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This type of equipment is used to seperate materials according to their differences in gravity. A centrifuge rotates around a fixed axis, applying a force perpendicular to the axis. The two main types of centrufuges include vertical bowl and horizontal pusher, which are both used to separate liquids from suspended solids. When cetrifugal force is applied, denser substances separate to the bottom and lighter objects tend to move to the top (or to the center in the horizontal pusher type). Most centrifuge systems are continuous in operation, but batch centrifuge machines are also available.

RC12BP photo
Thermo Scientific Sorvall RC12BP Centrifuge
Inventory #: H1271

Used Thermo-Scientific Centrifuge with: Capacity: 6 x 2000 mL Nalgene Bio-bottles 12 - 500 mL quad blood bags Maximum speed: up to 4,700 rotations per minute Maximum RCF: 7,340 x g ...

OCM-104 photo
Alfa Laval OCM 104 Centrifugal Separator for Oil
Inventory #: G6919

Used Alfa Laval Centrifuge with: Application: disc stack centrifuge to separate solids and water Output/capabilities: Turbine lubricating oil: up to 1,700 liters per hour Hydraulic and lubricating...

CSC-20-06-476 photo
GEA Westfalia CSC 20 Disc Stack Centrifuge
Inventory #: D8077

Used GEA Westfalia CSC 20 Disc Stack Centrifuge with: Bowl speed: 8340 RPM Bowl volume: 8 liters Bowl solids capacity: 4 liters Operating flow range: 0 - 50 liters per minute Product flow range:...

BRPX-717SFV-310SL photo
Alfa Laval BRPX-717SFV0310SL Disc Centrifuge
Inventory #: D7294

Used Alfa Laval Centrifuge with: Desludger disc centrifuge Maximum bowl speed: 4800 rpm Maximum densities: Of feed: 1100 kg / 2425 pounds per cubic meter Of sediment: 1516 kg / 3342 pounds...

H700 photo
Siebtechnik H700 Worm Screen Centrifuge
Inventory #: D2089

Used Siebtechnik H700 Worm Screen Centrifuge with: Max speed: 1600 RPM Trommel Drum: 27 1/2 inches 50 liter oil charge 75 HP motor

H700 photo
Siebtechnik Conturbex H700 Centrifuge
Inventory #: C4792

Used Siebtechnik Conturbex H700 Centrifuge with: Drive motor able to produce approximately 55 kilowatts Two hinged inspection doors Flush nozzles and sight glasses Feed pipe Lubrication system...

6X9 NPC photo
Contherm Alfa Laval Vertical 6X9
Inventory #: E7122

Used Contherm Alfa Laval Vertical 6X9 With S/S Rotor Includes Vertical Mounting Support W/Drive Unit is Ammonia Jacketed. Last used on MDM Chicken OEM says That Barrel For That S/N Was SS. No Refergeration...

OAS-27-02-066 photo
Westfalla Centrifuge/Clarifier Model OAS27-02-066
Inventory #: E6818

Used Westfalla Centrifuge/Clarifier Model OAS27-02-066 with : Type OSA7-02-066 1981 Funke (component (German Manufacturer) Type CCP501-2-0 Baujahr 1984 (German...

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