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Sterilizing equipment uses either steam or air pressure to sterilize tools. Air is circulated through heat exchangers until the air reaches a specific temperature for a certain amount of time. The product is then cooled with water. There is also dry heat sterilization which uses dry heat to sterilize things like liquids or powder medications, bottles, and production equipment. An autoclave uses a pressure chamber and saturated steam to sterilize objects. All air must be removed from an autoclave before its process can be performed.

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T-150 photo
Hess Ozone T-150 Contact Tank

Used Hess Ozone T-150 Contact Tank with: Flow rate: 90 gallons per minute (5400 gallons per hour) Tank capacity: 150 gallons Tank dimensions 35 inches L x 31 inches W x 86 inches H Weight: 375 pounds...

Getinge SS Autoclave 30" Wide

Used Getinge Autoclave with: Pressure: Chamber: 45 psi @ 300° Fahrenheit Jacket: 45 psi @ 300° Fahrenheit Dimensions: Door: 30 x 34 inches Chamber: 47 inches deep Electrical requirements:...

SSR-3A-ADVPro photo
Consolidated Sterilizer SSR-3A-ADVPro Autoclave

Used Consolidated Sterilizer Systems SSR-3A-ADVPro Autoclave with: Capacity per chamber: 8.8 cubic feet / 249 liters Chamber dimensions: 20 length x 20 width x 38 height (inches) ...

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