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This type of capping machine uses a device called a chuck to grip a cap, place it on a bottle, and tighten the cap. Chuck cappers are designed in a rotary configuration.

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Jolly photo
Capmatic Jolly Automatic Stainless Steel Chuck Capper

Used Capmatic Jolly with: Speed: up to 50 caps per minute (depending on product specifications) Analog controls Stainless steel construction Air: 95 PSI at 5 CFM Electrical: 220 Volts, 60 Hz, 3 Phase...

SIGMA 605/605 photo
Bertolaso Sigma 605/605 Stainless Steel Rotary Capper

Used Bertolaso Sigma Stainless Steel Rotary Filler: Production speed: 75 caps per minute Cap size: 28 millimeter Infeed height: 41 inches Conveyor width: 5 inches Screw dimensions: Flight: 4 inches...

Inline Filling Systems Hand Chuck Capper

Used Inline Hand Capper with: On casters Working height: 36 inches Capper diameter: 2.25 inches Overall dimensions: Height: 75 inches Length: 25.5 inches Width: 24 inches ...

5130 photo
Kalish 5130 Push Through Single Chuck Capper

Used Kalish 5130 Push Through Capper with: Single chuck Variable speed controls Adjustable chuck down force Adjustable chuck spin speed Manual height adjustment Star wheel conveyor Stainless...

5404 photo
Kalish 5404 Bandit Single Chuck Capper

Used Kalish 5404 Bandit Chuck Capper with: Single chuck Adjustable chuck torque Adjustable capping height Variable speed

CAS66480 photo
Fowler Zalkin CAS66480 6 Head Stainless Steel Double Rotary Chuck Capper

Used Fowler Zalkin CAS66480 Rotary Chuck Capper with: Speed: Up to 225 caps per minute depending on cap size and application Cap size range: 38 to 63 millimeters Product flow: left to right Twin (6) head...

SAS 2001 photo
Pharmalab SAS 2001 Single Head Chuck Capper

Used Pharmalab SAS 2001 Single Head Chuck Capper with: Semi-automatic Loading height 850 millimeters to 1050 millimeters from floor level depending upon bottle height Capacity: diameters up to a maximum...

C102E  photo
Used Swan-Matic C102E Cap Master Variable Speed Tabletop Capper

Used Swan-Matic Capper with: Variable speed Overall dimensions: Length: 23.5 inches Width: 11.5 inches Height: 35 inches Motor: 0.25 horsepower, 1750 rpm Controller electrical: 120 volts...

CC-IL-4 photo
ACASI Multi-Head Servo-Controlled Chuck Capper

New ACASI Multi-Head servo-controlled chuck capper with: Machine designed to place plastic or metal caps on a wide range of containers-enclosures Type: chuck Number of chucks: 4 Cap size: ____ Pick...

20-T02-003 photo
Accutek 20-T02-003 12"L Handheld Capper w/ 5-120mm Cap Range

Used Accutek Handheld Capper with: Length: 12 inches Capping Range: 5-120 millimeters Speed: up to 25 containers per minute (dependent on operator and specifications) Torque range: 10-145 inches per...

92000 photo
Kalish 9200 Stainless Steel 1.375" Chuck Capper

Used Kalish 9200 Capper with: Cap hopper diameter: 22 inches Hopper infeed height: 66 inches Air pressure needed for cap pickup: 60 PSI Air pressure needed for cap torque: Chuck spin: 70 PSI Chuch...

Alcoa Model 212-8 ROPP 8 Head Rotary Capper

Used Alcoa Capper with: ROPP rotary capper Output: up to 400 bottles/caps per minute Cap size: Two sets of change parts including - Currently set for 28mm caps Includes additional 8 heads...

 CAS-10-360 photo
Fowler-Zalkin CAS-10-360 Stainless Steel 10 Head Rotary Chuck Capper

Used Fowler-Zalkin Chuck Capper with: Product throughput: Bowl feeder: 2100 caps per minute Capper: 18,000 bottles per hour depending on product application Number of capping heads: 10...

VF Capper with 6R25A Cap Sorter and Spare Parts

Used VF Capper with Lid Hopper and Spare Parts with: Speed: up to 700 containers per minute Cap size range: Diameter: 27 millimeters to 110 millimeters Conatiner size range: Height:...

Manual ROPP photo
Accutek ROPP Single Head Capper

New Accutek ROPP Single Head Capper with: AccuCapper ROPP Capper is a Roll Over Pilfer Proof capper designed to thread and seal aluminum caps onto rigid containers. The ROPP capping heads can be adjusted...

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