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Inline cap retorquers are designed to retighten screw-on caps after the product exits an induction sealer. The heat produced by an upstream induction sealer can cause a cap to loosen itself from the container. Cap retorquers solve this problem by re-tightening the cap. Cap tighteners are used in smaller operations, where an operator places a cap by hand and then the machine torques the cap.

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22.505.000 photo
Accutek 22.505.000 Stainless Steel Semi-Automatic 6 Spindle Cap Tightener And Retorquer

Used Accutek Semi-Automatic Retorquer with: Speed: up to 200 caps per minute depending on cap and container size Spindles: 6 Cap size range: Minimum: 10 mm Maximum: 120 mm Gripper...

ACT600R  photo
Elf Machinery ACT600R Inline 6-Spindle Retorquer

Used Elf Machinery Spindle Capper with: (6) Spindles Cap range: Minimum: 25 mm Maximum: 110 mm Maximum container height: 7 inches Stabilizer belts Variable speed Analog controls...

SK600 photo
Sure Kap SK600 Stainless Steel 6 Spindle Cap Retorquer

Used Sure Kap SK600 Cap Retorquer with: Production speed: 80-120 caps per minute depending on application Cap sizes: 8 to 53 millimeters Number of Spindle heads: 6 Operation style:...

SASRC photo
DEL Sanitary Adjustable Side Belt Overcapper

Used DEL Side Belt Overcapper with: 4 inches between side belts Aperture: Height: 21.5 inches Width: 7.5 inches Electrical requirements: Volts: 115/208-230 Frequency: 60 Hz...

AS-CS16 photo
ACASI AS CS16 Semi Auto Single Head Cap Tightener

New ACASI AS-CS16 Semi-Auto Single Head Cap Tightener with: Manual adjustable height for cap tightener head Frequency control drive Omron PLC controls Air requirements: 20 cubic feet per...

Computorque NT photo
Inline Filling Systems Automatic Inline Cap Tightener and Elevator Sorter

Used Inline Filling Systems Inline Cap Tightener and Elevator Sorter with: Production speed: 20 bottles per minute Previous application: Soaps and waxes Bottle: 128 ounce round Container...

FC8 photo
Kaps All FC8 8 Head Spindle Retorquer Tightener

Used Kaps All FC8 8 Head Spindle Retorquer Tightener with: 8 spindle heads Output: up to 400 bottles per minute depending on applicaiton Can do vials up to 2-1/2 gallon containers Cap...

Tru Cap 6 photo
New ACASI Machinery TruCap 6 Spindle Cap Tightener

New ACASI Machinery TruCap Inline Bottle Cap Tightener with: Suitable for a wide range of containers 6 spindles Pneumatic clutches Conveyor: 10 foot long x 4.5 inches wide Adjustable...

C300 photo
Swanmatic C300 Tabletop Capper

Used Swanmatic C300 Tabletop Capper with: Output rate: 50 cycles per minute Capping style: chuck Features variable speed control Electrical: 115-230 volts, single phase, 60 hertz

49-PC photo
Swanmatic 49-PC Tabletop Capper

Used Swanmatic 49-PC Tabletop Capper with: Output rate: 50 cycles per minute Capping style: chuck Motor: 1/4 horsepower Electrical: 115-230 volts, single phase, 60 hertz

Accutek Six (6) Spindle Cap Tightener/Retorquer on Casters

Used Accutek Stainless Steel Cap Tightener/Retourquer with: (6) Spindles Hand crank adjustments Variable speed controller Push button E stop Electrics: volts: 110 hertz: 60 phase: 1 For placement...

ACT 600 photo
ELF ACT 600 6 Spindle Retorquer

Used ELF 6 Spindle Retorquer with: Stainless steel construction 6 tightening quills All quills move independently from center line Gripper belts: 24 inches long Adjustable angle cap chute Belts open...

Model A photo
Kaps All Model A 6 Quill Inline Cap Retorquer

Used Kaps-All Retorquer with: 6 Quill tightener/retorquer Output: up to 300 caps per minute Cap size range: 8 - 120 mm Containers: Glass Metal Plastic Low jars up to 2.5 gallon containers...

Stainless Steel 6 Spindle Retorquer

Used Retorquer with: 6 Spindles Belt length 3 feet Belt width: 1 inch .5 horsepower motor Stainless steel construction Approximate dimensions (inches): Length: 28 Width: 38 Height: 65 ...

3400 photo
Unger 3400 SS 6 Spindle Cap Tightener Retorquer

Used Unger Cap Tightener & Retorquer with: Inline retorquer Spindles: Number of spindles: 6 (3) hand crank adjustable spindle stations Conveyor: Width: 3.25 inches Extends out...

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