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This type of conveyor uses pulleys and an endless loop belt to transport materials or products from one location to another. Products and containers are placed on the belt of a belt conveyor and are pulled forward by a drive motor. Belt conveyors have a flat bed that can be made from many materials such as fabric, rubber or plastic. A belt conveyor is commonly used to move objects with irregularly shaped bottoms, or small items that would fall in between rollers.

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36" x 18" Stainless Steel Frame Belt Conveyor

Used 36" x 18" Belt Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: Length: 36 inches Width: 18 inches Discharge height: 42 inches Adjustable height guard rails Current height:...

Belt Conveyor 10"L x 11"W

Used Belt Conveyor: Belt dimensions: Length: 10 feet long Width: 11 inches 0.5 horsepower motor Electrical: Volts: 230/460 Frequency: 60 Hz Phase 3 Aluminum frame...

Precision Smooth Top Belt Conveyor

Used Precision Conveyor with: Belt dimensions: Length: 229 inches Width: 11.5 inches Infeed height: 36 inches Variable speed controls Mounted on casters Stainless steel construction...

260" L x 24" W Flat Belt Roller Conveyor

Used Flat Belt Roller Conveyor: Conveyor dimensions: Length: 260 inches Width: 24 inches Infeed/discharge height currently set at: 32.5 inches Adjustable height legs Motor: ...

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Dorner Smooth Top Belt 4" wide 10' long Conveyor

Useed Dorner Conveyor with: Infeed/Discharge: 32 inches Belt Dimensions: Width: 4 inches Length: 10 feet Adjustable height Motovario Motor Horsepower: .5 Electrical:...

70" L by 6" W Belt Conveyor

Used Belt Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: Length: 70 inches Width: 6 inches Infeed height: 21 inches Variable speed drive Push button controls Mounted on casters Mild...

Hytrol 16'L x 28"W Case Belt Conveyor

Hytrol Case Belt Conveyor with: Length: 192 inches Width: 28 inches Adjustable height Mounted on casters

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Dorner 2200 Series 72" L x 18" W Smooth Top Belt Conveyor

Used Dorner Smooth Top Belt Conveyor with: Conveyor Dimensions: Length: 72 inches Width: 18 inches Infeed/discharge height: 42 inches Adjustable height legs Motor: 0.25 horsepower...

Stainless Steel Plastic Link Belt Conveyor, 29" Wide x 14' Long

Used Case Conveyor with: Dimensions: Width: 29 inches Length: 168 inches Flat top Interlox belt Driven by 3/4 horsepower motor with right angle worm gear reducer Electrical: 208-230/460...

142.5" L by 33" W Blue Belt Incline Conveyor

Used142.5" L by 33" W blue belt Incline conveyor with: Infeed: 15 inches Belt width: 33 inches Laning rails: 26 inches down to 23 inches wide Discharge: 6 foot Infeed slant of conveyor:...

Belt Conveyor 9.5"W x 117'L

Used Belt Conveyor Belt dimensions: Length: 117 inches Width: 9.5 inches Height: 21.5 inches Variable frequency drive Casters 1 horsepower motor Electrical: 230/460 volts, 60 Hz, Phase 3...

16'L x 13.75"W Smooth Belt Conveyor

Used Smooth Belt Conveyor with: Variable frequency drive Overall dimensions: Length: 16 feet Width: 13.75 inches Height: 34.5 inches Stainless steel contruction

120"L x 12"W Smooth Belt Top Conveyor

Used Smooth Belt Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: Length: 120 inches Width: 12 inches Infeed height: 35 inches Smooth top belt Variable speed drive Mounted on casters 1...

Blue Belt Conveyor 204"L x 28"W

Used Blue Belt Conveyor: Dimensions: Length: approximately 204 inches Width: 28 inches Height: 36 inches Belt width: 18 inches Mounted on casters 0.5 horsepower motor Electrical: Volts:...

280"L x 16"W Incline Blue Belt Conveyor

Used Incline Belt Conveyor with: Belt dimensions: Length: approximately 280 inches Width: 16 inches Infeed height: 29 inches discharge height: 63 inches Stainless steel construction...

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