximum output: up to 20 bags per minute Fill range: 1 - 50 pound bags Bags: Solid or mesh Pre-made wicketed bags Fills by weight and number...

Tracey Packaging Vertical Bulk Bagging System
Inventory #: D7452

Used Tracey Packaging Bagging System with: Fully automatic, open mouth, vertical bulk bagging system Capacity: up to 8 bags per minute Process: Bag removal from magazine Transport to...

2L2-SS photo
Ohlson 2L2 SS Two Lane Linear Net Weigh Scale
Inventory #: D3455

Used Ohlson 2L2-SS Two-Lane Linear Net Weigh Scale with: Application: filling & feeding dry, granular, free flowing particulate food products by weight 2 lanes, 2 scales Weigh capacity per scale:...

Action Packaging 2 Head Net Weight Filler
Inventory #: C9268

Used Action Packaging 2 Head Net Weight Filler with: Conveyor width: 5 inches 4.75 inch centers 2 vibratory heads included Outfeed height: 47.75 inches Infeed height: 84 inches Stainless steel...

BF2-A photo
Syntron Electromagnetic Feeder
Inventory #: C9071

Used Syntron Electromagnetic Feeder: This system consists of a trough and trough connecting bracket coupled to an electromagnetic drive by means of leaf springs Vibrating stroke is repeated at high speeds...

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