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This type of equipment is used to supply caps to capping machines. Cap feeders and sorters move caps from a hopper to the capper, align the caps in the correct orientation, and send improperly aligned caps back to the hopper.

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Inline Filling Systems Stainless Steel Cap Sorter

Used Inline Filling Systems Cap Sorter with: Elevator: Width: 12 inches Length: 6 feet Adjustable centers: minimum 1.5 inches Current lugs: Depth: 2 inches Width: 8.5 inches Centers: 10.75...

Linker Europa Cleated Incline Hopper Conveyor

Used Linker Incline Hopper Conveyor with: Hopper: Length: 28 Inches Width: 28 Inches Depth: 24 Inches Infeed: 43 Inches Cleated incline conveyor: Width: 7.5 Inches Height: 1.5 Inches ...

Stainless Steel Cleated Cap Elevator with 54" discharge height

Used Cap Elevator with: Stainless steel construction Hopper dimensions: 35 inches wide x 24 inches long x 24 inches deep Elevator width: 4 inches Cleat centers: 12 inches Cleat height: 2 inches...

ORF 100 photo
Kompass ORF 100 Rotary Cap Sorter 36" Diameter

Used Kompass ORF 100 Rotary Cap Sorter with: Cosmetic valve sorter/feeder Stainless steel construction with cabinet style base 36 inch diameter sorting wheel with automatic retracting gates allowing atomizer...

Inline Filling Systems SS Cap Sorting Elevator

Used Inline Filling Systems Cap Sorter with: Elevator conveyor: Width: 12 inches Length: 72 inches Acyetal table top chain Cleats: Width: 8.5 inches Height: 2 inches Centers:...

Omega Design Cap Sorter

Used Omega Design Cap Sorter with: Discharge width: 2.5 inches Discharge height: 35.5 inches Stainless steel contact parts Welded tubular steel frame

Norwalt Design Large Cap Sorter

Used Norwalt Design Large Cap Sorter with: Previously orienting air freshener locking caps Dimensions of product last ran: 4 inches tall x 2.75 inch largest diameter Stainless steel construction

NEPCO Cap Sorter

Used NEPCO Cap Sorter with: Tapered Hopper: 36 inches long x 34 inches wide x 18 inches deep Unit is currently detached from stand, ready for packing and shipping Includes a new vibratory motor Photoeye...

72402 photo
Motorfeed Corp. Model 72402 Vibratory Cap Sorter

Used Motorfeed Corp. Model 72402 Vibratory Cap Sorter with: Set for 38 mm caps Was in use when line was shut down

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