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Film packaging is the most effective and economic way of producing multipacks of products for distribution and shipment purposes. Shrink wrap equipment is used to package products in a film that is heat shrunk around the product to create a very tight seal. There are many types of shrink equipment including shrink tunnels, lap sealers, automatic and manual L-bar sealers, multipackers, and side sealers. Once your product is wrapped in shrink film, it passes through a heat tunnel, which shrinks the film closely around the product.

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Shanklin A26A Automatic L Bar Sealer with Selvage Rewinder

Used Shanklin A26A with: Output: Up to 35 packages per minute depending on application Sealing area: Length: 21 inches Width: 15 inches Maximum product height: 5 inches Infeed/discharge...

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Shanklin T-7H Heat Shrink Tunnel

Used Shanklin T-7H Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Composite link conveyor belt Mounted on casters Aperature: Width: 22 inches Height: 12 inches Electrical requirements: 230 volts 3 phase 60...

F-5A photo
Shanklin F-5A Side Sealer with Lugged Infeed

Used Shanklin F-5A Side Sealer with Lugged Infeed with: Package size range: Minimum: .5 inches wide x .125 inches tall x 3 inches long Maximum: 16 inches wide x 6 inches tall x 48...

S24B photo
Shanklin S24B Semi Automatic L Bar Sealer

Used Shanklin S24B Semi Automatic L Bar Sealer with: Seals up to 15 inches wide x 33 inches long Adjustable height Automatic sealing and package discharge Conveyor and dwell times Hot wire sealing...

45-28 photo
Arpac 45-28 Shrink Wrapper Bundler

Used Arpac Shrink Bundler with: Output: Up to 45 bundles per minute, depending on materials and application Continuous motion Film specs: Maximum width: 27 inches Roll diameter: up to 14 inches...

T-9 photo
Shanklin T-9 36"W x 6.5"H Heat Shrink Tunnel

Used Shanklin T-9 Heat Tunnel with: Aperature: Width: 3 feet Height: 6 inches Tunnel: Length: 46 inches Conveyor: Length: 77 inches Width: 27 inches Infeed Height: 35 inches...

T-62 photo
Shanklin T-62 Dual Chamber Heat Shrink Tunnel

Used Shanklin T-62 Heat Tunnel with: Aperture: Width: 17 inches Effective height: 8 inches Tunnel length: 61 inches Cooling tunnel length: 27 inches Conveyor belt width:...

T-60 photo
Shanklin T-60 Dual Heat Shrink Tunnel 11" T x 18"W

Used Shanklin T-60 11" T Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Aperture: Width: 18 inches Length: 61 inches Height: 11 inches Infeed belt: Width: 14 inches Length:...

T-7 photo
Shanklin T-7 HeatTunnel 22" W x 8.5" H

Used Shanklin Heat Tunnel With: Aperture opening: Width: 22 inches Height: 8.5 inches Effective heat tunnel height: 6 inches Conveyor height: 40 inches Overall dimensions: Length:...

F-1 photo
Shanklin F-1 Side Seal Shrink Wrapper

Used Shanklin Side Sealer with: Centerfold film unit Continuous operation Output: Up to 50 packages per minute Package size range: Length: 4 to infinite inches Width: 0.5 to 16 inches Height:...

SW-5000 photo
Lantech SW-5000 Wrapper Side Seal Shrink Wrapper

Used Lantech SW5000 Shrink Wrapper with: Up to 75 packages per minute Production speed up to 65 feet per minute Continuous motion lap seal Infeed conveyor flight lug Cross seal type - hot knife Cross...

EET2010 photo
Eastey Model EET2010 Heat Tunnel 20" W x 10" H

Used Eastey Model EET2010 Heat Tunnel 20" W x 10" H With: Effective tunnel dimensions: Width: 20 inches Height: 10 inches Length: 36 inches Digital temperature controls...

F-5A photo
Shanklin F 5A Automatic Side Sealer with Infeed

Used Shanklin F-5A Automatic Side Sealer with: Product size range: Minimum: Length: 3 inches Width: 0.5 inches Maximum: Length:...

T-7F photo
Shanklin T-7F Shrink Tunnel 8" H x 22" W

Used Shanklin T7F Heat Tunnel with: Model: T7F S/N: T03125 Digital temperature reader Tunnel length: 42 inches Aperture dimensions: Height: 9 inches Width: 22 inches ...

T7H photo
Shanklin T7H Heat Shrink Tunnel 12"T x 24"W

Used Shanklin T7H Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Aperture opening: Width: 24 inches Height: 13 inches Effective heat tunnel height: 12 inches Conveyor...

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