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There are many different types of caps and types of categories of cappers. The two biggest types are inline and rotary. Cappers affix caps to many different shapes and sizes of bottles. The type of capper you need depends on the container. Factors such as strength, weight, barrier, clarity, rigidity, surface and appearance will affect the kind of cap and the type of capper you need.

Model B photo
Kaps-All B Portable Over Capper w Feed System

Used Kaps-All B Portable Over Capper w Feed System with: Production output rate: Up to 80 bottles per minute Caps of all material from 8 to 70 millimeters Vials up to 2.5 gallon containers...

CVC 1204 photo
CVC Technologies CVC 1204 6 Quill Cap Tightener

Used CVC Technologies CVC 1204 Cap Tightener with: Inline operation style Production output rate: 100 caps per minute Six (6) quill spindles with side bottle grip belts Cap hopper capacity:...

SK600 photo
Surekap SK600 SS 6 Spindle Inline Cap Retorquer

Used SureKap SK600 Inline Retorquer with: Spindles: 6 Adjustable cap size range: Minimum: 8 mm Maximum: 110 mm Speeds: Up to 90 containers per minute, depending...

Model E photo
Kaps All E Inline Spindle Screw Capper w/ Sorter

Used Kaps All E Inline 4 Spindle Screw Capper with: Production output rate: 80 bottles per minute Four (4) spindles: twin gripper belts Cap size range: 13 to 70 millimeters Currently set...

212-4-36 photo
Alcoa ROPP 8 Head Capper for 30MM Aluminum Caps

Used Alcoa Capper with: Capacity/output: up to 400 bottles per minute Currently set up for: ROPP chucks 30 millimeter aluminum caps Includes: Cap sorter Cap chute Conveyor...

Capamatic DL 4 photo
Filamatic Capamatic DL 4-Quill Inline Screw Capper

Used Filamatic Capamatic DL 4 Quill Inline Screw Capper with: Left to right flow Four (4) capping quill wheels Adjustable cap chute: Up to 48 millimeter diameter caps Dual container stabilizer...

WD 1200 photo
AndersonMachine WD1200 Rotary Finger Pump Inserter

Used Anderson Machine Group WD1200 Rotary Finger Pump Inserter with: Finger pump sorter, placer, and inserter Tooled for Calmar finger spray pumps: 22 millimeter cap size 7 inch total height...

UN30-1355 photo
Resina UN 30 6 Head Inline Spindle Capper

Used Resina UN 30 6 Head Inline Spindle Capper with: Output: up to 150 bottles per minute Left to right product flow Bump wheel container spacing Adjustable clutches Single belt gripper bottle...

Pump Placer photo
Anderson Twelve Head Rotary Pump Placer Capper

Used Anderson Pump Placer with: Capacity/output: up to 200 containers per minute, depending on materials & application Includes: Worm infeed Discharge stars Stainless steel conveyor ...

PW500F photo
West PW500F ROPP Capper w Conveyor and Sorter

Used West PW500F ROPP Vial Capper with: Conveyor: Width: 2 inches Length: 83 inches Type of conveyor: Stainless steel wire mesh belt Speeds: Up to 80 containers...

GG 45/S photo
GHERRI Food Technology GG 45/S Inline Capper

Used GHERRI Food Technology GG 45/S Inline Capper with: Suitable to seal jars and bottles under vacuum with a wide range of cap A magnetic feeder for metal caps, or centrifugal type for plastic ones, conveys...

Six Spindle Cap Tightner and Retorquer

Used Cap Tightner & Retorquer with: Spindles: (3) Set of 2 each spindles Total number of spindles: 6 Sets 2 and 3 equipped with clutches for torque control Dual gripper belts (inches):...

E4 photo
Kaps All E4 4 Spindle Inline Capper w Bowl Feeder

Used Kaps-All Capper with: Output: up to 80 containers per minute Number of spindles: 4 Containers: metal, glass or plastic bottles or jars Conveyor: Stainless steel with plastic tabletop chain...

Auto 200 photo
Pack West Auto 200 Torque Stainless Spindle Capper
Rental Only

Used Pack West Auto 200 Torque Spindle Capper with: Speed: up to 300 containers per minute Container height: .75 - 14 inches inches tall Cap diameter: 4 - 130 millimeters wide Capper feeder/hopper...

Cap 30 Flex photo
Tetra Pak Cap 30 Flex Capper for Aseptic Packages

Used Tetra Pak Cap 30 Flex Applicator with: Flexible cap applicator for portion and family packages of aseptic brick pack product Output: 6600 - 9000 packages per hour Package volume: 200 - 2000 milliliters...

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