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This type of machine has a disc that rotates, and arms that guide the rotated bottles or other packaging containers. The arms guide the containers to the outside of the disc, and then the containers are guided off the unscrambler, usually onto a conveyor. This ensures that the containers will be in a single file line. In some cases, containers are already upright when they go into the disc unscrambler. In other cases, containers are randomly assorted when they enter the unscrambler, and they are deployed on their side, using a secondary orienter to set them upright.

CB-65 photo
Palace CB-65 Bottle Unscrambler 48" Diameter
Inventory #: G9262

Used Palace CB-65 Bottle Unscrambler with: Bowl diameter: 48 inches Allen-Bradley PanelView 600 touch screen HMI Personnel guarding Stainless steel construction Conveyor width: 4.5 inches Casters...

NEHT-100AJ photo
New England NEHT 100 AJ Bottle Unscrambler
Inventory #: G9135

Used New England Bottle Unscrambler with: Fully automatic unscrambler Output: up to 100 bottles per minute Designed for non-tapered containers Safety guarding Push button controls Centrifugal...

AU6 C photo
Kaps All AU6C Bottle Unscrambler with Air Cleaner
Inventory #: G8668

Used Kaps-All Bottle Unscrambler with: Output: up to 300 bottles per minute, depending on size Maximum bottle size (inches): 6 diameter x 12 height Bottle styles: Oval Round Square ...

N-15 photo
Posimat N-15 Stainless Steel Unscrambler
Inventory #: G8340

Used Posimat N-15 Unscrambler with: Speed: up to 200 bottle per mintue Container accumulation disc: 60 inch diameter Quick change container funnel Allen-Bradley MicroLogix controls Set for 2.5...

PPS-M800 photo
Pharma Packaging Systems Bottle Unscrambler
Inventory #: G8297

Used Pharma Packaging Unscrambler with: Output: Minimum: 40 bottles per minute Maximum: 200 bottles per minute Bottle size range: Maximum height: 5.9 inches Diameter: 12 - 80...

NEHLB-72L photo
New England Machinery Large Bottle Unscrambler
Inventory #: G8236

Used New England Machinery Unscrambler with: Designed for 1 gallon f-style bottles Speed: up to 625 bottles per minute Unscrambling disc: 72 inches diameter Includes: Bottle orienter Hopper/elevator:...

NEHHBTCL-72 photo
New England Machinery SS Bottle Unscrambler
Inventory #: G8233

Used New England Machinery Unscrambler with: Fully automatic operation Speed: up to 250 bottles per minute Hopper/elevator: Belt width: 20 inches Flights: 4 inches Centers: 12 inches ...

4D-RP2-15DF photo
Omega 4D RP215DF SS Rotary Bottle Unscrambler
Inventory #: G7610

Used Omega Unscrambler with: Output: up to 300 bottle per minute Bottle/product specs: Glass Plastic Volume: up to 64 ounces Unscrambler disc: 48 inches diameter Includes Ionized...

4D-LB2-36-LS photo
Omega 4D-LB2-36-LS Disc Bottle Unscrambler
Inventory #: G7601

Used Omega 4D-LB2-36-LS Disc Bottle Unscrambler with: Capacity: up to 150 bottles per minute Stainless steel construction Bowl diameter: 48 inches Bowl discharge rail system Personnel guarding...

New England Machinery Stainless Steel Unscrambler
Inventory #: G7409

Used Unscrambler with: Bottle volume: ran 500 milliliter and 1 liter bottles Alan Bradley PLC Capable of running bottles up to 3.5 inch diameter and 10.5 inches height Speed: up to 120 bottles per...

AC1500 DB photo
OZAF AC1500 Bottle Disc Mechanical Unscrambler
Inventory #: G7454

Used OZAF AC1500 Bottle Disc Unscrambler with: Bowl diameter: 60 inches Infeed dimensions: 10 inches x 10 inches Infeed height from ground: 43 inches 4 section top opening Stainless steel construction...

Palace Packaging Disc Unscrambler 25" Diameter
Inventory #: G6733

Used Palace Packaging Disc Unscrambler with: Bowl diameter: 25 inches Previous application: 150 cc containers Capacity: up to 100 containers per minute Capable of running 40 cc containers Stainless...

Stainless Steel Disc Unscrambler 36 Inch Bowl
Inventory #: G6734

Used Disc Unscrambler with: Bowl diameter: 36 inches .5 horsepower motor Stainless steel bowl Painted steel frame Welded tubular frame

Necosort 72 RH photo
Nalbach Necosort 72 RH Bottle Unscrambler
Inventory #: G7336

Used Nalbach Necosort 72 RH Bottle Unscrambler with: Plastic bottle unscrambler/orienter Includes 70 cubic foot bulk bottle hopper and elevator Output: up to 700 bottles per minute, based on bottle...

3D-JH photo
Omega 3DJH Plastic Bottle Unscrambler w/ Sort Bowl
Inventory #: G7319

Used Omega 3DJH Plastic Bottle Unscrambler with: 36 inch diameter sorting bowl Height from top of sorter to ground: 94 inches Dimensions: 59 inches wide x 168 inches long Top mounted stainless steel...

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