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This type of conveyor typically has a rubber belt. Trough belts can be flat with sidewalls, or curved into a “V” shape with or without sidewalls. These conveyors are able to convey at an incline, and are helpful when moving loose material in bulk. Trough belt conveyors are common in the mining industry.

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Velten and Pulver U-Trough Belt Conveyor
Inventory #: D5384

Used Velten and Pulver U-Trough Belt Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 108 inches long x 11.5 inches wide Trough depth: 2.5 inches 1 horsepower motor Conveyor height: 35 inches Casters ...

Belt Conveyor, 12" Wide
Inventory #: D2225

Used Belt Conveyor with: Marathon N435 Wahsdown Motor HP - 1.5/2 RPM - 1740/1440 Hertz - 60/50 Voltage - 460/380 Phase - 3 Twelve (12) inch wide belt

Cleated 66" L x 23" W Hot Water Bath Conveyor
Inventory #: B9181

Used Cleated 66" L x 23" W Hot Water Bath Conveyor with: Belt: 23 inches wide Cleats: 19 inches wide x 3 inches high Cleats spaced 24 inches, center to center Trough: 8 inches deep Exit...

18" Wide x 112" Long V-Belt Conveyor
Inventory #: B6039

Used 18" x 120" Trough Conveyor with: Smooth belt Baldor .5 horse electric conveyor motor Product flows left to right Conveyor belt set at 112 inches length x 18 inches width Adjustable...

Trough Conveyor
Inventory #: C1335

Used Trough Conveyor: Belt 16 inch wide belt 140 linear foot

N/A photo
Nercon Trough Conveyor w/o Belting
Inventory #: A5507

Used Nercon trough conveyor with: Stainless steel frame Mennekes HDI disconnect switch Upright rollers 42 inches apart 18 inch gap in between the rollers 21 inch rollers where the conveyor goes...

V-Trough Custom Built Belt Conveyor
Inventory #: A2482

Used V-Trough Custom Built Belt Conveyor with: V-Trough belt conveyor used to convey cylindrical product and ensure that it won't move or fall over. The "V" shape allows the product to settle...

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