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This type of unscrambling equipment sets the products in the correct direction with exact spacing, preparing them to be filled, capped, or labeled. This can be accomplished by plastic timing screws, star wheels, or neck grabbers. Bottle spin orientors turn containers into the correct position. Orienters are most commonly used for bottles.

Neroe-2408 photo
NEM Neroe-2408 Rotary Bottle Orienter
Inventory #: C8854Can Rent

Used New England Machinery Neroe-2408 Rotary Bottle Orienter with: Star wheel infeed Stack light indicator Previously running 8 ounce bottles 8 orientating heads Speed: approximately 200 bottles/minute...

NEROE-4006 photo
New England Machinery NEROE-4006 Orienter
Inventory #: A2959Can Rent

Used New England Machinery NEROE-4006 Orienter with: Orients empty or filled containers Sensors detect discriminating features for orientation Orienters can rotate bottles 90, 180, and 270 degrees ...

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