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This type of shrink sleeve equipment heats air around a package that is wrapped in a shrink sleeve. The heat causes the shrink sleeve to fit tightly around the product. Heat tunnels are usually designed with a conveyor belt to carry the product through the tunnel. Each tunnel has adjustable temperature controls. A shrink sleeve heat tunnel is designed for use with shrink sleeve, neck bander or tamper evident applicators.

SM-1540 photo
Truline SM1540 SS Neck Band Shrink Tunnel
Inventory #: G9362

Used Truline Shrink Tunnel with: Tunnel dimensions: Aperture (inches): 5.5 wide x 5.5 high Tunnel length: 33 inches Conveyor: Length: 59 inches Speed: up to 50 feet per minute...

Intersleeve Steam Tunnel 6.5"W x 14"T
Inventory #: G6765

Used Intersleeve Steam Shrink Sleeve Tunnel with: Aperture dimensions: 6.5 inches wide x 14 inches tall Tunnel length: 177.5 inches Conveyor dimensions: 231 inches long x 4 inches wide Conveyor...

EZ-36-BR photo
Axon EZ36 BR SS Electric Shrink Sleeve Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: G6278

Used Axon Shrink Tunnel with: Tunnel aperture: Height: 7 inches Width: 7.5 inches Tunnel length: 36 inches Includes: Recirculating blower Digital temperature controls ...

KST55-712 photo
PDC Shrink Sleeve Steam Tunnel with SS Conveyor
Inventory #: G5587

Used PDC Steam Tunnel with: Model KST55-712 Steam Tunnel Output: 100 containers per minute Tunnel dimensions: Usable aperture (inches): 7 wide x 12 high Tunnel length: 72 inches ...

FRO/RE-6/9/24-6L photo
OAL FIRO 6" Wide x 9" Tall Shrink Sleeve Tunnel
Inventory #: G4143

Use OAL FIRO Shrink Sleeve Tunnel with: Aperture: Width: 6 inches Height: 9 inches Length: 24 inches Hydraulic Lift Speed: 19.4 inches per minute Weight capacity:...

EZ-36-BR photo
Axon Styrotech EZ 36 BR Shrink Sleeve Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: G3736

Used Axon Styrotech EZ-36 BR Shrink Sleeve Heat Tunnel with: Tunnel aperture: 7.25 inches wide x 6.5 inches tall Tunnel dimensions (inches): 36 inches L x 16 T Cantilever design, fits over an existing...

ES-200A photo
Benison ES 200A SS Shrink Sleeve Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: G2909

Used Benison Shrink Tunnel with: Applications: Neck bands Full body sleeves Tunnel aperture: Width: 8 inches Height: 14 inches Tunnel length: 60 inches Materials: ...

1-3112-06-1-24-24 photo
Phase Fire Systems 6" W x 14" H Heat Shrink Tunnel
Inventory #: G2620

Used Phase Fire Systems Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Aperture dimensions: 14 inches high x 6 inches wide Digital temperature controls Adjustable height 4 blowers Stainless steel construction Welded...

EZ-72-SBR photo
Axon EZ-72-SRB Convective Heat Shrink Tunnel
Inventory #: G2544

Used Axon Shrink Tunnel with: Application: Bands Sleeves Maximum bottle height: 6.5" Heat method: Recirculating Convection Digital temperature control ...

WSN-300-3M4T photo
NAFM SS Steam Heat Tunnel for Shrink Sleeve Labels
Inventory #: G2152

NAFM Steam Tunnel with: Dual zone, 3 tier steam control system Steam pressure: 80 psi Includes: Adjustable internal steam lines Steam directional controls Stainless steel access ports ...

RADKRC247278 photo
PDC Kal 200 6 Foot Long Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: G1925

Used PDC Kall 200 Heat Tunnel with: Aperture dimensions (inches): 7 wide x 8.5 height Tunnel length: 70 inches Tunnel height from floor: 45.5 inches

24-15st photo
EDL Packaging 24 15ST Heat Shrink Tunnel
Inventory #: D7432

Used EDL Packaging 24 15ST Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Variable speed control Temperature control Aperture dimensions: 16 inches high x 24 inches wide Manual switches Roller bar conveyor Casters...

Tripack HT-1 Shrink Sleeve Tunnel
Inventory #: D3109

Used Tripack HT-1 Shrink Sleeve Tunnel with: Tunnel opening: 5.11 inches wide x 10.8 inches high Temperature range: up to 500 degrees Digital temperature controls Variable air speed control Direction...

KRC 184654 photo
PDC KRC 184654 Shrink Sleeve Heat Tunnel
Inventory #: B5014Featured

Used PDC KRC 184654 Shrink Sleeve Heat Tunnel with: 18,000 watts Opening is 5 inches wide x 5 inches height x 46 inches length Stainless steel Comes on a stainless steel stand Adjustable Athena...

75-EMC photo
PDC Sleeve Applicator/Labeler and Shrink Tunnnel
Inventory #: B5429

Used PDC Sleeve Applicator/Labeler and Shrink Tunnel with: Designed for high speed tamper evident sleeve application onto bottles Capacity: 300 bottles per minute Conveyor belt: 3 inches wide ...

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