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This type of unscrambling equipment sets the products in the correct direction with exact spacing, preparing them to be filled, capped, or labeled. This can be accomplished by plastic timing screws, star wheels, or neck grabbers. Bottle spin orientors turn containers into the correct position. Orienters are most commonly used for bottles.

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EL25/DL/RC photo
Aidlin Dual Lane Orienter

Used Aidlin Orienter with: Dual lane finger orientation Cap size: 4 inch wide x 1 inch high Push button start/stop switches Mounted on mild steel frame

Cobalt Bag Orienter

Used Cobalt Bag Orienter with: Overall dimensions: Approximately Length: 28 feet Width: 3 feet Height: 80 inches Belt one dimensions: Approximately Length: 103 inches Width: 7...

Cap Snap Company Cap Sorter Unscrambler 38mm

Used Cap Snap Cap Sorter with: Currently set for: 38 mm caps Peel-off caps Sorter diameter: 17 inches Frame/stand dimensions (inches): 22 long x 23 wide x 40 high Stainless steel construction...

NEHE-200 photo
New England Machinery NEHE 200 Bottle Orienter

Used New England Machinery NEHE 200 Bottle Orienter with: Unscrambler/orienter Output: up to 90 bottles per minute depending on product size Hopper diameter: 33 inches Hopper depth: 6 inches deep...

4C-lb-24 photo
Omega Design 4C-lb-24 Plastic Bottle Unscrambler

Used Omega Design 4C-lb-24 Plastic Bottle Unscrambler with: Currently tooled for 1.5 inch diameter x 2.25 inch height Output Up to 500 bottles per minute Sizes...

Neroe photo
New England Machinery Neroe Rotary Bottle Orienter

Used New England Machinery Rotary Bottle Orienter with: Orients containers and discharge directly to continuous motion conveyor 24 station rotary bottle orienter 6.5 inch center to center spacing between...

Turret photo
Hoppmann Turret Bottle Orientor

Used Hoppmann Turret Bottle Orientor with: Up to 140 bpm, Rates depending on bottle size

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