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This type of tank is designed for temperature control. Jacketed tanks can keep a product either hot or cold by circulating fluid. They can be horizontally or vertically oriented. Some also have agitators inside to mix products.

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PFHT500-002 photo
Wolf-tec PFHT500-002 500 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank

Used Wolf-tec Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank with: Capacity: Gallons: 500 Liters: 1892.5 Jacket rating: MAWP: 150 PSI 175º F MDMT -20º F 150...

100U7S photo
Lee 100U7S 100 Gallon Jacketed Scrape Surface Tank

Used 100 Gallon Lee Kettle: Capacity: 100 gallons Jacketed: Coverage: full Rated: 100 psi @ 338° Fahrenheit Agitation: Center baffle Side & bottom scrape Drive motor included CIP...

MEPDA photo
Cherry-Burrell MEPDA 900 Gal Stainless Batch Processor Tank

Used Cherry-Burrell MEPDA 900 Gallon Batch Processor Tank with: Capacity: approximately 900 gallons Tank dimensions: Diameter: 66 inches Side wall: 76 inches Jacketed Hinged manway Dome...

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