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There are many different types of caps and types of categories of cappers. The two biggest types are inline and rotary. Cappers affix caps to many different shapes and sizes of bottles. The type of capper you need depends on the container. Factors such as strength, weight, barrier, clarity, rigidity, surface and appearance will affect the kind of cap and the type of capper you need.

SC50T photo
Cozzoli SC50T Screw Capping Machine
Inventory #: D4767

Used Cozzoli SC50T Screw Capping Machine with: Cap size: 3.7 inches maximum Production output: up to 50 containers per minute Manual fed containers Ideal for lab use

Multi Torque High Point Capper
Inventory #: D5702

Used Multi Torque Capper with: Multi Torque High Point Capper High Speed Cap Sorting Elevator 8 spindles Previously ran 50mm plastic screw caps with flip on 5.25in. tall, 80g plastic bottles, oregano...

5404 photo
Kalish 5404 Bandit Single Chuck Capper
Inventory #: D5420

Used Kalish 5404 Bandit Chuck Capper with: Single chuck Adjustable chuck torque Adjustable capping height Variable speed

5130 photo
Kalish 5130 Push Through Single Chuck Capper
Inventory #: D5419

Used Kalish 5130 Push Through Capper with: Single chuck Variable speed controls Adjustable chuck down force Adjustable chuck spin speed Manual height adjustment Star wheel conveyor Stainless...

52 photo
Lakso Model 52 Cottoner Machine
Inventory #: D5587

Used Lakso Single Head Cottoner Model 52 with: Up to 60 bottles per minute depending on materials and application Inverted U cottoner Manual height adjustment Upper section of machine frame is painted...

ELC Automatic Single Head Capper with Hopper
Inventory #: D5263

ELC Automatic Single Head Capper with Hopper: Hopper dimensions: Width: 24 inches Length: 27 inches Depth: 24 inches Cleats 3 inches apart Height: .25 inches Discharge...

FSRF-36 photo
Kaps-All FSRF-36 Cap Sorter
Inventory #: D5022

Used Kaps-All FSRF-36 Cap Sorter with: Handles caps and parts from .3 inch up to 4.7 inch in diameter Speeds from 10 to 800 parts per minute Ideal for pharmaceutical and food packaging operations ...

ELC Automatic Glass Jar Capper with Hopper
Inventory #: D5262

Used ELC Automatic Glass Jar Capper with Hopper with: Hopper dimensions: Width: 24 inches Length: 27 inches Depth: 20 inches 6 inch magnetic conveyor Set up for 4 inch caps ...

F photo
Kaps-All Model F Retorquer
Inventory #: D5224

Use Kaps-All Model F Retorquer with: Stainless steel construction Includes safety guarding Castors

SGX5001 photo
Lattine SGX5001 Single Chuck Capper
Inventory #: D4949

Used Lattine SGX5001 Single Chuck Capper with: Set up to run 70mm caps Pneumatic hook up Hopper and shaker style cap orientation index

CL-110 photo
NJM Packaging CL110 Automatic 2 Station Cottoner
Inventory #: D4948

Used NJM Packaging Cottoner with: Fully automatic dual station cotton inserter Production speeds: up to 110 bottles per minute Insert materials: Cotton Rayon Polyester Insert...

Prisma 40R photo
Nortan Prisma 40R Automatic Foil Capsule Spinner
Inventory #: D4770

Used Norton Foil Capsule Spinner with: Fully automatic Turret style applicator with 4 pneumatic heads Rotary spinner with 4 heads Speeds: up to 3,500 bottles per hour Capsule size: Maximum...

Fenix photo
Robino and Galadino Fenix Foil Capsule Applicator
Inventory #: D4760

Used Robino & Galadino Foil Applicator with: Automatic dual head rotary applicator Speeds: up to 120 bottles per minute Bottle size range: Diameter: 1.96 - 4.72 inches Height: 7...

Automatic Capping Machine with Elevated Conveyor
Inventory #: D4273

Used Automatic Capping Machine with Elevated Conveyor with: Elevated conveyor width: 10 inches Hopper dimensions: 23.5 inches x 16.75 inches Centers: 3.5 inches Cap Sealer: Model:...

FT401RLDSAK photo
Hoppmann VFT-40 Series Bowl Cap Sorter
Inventory #: D4302

Used Hoppmann VFT-40 Bowl Cap Sorter with: Outside bowl diameter: 43.46 inches Inside bowl diameter: 36.25 inches Bowl depth: 6.20 inches All stainless steel exterior construction FDA approved...

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