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Overcapping equipment places a cap over a sealed container. An overcap is so named because it is a cap placed over another cap, film, or seal. This style of cap is commonly seen on containers such as cottage cheese tubs or coffee cans.

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Arol Kamma PKV W Plugger Press On Cap Overcapper

Used Arol Plugger with: Output: up to 800 caps per minute depending on application and change parts Plugger for press on caps Worm scew infeed 8 head rotary plugging head Starwheel product holder ...

BA6 photo
Kaps-All BA6 Over-Capper with Conveyor and Dual Gripper Belts

Used Kaps-All BA6 Over-Capper With: Centrifugal cap sorting bowl Output: Up to 200 bottles per minute, depending on materials and application Cap minimum: 13mm Cap maximum: 70mm ...

Waldrop Company Stainless Two Lane Tub Overcapper

Used Waldrop Company Overcapper with: Tub lid denester and overcapper Two product lanes Lane conveyor dimensions: 8 inches wide x 100 inches long Conveyor height: 36.5 inches Lugged plastic...

Auto AccuSnap photo
Accutek Auto Accusnap Continuous Motion Capper

New Accutek Auto Accusnap Continuous Motion Capper with: Automatically places and presses snap caps onto containers Production output rate: Up to 120 containers per minute Adjustable for different bottle...

6 Head Stainless Steel Overcapper

Used Stainless Steel Overcapper with: Throughput: up to 2000 bottles per hour depending on product and application 6 heads Timing screw pitch: 3 inches Hopper dimensions: Length: 23.5 inches...

Pneumatic Scale TC 4510 Rotary Overcapper with Cap Unscrambler and Elevator

Used Pneumatic Scale TC 4510 Rotary Overcapper with Cap Unscrambler and Cap Elevator with: TC 4510 Rotary Overcapper: Output: 60 to 300 bottles per minute, depending on bottle dimensions Maximum...

PM50 photo
Shanghai Yimu Machinery Stainless Steel Overlidder

Used Shanghai Yimu Overlidder with: Speed: up to 100 containers per minute (depending on product specifications) Lid diameter: Minimum: 30 millimeters Maximum: 130 millimeters Conveyor: ...

Del ASRL-CC Inline Overcapper with Cleated Inclined Hopper, Bowl Hopper, and Air Conveyor

Used Del ASRL-CC Overcapper with: Applications: straight-walled or tapered soft containers Last cap size ran: 410 caps Overcaps: round, square, rectangular, injection molded Diameter of containers:...

CPG-6f 6 Spindle In-Line Stainless Steel Capper

Used CPG Inline Spindle Capper with: Model: CPG-6F Spindles: 6 Product aperture: Height: 7 inches Width: 2.5 inches Cap width: 1.5 inches Stainless steel construction Electrical:...

Complete Surekap SK1000-SP21 Overlidder for TechII 203CE Lids

Used Complete Surekap Overlidder Machine with: Cap style: TechII 203CE Lids Incline lid feed conveyor IFS lid unscrambler/orientor Cap-I model 108

VE photo
White Cap VE Inline Steam Lug Vacuum Capper

Used White Cap Steam Capper with: Output/capacity: up to 400 caps per minute Includes: Top mounted hopper Cap chute Front control panel Tabletop chain conveyor Randem fed operation Approximate...

SRC-SRH photo
Del Packaging SRC SRH Spinning Rod Overcapper

Used Del Packaging Overcapper with: Spinning rod overcapper for flexible overcaps Output/capacity: up to 100 caps per minute Containers: Straight walled, rigid containers of: Metal ...

41-C 502 photo
Holmatic 41-C 502 Automatic Capping Machine

Used Holmatic 41-C 502 Automatic Capping Machine with: Last used for: non-dairy dip Last lid ran on it: plastic 410 lid Cap feeder: spinning rod magazine Speed: up to 150 per minute, product dependent...

125-UP-2 photo
Kartridg Pak 125-UP-2 Inline Capper with SS Sorter

Used Kartridg Pak Capper with: Currently set for cans: Diameter: 211 Height: 713 Includes flight bar sorter Stainless steel sorter Additional change parts included

SRC photo
DEL Packaging SRC Overcapper

Used DEL Packaging SRC Overcapper: Stainless steel construction SRC - Spinning rod cap feeder head Side-belt overcapper is designed for straight walled, rigid canisters (plastic, metal, composite) ...

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