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There are many different types of caps and types of categories of cappers. The two biggest types are inline and rotary. Cappers affix caps to many different shapes and sizes of bottles. The type of capper you need depends on the container. Factors such as strength, weight, barrier, clarity, rigidity, surface and appearance will affect the kind of cap and the type of capper you need.

6 Spindle photo
Accutek 6 Spindle SS Automatic Screw Capper
Inventory #: G8399

Used Accutek Capper with: Output: up to 200 containers per minute Number of spindles: 6 Cap size range: Minimum: 10 mm Maximum: 120 mm Includes: Cap chute Top mounted hopper...

ET-1500 photo
OMB ET-1500 Wine Bottle Capsule Label Machine
Inventory #: G8246

Used OMB ET-1500 Wine Bottle Capsule Label Machine with: Capsule distributor: Capsule separation with pneumatic-mechanical device Capsule distributing head interchangeable to different...

B212-8 photo
Alcoa B212 8 Head Rotary ROPP Capper
Inventory #: G8113

Used Alcoa Capper with: Rotary ropp capper Number of capping heads: 16 Clockwise flow Last ran: 28mm caps 16 and 32 ounce bottles Includes: Timing screw: 24 inches...

9224-16 photo
Alcoa 9224 16 Head ROPP Aluminum Capper
Inventory #: G8106

Used Alcoa Capper with: Rotary ropp capper Number of capping heads: 16 Last ran: 38mm caps 16.9 Ounce aluminum cans Includes: Stand alone stainless steel electrical enclosure...

C photo
Kaps All C 8 Quill Inline Spindle Capper
Inventory #: G7971

Used Kaps All C Inline Spindle Capper and Elevator with: 8 spindle capping machine 36 inch diameter rotary cap sorter Adjustable cap chute: 38 to 100 millimeter caps Stainless steel pass through...

CEIS 2 photo
Balpack CEI 2 Station Inline Chuck Capper
Inventory #: G7930

Used Balpack Capper with: (2) Stations: Pneumatic push through pre-spin station Pneumatic torquing chuck Includes: Hopper Bulk sorting elevator: 12 Inch sorting chain Bad...

NERCC-10 photo
New England Machinery 10 Head Rotary Chuck Capper
Inventory #: G7583

Used New England Machinery Capper with: Number of capping heads: 10 Maximum cap size: 120 mm Cap types include: Sport Flip-tops CR, CT and TE Pneumatic chuck Electronic torque...

Capem D8 photo
Consolidated Packaging Capem 8 Rotary Chuck Capper
Inventory #: G7582

Used Consolidated Capper with: Output: up to 200 caps per minute Number of capping heads: 8 Conveyor: Plastic tabletop chain Approximate width: 4.5 inches Maximum cap size: 89 mm...

CAS-4/360 photo
Zalkin Fowler CAS-4/360 Rotary Chuck Snap Capper
Inventory #: G7541

Used Fowler Zalkin CAS-4/360 Rotary Chuck Snap Capper with: Output: approximately 100 caps per minute Container height range: 35 to 175 millimeters 360 millimeter frame size Stars and guides container...

ML 625 photo
Marchesini ML625 Cont Motion 9 Head Rotary Capper
Inventory #: G7516

Used Marchesini ML625 Continuous Motion Rotary Capper with: 9 station plugger and capper Last running at 240 bottles per minute Last running bottle sizes: 15, 20, 30, and 40 milliliter Digital PLC...

PCL-15F photo
Pharma Pack PCL-15F 4 Spindle Capper
Inventory #: G6581

Used Pharma Pack PCL-15F with: 4 spindle capper with cap sorting elevator with reject system Maximum output: 150 bottles per minute depending on cap size and shape Applicable range: 15 - 55 mm (0.59...

Snap Capper photo
Accutek 29" Diameter Cap Sorter for Snap Caps
Inventory #: G4648

Used Accutek Cap Sorter for Snap Caps with: Bowl diameter: 29 inches Variable belt and hopper speeds Previous cap diameters: 1.75 inches open side, 1.25 inches closed diameter Discharge height: 60...

TG-12-15 photo
Consolidated Chuck Capper TG-12-15 w Cap Elevator
Inventory #: G7139

Used Consolidated TG-12-15 with: Rotary chuck capper 12 head system Previously ran 28 mm diameter caps Cap sorter/elevator Model TG stands for transgrip design, wherein cap transfer and bottle...

1354-12 photo
Kartridg Pak Company 1354-12 Crimp Capper
Inventory #: G5244

Used Kartridg Pak Company 1354-12 Crimp Capper with: 12 head rotary crimper Size 202 cans last ran at 300 cans per minute Size 211 cans last ran at 240 cans per minute Conveyor width: 3 inches ...

125 UPS photo
Kartridg Pak 125 UPS Overcapper with Cap Sorter
Inventory #: G5236

Used Kartridg Pak 125 UPS Overcapper with: Up to 300 caps per minute Size 202 caps were last ran at 300 per minute Size 211 caps were last ran at 240 per minute Capper clutch control On/off sorter...

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