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This type of capping equipment vertically places a large cap or plug that cannot be applied at an angle such as in other capping systems. Vertical pluggers are often used to package alcoholic beverages, such as wine.

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ML 625 photo
Marchesini ML625 Cont Motion 9 Head Rotary Capper

Used Marchesini ML625 Continuous Motion Rotary Capper with: 9 station plugger and capper Last running at 240 bottles per minute Last running bottle sizes: 15, 20, 30, and 40 milliliter Digital PLC...

Anderson Automatic Rotary Six Station Plugger

Used Anderson Plugger with: Rotary six station plugger Stainless steel body Dual container grippers at plugging stations Timing screw to star wheel infeed .5 horsepower drive with variable speed...

Arol EUROVPPPVA Dual Turret 6 Head Capper

Used Arol EUROVPPPVA Dual Turret 6 Head Capper with: Corker/capper for 30 millimeter glass bottles Includes cap elevator and independent sorters Allen-Bradley PLC 90 PSI Capable of 200 to 275...

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